1. This was sooooooo funny
    I am really looking forward to watching more of your videos,
    You just got a new subscriber,
    Keep up the amazing work and reach for 10,000!

  2. I was at the game when that first streaker got fucked up. Got a real good view of it. Made the front page of the newspaper and national tv news

  3. I love 0:13 when the players just showed he ref in the middle of the Ruck I was dying so hard

  4. One of these is Cardiff blues I am from Cardiff and support the blues and I remember this moment absolutely hilarious this is why Adam Jones is absolutely amazing 😊😂😂

  5. That Rib Breaker on the streaker (20sec) should be on all the Greatest Tackles compilations. A perfect tackle the naked guy and he went down like a sack of sh!t.

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