Soccer Dribbling Drills: Learn Soccer Dribbling Skills And Tips

Soccer Dribbling Drills: Learn Soccer Dribbling Skills And Tips

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Hey guys. This is Matt from Epic Soccer Training
and I want to take you through some soccer training drills that you can do specifically
designed for dribbling. A lot of times people overlook this. It’s very important to get
dribbling because not only are you getting foundational skills, you’re getting dribbling
skills but you want to be able to have great touch and anything with dribbling is going
to help you with your first touch as well because you’re going to be used to staying
on your feet, used to the ball always being around you no matter what situation you’re
in. So a lot of dribbling drills can actually
take the ball and kind of put it in an awkward situation for you where you can kind of correct
that really quickly and what I mean is when you make a bad touch in a dribbling drill
which will happen regardless of who you are, it teaches you how to correct that really
quickly. So when you’re on the field and you make a
wrong touch, you can kind of fix that a lot quicker than you would. So a couple drills
here. Again, you need just some cones or when I started out, I used like T-shirts but it
will work, anything. So you can see here, I just kind of have – these are smaller.
I would usually make them bigger but just for this video, I want to show you. So again, start with one foot first. Most
of you guys are right-footed so again, just kind of work your way with quick touches in
and out so you’re working on your quick touches and then obviously stay on your feet. You
kind of want to always stay on your toes but again if you need to start out, sometimes
it’s easier for people if they just have a straight line rather than scattered. So again,
if you need that, just kind of work your way through. Again, it will hit the cone and then
you’re going to have to kind of figure it out too. But again if you want to actually stagger
these two, it’s going to work for a lot better cuts because you’re going to have to take
sharper cuts when you go through. You’re going to have to really lunge. So again, go through
that. That’s a great one obviously. Like I said, work with your – I would say right
foot first then work your way through left foot and then work both feet at the same time
so not only are you cutting out and cutting in but it’s the same way so you can go really
quickly. Another one that I did a lot of times and
again this was – when I first started learning how to train for soccer, nobody really did
individual soccer skills by themselves. They would just go to practice and they thought,
“Well, that’s great. I don’t know why I’m not starting,” or “I don’t know why I’m
not like an all-American player,” but it really comes down to how bad you want it.
Do you want to spend the extra time working on individual things that can help you out
and drastically set you apart from somebody else or do you just want to do the minimum
and just go to soccer practice? Some of you might want to do that but this
is going to help regardless. So again, like this one, this kind of has different agility
movements. Let me start down here. So you can see. Again, what you want to do is this
is working your way up and working on your cuts a little bit. So again, start with your
right foot then go around the cone when you get to the first one and back through so you’re
going through. Cut it back and you’re going to learn to kind of go pretty quick as well
and then when you get done, go back. Give yourself 10, 15-second rests because you always
want to be working on your soccer conditioning as well and then you can just start working
on your left foot as well just like we did over here. You’re going through a cut. So
work your way through that. Another one is a real quick touch and so I
will just start with these four cones here again. You can use these but I usually do
it in a bigger area. Maybe where it’s like 10 yards apart every cone but this is kind
of a small-sided scale for you. So what you want to do is you want to start on one cone
and just think small, light touches. Stay light on your feet. Work around the cone and
then again on the inside, work around the cone and again, you want to keep the ball
as close to the cone as possible. When you first start out, you might start way out here
but again when you start getting better, you will start learning how to do that pretty
quickly. So try not to get dizzy too but that one is
more designed for one leg and then working on your right leg and then working on your
left leg. So when you kind of intersperse all these drills together is when you’re going
to start getting thousands of touches and in no time at all, you can get a thousand
touches in half an hour of practicing this type of stuff. So again, if you want to check
out how I kind of became I guess the player that I was, it was from individual skills.
It wasn’t going to practice. So again, I kind of explain that to people, how I kind of went
through that whole process of taking my individual skills to another level which you can watch
on the video right below on the link, right below this video. Also I’m going to have a bunch more videos
come out so leave comments. I will come by and answer those personally. If you have any
questions or wondering about anything, I will be happy to answer them and then also don’t
forget to subscribe on top and I will see you guys in the next video. Take care.

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  1. Matt, I got recruited to play college when I haven't played in three years, I've been watching your videos over and over. I have to say may I'm super happy I came upon your videos. I go to the field Monday through Friday and work on my shot, touch, and my left foot since I'm right foot dominate. Conditioning wise how much should I run, I have this college conditioning packet and its kicking my ass. Anything to help with my breathing would help! Great videos man!

  2. Well im 13 and I like football very much.The only problem is my speed and condition..I cant run very fast and I dont have very much condition. Can you please give me a video of yours so I can make my speed and condition better ? 🙂 Oh yeah and do you think that I can become a pro until 18-20 years ? Please reply 🙂

  3. You see, he is showing some football skills. Game is called football. I know, what is soccer (it is stupidly american word for football, since football in USA is not so manly version of regby), that was meant to be joke. Calm down, I know what is football.

  4. Not too late to start, just too late to become something, you can still be a good player, but considering most pros retire before they turn 37, then theres not much hope for being a professional as a 35 year old 😛

  5. if there is still light outside so you can see, or if the indoor gym is still open, then it's not too late to play soccer

  6. I used to play soccer when I was 5-8 and then quite. I haven't played a game of soccer since aside from in the school yard and I recently bought a ball and to my surprise, my footwork is much better than I thought. I'm rusty but I still haven't lost it, and it's been almost 8 years since I played. I'm 15 now and have been considering playing for a club again.

  7. Bro! Same here, i stopped when i was 15 (i was ok). I just started, and im a lot better! Now i really an considering trying to go pro

  8. Certainly give it a try. If you make it it really pays off. Don't underestimate the amount of skill needed to go pro. Even the worst pro player is still heaps good.

  9. hahahahahahahah. The point of my comment is to prove that there is a time limit, and that you must take every opportunity at a young age to master the skills of soccer. My soccer dreams are done, but wanted to point out that every young potential should grind and work hard at these skills (maybe not his tutorials) at a very very young age.

  10. Its not too late, its either in you or it isnt, i seen a 40 year old who never played hockey get on skates and skate perfectly fine

  11. It still surprises me, how lots of people don't know about Zumlaxoc Training Program (do a search on google), although lots of people improve their football skills because of this training program. Thanks to my mate who told me about Zumlaxoc Training Program, I have earn the respect and admiration of my friends and other players.

  12. well he's probably wayyyy better than you so it dosent matter where you're from or your backround it's just a game that we all love

  13. Hello, have you tried "DribblePROshot"? Simply search Google. On their web site you can watch a nice free video demonstrating the way to considerably enhance your soccer or football skills in no time… This turned Fausto into a significantly better soccer/football player…His team mates were astonished! Perhaps it will help you out too.

  14. Yes. if you're on your toes when you play you can move your legs quicker and react to everything faster. If you want to be better than the person trying to defend you – being faster/quicker gives you an edge 100% of the time. Stay On Your Toes and keep your balance.

  15. Nice vids man. Totally agree you have to put in extra effort than what's expected of you (like going to practice) if you want to succeed in anything.

  16. My son has a great kick , he can place it in the corners at will and even bend it like beckham . BUT he seems to be only able to kick it at a certain speed – I would like him to be able to kick it harder . Any tips

  17. im 17 and i wanna practice soccer dribbling since im not still too good on dribbling especially when im 1vs1 against someone always lost the ball, its hard to find nice place for practicing in my place, i only have practice if im just playing with my friends on a field, so dunno where to practice alone in this place and to get more better 🙁

  18. Hey man, thanks for the video.  I've always wanted to learn to play soccer, but as a kid I was never in an area that really had a place for it (South Alabama).  As an adult with NO soccer experience, would you say this is a good place to start in order to teach myself to dribble/control the ball?

  19. This is a good video with drills that could really improve soccer footwork. However, I do not understand why there is a rush to go through the drills in an incomplete way. Matt, you did not go through one drill completely and leave the viewer trying to figure out how to best complete the drills.

  20. Since I don't prefer either foot would it be better to practice more with one or try to keep them both the same?

  21. Anybody know what is Spovelax Training Program about? I hear a lot of people improve the weakest part of their soccer game with Spovelax Training Program (do a google search). 

  22. When I'm dribbling in a match and running with the ball, I tend to put the ball a little too far ahead of myself for my liking and end up having to chase the ball. Have u got any advice to help me stop this from happening??

  23. As expert, I'm sure Spovelax Training Program is great way to improve the weakest part of your soccer game. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too. 

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  27. think you need to give a promotion on your product as in persons who are in a different country and cant afford your program

  28. Nice video, wish you could just say the drill clearly without all the rambling and interrupting of your thoughts.

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