Rugby Strength Training: Double Progression Method


Hi Guys Jamie Bain here from rugby renegade
.com where we help rugby players get stronger, fitter, faster and stay injury free so they
can dominate their opposition on the rugby field. Today we’re talking about the double progression
method. Ok in previous videos we talked about progression
methods and this is one that kind of combines two different progression methods but its
really good and we use it a lot in the rugby renegade subscription program so we thought
id would be good to explain how to use it for best results. so its called the double progression method
because you use two progression methods one is to increase reps and the other is to increase
the load but it varies how you do that. so, you’ll often see you’ll have 4 sets times
4 to 6 reps and how you do this is pick a load you think you could definitely get 6
reps easily for one set so hopefully you get it for all 4 sets. so, for example if you do 6 reps on all 4
sets thats fine at the next workout you increase the load. If you don’t and you get maybe set 1 you get
6 6 again and then you might get 5 and 4 thats fine you stick with the same weight at the
next workout until you you get 6 and 6 so you see that you’ve adapted increased the
amount of volume you can produce and then you up the load. so its a great way of progressing because
when you cant progress the load which you cant do all the time, we wish we could, you
increase the reps once you get to that rep count you increase the load. so a real good way to progress, give it a
go let us know how you get on and of course like and share this video and subscribe to
us down here cheers!

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