Ski Resorts of Lebanon: The Country of Four Seasons

Ski Resorts of Lebanon: The Country of Four Seasons

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[Wind Blowing] [Slow beating drums] We are at 2000 meters altitude. The temperature is -2°C. Our journey today begins from Zaarour. We have 48 hours, to take you to Baskinta, Laqlouq, Tannourine, and Arez (The Cedars) To show you our snow and winter in Lebanon! It’s 6:30 am. We’re going to show you how the ski slopes are prepared before opening them at 8 am. We’re going to have an adventure, fun, food And show you how to enjoy the most beautiful country in the world. People recommend the Alps? I recommend Lebanon and its snow! Mechwar (The Journey) begins now! Anthony: Halim, what are people unaware of? People are not aware of what is involved in starting our 6 chair lifts. 6 slopes to be opened The team begins from around 4 am. They climb each individual tower. They clean all the bearings as they are usually frozen. This is done so that the bearings turn when the cable begins moving. After cleaning the bearings, they test the electrical mains to ensure that any lightning strikes did not cause damage to the connections. They then attempt to start the chair lifts. The chairs begin to move, and here is where we need to remove the snow from each chair so that people can use them. You told me that it snowed 20 cm last night. The snow is rock solid so you’ll need to remove it. All needs to be cleaned. You left at 4 am and then returned at 6 am to complete the process. Saliba, we are ready, you can start if you like. [Wind Blowing] [Engine Starts] We are here to enjoy ourselves. Staff members are present but we hope never to use the stretcher. Safety First…and the Red Cross is available if needed. [Calm Music] This is the view where you cannot help, but pick up your camera and take a photo. You can see Beirut and the sea. This is the 10 or 15 minutes Where a person could contemplate As he views Lebanon’s snow-capped mountains peacefully! Truly this glorifies the creator! [Eastern Dancing Music] Now it’s time to ski! [Eastern Dancing Music] This spectacular view could only be seen here. It happened to be snowing today, so we were not able to ski properly but the season is not over yet. The journey goes on. Let’s have breakfast in Baskinta. Come along! [Eastern Music]

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  1. هاى ، اسمه ايه المكان دة علشان ان شاء الله أزوره ، أنا جاى بيروت ويك اند فى مارس و ازاى أوصله من بيروت و التكلفة لو أمكن ، ميرسي.

  2. سبحان الله لم أكن اعلم ان في لبنان مكان جميل مثل هذا محطة تزحلق مثل أروبا

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