Rugby ‘How Did You Do That’ Moments #2

Rugby ‘How Did You Do That’ Moments #2

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47 thoughts on “Rugby ‘How Did You Do That’ Moments #2”

  1. Don't know if anyone noticed but this video consists of 2 New Zealand stadiums that are gone and is being demolished

  2. The best thing about the second to last try is that Carlos Spencer put the ball down at the side line and still made the conversion! You can see it here in better quality as well

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  4. All rugby supporters..check this out..THOR rugby SSNJ…

  5. whats something you noticed about this video
    Me: three springboks to take down one ab

  6. the try they score at 15seconds in should be disallowed for offside as no actual tackle was made and they formed an illegal ruck in front of the ball stopping the oppositon from tackling the player

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