31 thoughts on “Rugby Motivation – The Film 2017 ᴴᴰ”

  1. Nice video man! I love the Any Given Sunday speech you used! I made a rugby motivation edit recently fort he Irish team! can you have a look and let me know what you think please? Cheers.

  2. I havent been going to training or games recently, and was thinking about quitting, but I think this video has changed my mind

  3. I am going back to rugby where it is hit run score and achieve this is just some words only you can make it happen. Rugby is a hit run score but you have to train push your body to the limit otherwise you can't achieve but rugby is not always tackling or being tackled it is about teamwork and not just thinking about yourself it is thinking about your teammates so try hard and achieve. ?

  4. Do.one.with.theme.song.I.am.Phenominal.by.eminem….PLEASE!!!!!BEAUTIFULGAME.I.ABSOLUTLY.LOVE.IT.…BRINGS.TEAR.to.MY>EYE

  5. As a Sophomore Girl going into my first year of Rugby this is so inspiring. It makes me want to work together as one with my team to defeat our opponent. I can't wait to run my heart out on that field. My school's girls rugby team had a bad season last year and I feel like I can bring us together. I want us to be a true team and work together as hard as we can even if this is my first year of Rugby. Thank you for this inspiration.

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