SEAN vs THIBAULT AKA MR. KURO / Trickshot & Freestyle Challenge !

SEAN vs THIBAULT AKA MR. KURO / Trickshot & Freestyle Challenge !

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Hello Everyone, one more challenge ! Today, we’ve got a special guest : Thibault Aka Mr. Kuro ! If you don’t know him, watch this ! I can see you’ve wearing the Marseille jersey ? I got the Algerian one, because of my fiance ! No, just joking, Let’s do a Paris vs Marseille So, we’re gonna have 2 chalenges,
1st challenge , Crossbar , 2ns challenge : Freestyle Let’s go ! So, crossbar challenge , post 1 point, crossbar 2 points, corner 3 points *** Play of word *** Good one Let’s go, first trial GOAL Yes, but come on, you’re wearing that Jersey … Let’s get the Marseille one ! I think cause he come from Marseille ou Toulon, they’re more into rugby, not football 0 – 0 so penalty should have brough the Lyon jersey Crossbar challenge is done ! Well done ! Any pressure on the penalties ? It was hard.. I think I’ll start playing ping pong ! We will now start the second challenge : Freestyle Oh, well NO, you di dit the wrong way No I di dit both ways !! No, but I di dit once, you did many times ! you lost lol Good , good good Damn, that’s the only freestyle move I can’t do OK, this is what we call the French Touch !
You need to sit, through the ball, and jugle with the abs Your turn The challenge is Done, If you wanna see two other challenges, go on his youtube channel We played Fifa, and 1vs1 panna game It was also a lot of fun ! Thank you for coming to Paris Next time we play at the Velodrome ! Sure, let’s do that ! Don’t forget to go on his youtube channel, Like, subscribe, you know how it is !

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  1. Sean tu est mon idole du freestyle comme demain ses mon anniversaire ton défi sa serait de mètre des panna a cristano ronaldo

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