Skiing in Salzburger Sportwelt (Ski Amade)


hello everyone welcome back to the
channel or if you’re new to the channel just welcome finally a skiing vlog we
are in Shia MIDI to be more exactly I didn’t Salzburg are spot-weld and today
we’re going to start in the biggest resort that is the snow space it connect
it connects the three villages of La how far Granderson Johan were invited here
by Shia Mahdi and we’re going to explore the ski area any comments
it looks awesome so far it’s not too cold so perfect for you aggression so far good the slopes are
white we are now heading towards ano Han and what I think they have a gondola
with the name flying Mozart hopefuls that all in Austria we came here by the spectacular d-link
huge thing and we saw that the slopes are huge really wide so we will check
them out and then some I hope everyone’s okay we made it – thank you hon yes the most
western part of this skew region it seems that there’s a little bit less
people here and now it’s after lunch for us lunch time for everyone else so the
slopes are a little bit more empty so now let’s go and check them out top of small space so tired spirit out this was no space
Salzburg we continue tomorrow in South and see ya there good morning from thousands II look at
these views I mean crazy anyway today is the downhill practice for women we’re
going to watch that and enjoy these views and the mainland thumps for with
us our heading to the downhill slope just
looking at it from very very far away I’ve we have a completely new
appreciation for the skiers it looks steep insane she got up the handles up so I think
she’s fine nika’s fine Simona talk to her she was
really funny and really down-to-earth and said as long as the knees are fine
I’m fine but now we’re gonna head to flock of Winkle to have some lunch and
check out the slopes on this side this was it South NZ and clapping true
very nice we had a very late lunch fire event and
tomorrow we continue on the opposite half here hey so we are on the opposite side of
South Luzon we are on shuttle back shuttle and this one is famous for the absolute
are Bristol Park will not really freestylers
take a look has Gordon hunt so far shuttle park is really for
freestylers a lot of snowboarders a lot of freestyle skiers it has really really
long slopes and a couple of nice chairlift it’s a very comfortable one
and it’s not too crowded even well this is it final words on such
burger spot felt amazing I mean the diversity the diversity of the skiing
experience is just amazing no everything it’s no space slopes slope
slope suits even though there’s a lot of people you’d never feel crowded because
there’s just so much space Dalton’s a the views and then here on shuttle back
freestyler is so you have something for everyone in the radius of like I don’t
know 10 kilometers so easily accessible thank you again to Shia modeun
Salzburger shuttle for having us we hope we hope to come back again soon thank
you for watching the video and we will go and continue indoor skiing thank you

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