Sex tape allegedly involving Canterbury Bulldogs player Dylan Napa emerges

Sex tape allegedly involving Canterbury Bulldogs player Dylan Napa emerges

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 The video was posted on Facebook page NRL Memes on Wednesday afternoon. In it, a man alleged to be Queensland Origin representative Napa is shown on a bed with the woman She is lying on her stomach with her head facing away from the camera. He appears to be naked but some of the video is obscured by two laughing-face emojis  At the start of the video, Napa looks at the camera. He leans in close to her face and appears to say: “Call me big Papi call me Big Papa.” The video goes for about eight seconds before the camera falls to the ground and Napa and the woman disappear from the shot  In a statement, the Bulldogs said: “The club has today been made aware of alleged images surfacing on social media of a current player taken several years ago  “The club has informed the NRL Integrity Unit of the matter. “The club is not in a position to comment further at this time ” Napa won the premiership with the Roosters last year but made the move to the Bulldogs for the 2019 season  He joined the club on a three-year deal, replacing former Bulldogs prop David Klemmer, who has moved to Newcastle  Napa debuted for the Roosters in 2013 and before heading to Belmore, had spent his entire NRL career at the Bondi club He played 122 matches for the Tri-Colours, during which time he made a name for himself as one of the biggest hitting forwards in the competition  He’s played five Origins for the Maroons.Top sports stars shocking salaries1:15 The celebration and fervor surrounding top athletes can only be matched by their outrageous salaries Here are some of the biggest pay packets around the sporting world as well as some of the surprises found in women’s sport and the Australian market July 11th 20186 months ago/display/ news and galleries/

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