Ski Biking or Velo Ski in Le Grand Bornand – Is this the easiest gliding sport?

Ski Biking or Velo Ski in Le Grand Bornand – Is this the easiest gliding sport?

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It’s very interesting because thirty five
per cent of the persons on holidays here can’t ski. But they can do that.
Because it’s not necessary to be a skier. I’m Jef.
I’m a ski teacher and high mountain guide. The name of this is ski bike. It’s like a normal bike but you have some
skis instead of the wheels. There is a braking system. Have a look. There is a pedal, a special pedal. And when
you press, so normally with boot, when you press the pedal
you can move the braking system. And it’s a very efficient bike. You can’t find an easier gliding sport to
begin than ski biking. If someone of the family can’t ski they can
follow the family ski biking. It’s a different feeling to skiing but it’s
much easier. You can go on green slopes,
blue slopes, easy red ones. In Le Grand Bornand we have two
special chair lifts with special hooks. You can take a button lift, cabin lift. If you are a beginner it is necessary to begin
on a green run. It’s better. For the first run I advise you not to turn
too much. You can practice about the braking system You can try to get a good balance. It’s quite wobbly. Really wobbly. So we did two hundred metres and no falls. It’s much easier than to ski. And little by little you can practice about
turning and about side slipping. And when you have more ease,
more experience, more confidence, you can control your speed and your direction only side slipping, not using the braking system. Next lesson is wheelies. One man, he was seventy eight years old. And he said, next year he is going to come back. Merci beaucoup. C’est parfait.

4 thoughts on “Ski Biking or Velo Ski in Le Grand Bornand – Is this the easiest gliding sport?”

  1. Nice dude, been checking out some of your stuff, I gave this here vid a like! You doing ok today? I myself do vlogs, if you like such things, I'm trying to be fairly consistent with putting them out. They're here if you like funny things: Keep up the good work!

  2. This looks insanely cool. We're seriously going to have to take our kids and try it. Thanks for posting.

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