100 thoughts on “Should You Play High School Or Club Soccer When Getting Scouted?”

  1. No you pay from 3000 to 6000 depending on what year you are and where y'all are traveling to play in a club y'all get to play out of state and that money covers expensives. I've played semi professional and 2 friends of mine are in usl all cause they kept going through the system. It's a lot of money but it's worth it if you're a great player

  2. I played both the thing is your name can get known in high school if your that good tbh cause i know a few people that made it to D1 colleges and what he saying with clubs is true only reason why where i live they always have those summer tournaments and basically a ton load of scouts are there colleges and Mexican teams so what they basically do is if they like you you stay on and if they dont you get eliminated and thats it for you

  3. My daughter is at her third club so far. She started out at a big club ( but only 2nd team), then met a great coach at a small club and moved there. Now she has followed that coach over to another big club. She has also spent her freshman year playing varsity for a high school that regularly makes playoffs with a college coach at the helm. High school play ( at least at this school) is about winning-not player development. As a parent I'm looking for a coach to teach and nurture the talent my daughter has. Look carefully at the particular coaching agenda. Educate yourself. Watch games and listen to how that coach interacts with the players. Does he/She only care about winning (their ego)? Does the coach play favorites? Does the coach shame players for mistakes and create a climate of fear and divisive behavior? Is the coach proactive about YOU getting seen? Do they take you to showcases and big tournaments? Or do they just turn you loose on the field and collect their paycheck while you play keep away for hours?

  4. I'm turning 14 in a few months and i play for a us acedemy and we play in the ussda league witch means we play the best teams like Portland timbers strikers acedemy and all ussda teams and sense we are a us acedemy team they won't let me play high school soccer so give me a tip

  5. It depends on what club your playing for I play under aresenal us acedemy in onterio but if you playing for some crappy elite matrix club no one is looking at you..Here in socal there is a really good team and it's tfa and there club is completely free but you have to be the best to be on it I have never tried out for it cause I play ussda witch is under the mls program for youth but if you gjyd wanna get scouted in socal and your good check them out
    If you don't have the money to play

  6. I got recruited out of high school, played at SF state. Hated it. Got out and now I go to school as a normal student. This shit is rigged man, if you ain't white and rich yo ass won't make it far as a pro here in the states

  7. I would do both I've done club around 5-8 had a break but in 8th grade I'm going club and high school I'm doing both

  8. actually it is better to start in middle school and if you good enough, the highschool coach can scout you just like i did i made the varsity list and im exited to try out

  9. I am a soccer player from Alabama. I have been playing soccer for about 6 years and I've worked really hard. I mostly play high school soccer and other players say that I am pretty good. But coming from Alabama you really don't see recruiters very often. I got an offer for a camp in Valencia Spain but I couldn't pay for it. Is there anything I could do to get any recruiters attention?

  10. I played for B team in my school & my coach said I was good but he didn't move me up bc he didn't know me because I didn't play last year and B team only played 10
    Games & I scored 9 goals in my 10 matches

  11. I think it depends in the area. I grew up in South Florida and most of my teammates and myself played both because we knew that college coaches were going to both and it the level of play there is really good so coaches are always looking there.

  12. I go to a 6A school and we have some kids that can seriously play. One kid has a offer from boca juniors & a lot have numerous offers from colleges. It really depends on what level the clubs in your area are playing at & comparing that with your high school. If high school soccer is less Intense compared to club then play club. You won't get scouted out of high school if your high school sucks at soccer.

  13. Hi coach Javi, i just came across your channel and i want to say that i am a big fan already and i myself am a coach and i love the topics you talk about such as this one. This is an important topic to me because I have a brother who just graduated HS and a sister that is an incoming junior in HS and they both want to play in college and play at a higher level. The reason I am really interested in this topic as well is because i have a cousin who played his freshman year in high school and ended the year being the starting goalie and one of the major players in the team and was getting attention from the media, but after that great season he had, he went and tried out for Chivas USA (when they were still around) and he made the team. So he had to choose between Chivas USA and HS soccer and he chose Chivas USA. He was there for about 4 years until the team and academy didn't exist anymore, he basically missed out in HS soccer. Unfortunately he didn't get scouted by anyone. I am the goalie trainer for my sister's HS soccer team for JV and Varsity and my advice for any students that want to get scouted is to play your hardest and give it your all in every game you play whether its Club or High School because you never know who will be in the stands watching, and even if a scout isn't there to watch you that doesn't mean the scout isn't paying attention to everyone else in that field.

  14. To everyone it doesn't matter if you play club or high school it depends what high school u in and club u in but mostly likely club because it can benefit you the coach from the club can get you in a college soccer scholarship but its more difficult on high school but there's always scouts that come to take a look in my opinion club a cheap club to start if u play good enough more clubs can call you or get contact to play with them and there you goo than scouts come and got chances for pro good luck but what ever you in don't give up bc we might see each other in the pros !

  15. I know this video was posted a while ago, but I have a question. I live in Mexico but I would like to attend college in the US and obviously play soccer in college. What recommendations or tips would you give me to get scouted by US colleges or at least have them notice me? What can I do? Thanks!

  16. I want to play college soccer and then go pro after that. The problem is, I live in a small town and the best team available is the high school team (without traveling to different states). Currently I am playing my first season and once I graduate high school, I would like to go to college and play soccer there. I'm 15 and in 10th grade. What steps would I have to take to eventually go pro?

  17. I'm a freshman and I have a dilemma. this year I don't know whether to play JV and club in the spring (new rule in the area) or should I play for full on Varsity?

  18. Have been playing club for 2 years now in Pittsburgh and atm it's the only way to get recruited unless your high school team makes it to states

  19. hey bro could you please spare 2min of your time to answer my question "Do we have to be in a club or high school team to get scouted or can we just showcase our skills online to get scouted?"

  20. Sadly I know of a lot of high level players that play at smaller schools, which means 0 scouts. What can they do?

  21. This is literally me right now, I got scouted for a team in Mexico and I'm going to train with the in between November and December, and that's when my high school season starts, and I'm in club right now

  22. No way, yo did u film this vid at Carl Sandburg Middle School?? Cuz I love around that area and I might’ve seen u film there. I’m a big fan it would be awesome if u responded!

  23. I have a question. I’m going into highschool next year and that school has a soccer team but the college I want to go to would be LSU but they don’t have a soccer team but I do want to play professional (I know, what are the chances of me becoming an MLS player) but I believe in myself and really want to. What should I do in this situation? There are no other colleges near that have a good soccer team by the way

  24. I’m in my freshman year in high school and the year before I played academy and I have to say high school is much more fun even though you get scouted less

  25. I'm a player and I personally think that club is the more likely of getting recruited only because it's at more of a competitive level than high school and clubs probably have a better chance of being talked about

  26. when he spoke Spanish at the end I screamed because I speak Spanish too and it’s just great to see a coach that’s bilingual

  27. I played high school soccer for a top nyc high school team and had several coaches recruiting me. I also played for an elite long island travel team and odp, along with Chris Armas. I had my pick of schools, basically. Went to st john's in Queens. Great experience. but this was the early 90s so rules may have been different.

  28. Hey, I can't afford club, and wasn't able to play since I was young cuz of this I can't play club. I do play high school. At 16 do I still have a chance in the future if I do manage to play club, to make d1 college

  29. help i just turned 14 and i want to know how i can get scouted if i play in highschool how do i get scouted by college i really want to play pro soccer

  30. This mostly depends on whether how good your high school team is and our high school team trains at an academy level so in my perspective it would be high school.

  31. What advice do you give in this situation, sr?A guy born at 1990, soccer player, but still don’t get an a professional contract for a club, of some factors like age, like mad agents that lied on opportunities whether in or out of the country of origin, still battling for this dream and seems all or almost important things for make happens it’s going down. And because of this, the hungry did not go down, but the feeling of not being recognized by his work and the false opportunities given to him, make some discouragement.
    In USA have some real opportunity for athletes “said” over the age?I have some materials on the pitch in some training sessions for Greece clubs, and some friendly games too,
    Thank you sr.

  32. I play both , people say I'm good but I think I'm not because the reason on why I think that is because I have no confidence and I get nervous every game and I played soccer for 7 years and the worst part is my club coach ask me and some other player to help the older girls so I get really nervous and sometimes that effect how I play ( also what to become a pro) so I need help how to not get nervous and also I want to know to work on weak foot because I what to use both feet ( I'm a lefty)

  33. I play club and high school and have played club for 7 years now, I'm in my 2nd year of high school and played on the school team both years. I'm also 16 and have been playing up for 3 years and handle myself really well against the older girls. What age do you normally start to get looked at for scouting? Should I send highlight videos out? (I play center back/any defensive position/center mid/any mid position, so I normally dont score goals) How would I make a highlight video for my position? Is there anything I can do to draw attention to myself to get looked at? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really would like to know because soccer is my passion and I really want to go somewhere with it.

  34. When a club holds “open practices “ what does that mean ?

    I’m trying to join a club and have no idea what that means.

  35. I’m a freshman going into sophomore year and I think I’m pretty good at soccer and our HIGHSCHOOL coach for soccer focused more on just running and conditioning and not how we play on the field while my CLUB coach in clarkstown soccer club focuses a lot on how we are supposed to play in our positions and how we should play and incorporate our playing styles in games and still does a just a little bit of conditioning what do you recommend staying at highschool or club?

  36. My parents can’t afford Soccer Clubs so I’m going to go to high school team (next year cause I’m still in primary school) I hope I could get recruited and what happens after they recruit you?Do you have to pay for a lot of things?

  37. The academy around me is 2,700 dollars a year and the top level club is 1,600 and I’m in 8th grade so this year is crucial

  38. I play 8 Month For free and they give me Free ride to practice and games ? Sadly I have to Leave The Team Because They can't give me a ride no more ? Now They Having New Play ??!

  39. my opinion is, theres times where you have a club charging out the but, and make it seem they’re a high level club. cant say a bad club team can beat a high school team bc ive played against a club team with my high school friends and beat them really bad to the point we werent allowed back on their schedule. i myself was scouted into a D2 school out of high school, used my money to put myself in college camps and learn more about what the program is about than the simple basic stuff a club might teach you.

  40. ive played in the highest level club team in san diego ended up winning Nationals and then went onto the next level which would be the academy level and i can say that high school soocer is a total waste of time unless youre just trying to have some fun the only schools thatd recruit you would be community colleges

  41. As an adult I enjoy soccer, but I'm not sure I want to steer my son towards it. It seems that the time investment is much higher compared to other sports (esp in order to have a chance at the higher levels). I think part of that is just that soccer is an overall harder sport (more variables).

    For ex, I am 40 yrs old, and I've never played football. But I just played in a flag football league and within a few games I was the best scorer and had most interceptions on my team. I had the least experience (none). Now, if it were soccer I know there's no way a 40 yr old with no experience would be competitive after a few games. If you have speed and agility you can be decent in a football rec league. But soccer requires way more.

    I'm taking an objective look at all sports, assessing which one's are most sustainable and also will be a good fit for my kid (he's only 5 yrs old). I think soccer requires certain attributes that are different than other sports (for ex, height can be an asset in basketball but offers no real advantage for soccer).
    Also- if a kid's dream is a be a pro athlete, he may have a better shot at other, less crowded sports. For ex, this Matt Boling kid (record breaking runner in high school, look him up, he's amazing) – if Matt played soccer he would have a hard time standing out nationally. But since he's in track, he's already a star and will likely run in the Olympics someday which we know can be very lucrative as we've seen in Usain Bolt, who prob makes as much as the biggest soccer stars. Yes, the chances of getting to that level in any sport is slim, but I think it takes way more time investment to get to say the Premier League, than to get to the Olympics in track. Track requires more genetic intagibles (and of course a lot of development) but Soccer requires way more development (if you add the up the total hours required over an entire childhood). Also – to become an MLS or EPL player you must basically start around age 5 or so to even have a chance, which I think is very sad. In every other sport one could start much older and still get to the highest levels.

    Just my 2 cents. I'm analyzing all this stuff now for my kid.

  42. If the goal is to be recruited by a COLLEGE, the High school soccer should be played by all players at the youth level. USSDA should create a schedule around high school schedules. This is America not Europe

  43. This is what i want thank you has long has they can contracted me in A club I am good. All I have to do is work harder

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