Soccer French Braids | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Soccer French Braids | Cute Girls Hairstyles

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OK, this is going
to be a step by step tutorial on a French braid. And with her hair I’ve
already divided it into half. I’ve done a zigzag
part and separated it and put this in a ponytail so
it will stay out of the way because I’m going to do
two French braids on her. I always start by
wetting the hair down. It stays in a little better
I think and combs easier. Start up near the front. Just section off a small piece. There’s not an exact science to
this, just section off a piece. And you divide that
piece into three. So you have three
small sections now. And if you call these
sections A B and C, B always being the
middle piece, A always being the
one on the left, and C always being
the one on the right. So you take A and
you cross it over so they’ve crossed
each other now. So now this is A, this
is B, and this is C. Then you cross the
middle piece again. So and then you’re going to
pick up a little bit of hair and add it to the piece on
the left, which is piece A, and then you’re going to
trade A and B places again. And then you’re going to pick
up a little hair on the right and add it piece
C. And then you’re going to switch B and C places. So the middle piece
is always rotating. You’re adding to
the left and right. Now we’re going to
add to the left again, a piece A. And then just
switch it with piece B. And now we’re going to add
to piece C and switch it with the middle. The trickiest thing
about a French braid is just learning how to hold
the hair in your fingers. And that does require a
little bit of practice. If you’re having a hard time
with your daughter’s hair, try getting a ball of yarn
and cutting about 20 strings of yarn and then sectioning
them and just practicing with the yarn until you have
it, until you can figure out how to do it. Really it just
requires true practice, just learning how to hold
it with your fingers. So again, this is piece
A we’ve just added hair. We’re going to switch
it with piece B which is the middle one. Now we’re going to grab some
hair, add it to piece C, switch it with piece
B. And you continue to do this all the way down
until you run out of hair. If you start getting bumps like
this you can grab your comb and flatten them out. I’ve gotten pretty good at
just doing it with my fingers. And just keep going until
you have a French braid. Switch it with piece B,
pick up hair, add to C, switch it with piece
B, pick up hair. Keep picking it up. You can see the braid
starting to form. And then when you get
down to the bottom it just becomes a regular braid. At this point your tails
might be kind of frizzy, so comb them out. This is just a regular braid. And then you just secure
it with a rubber band here, or you can flip it up and secure
it with your rubber band here. It’s just kind of a
fun way to end a braid. We have a little bit of tail. Fluff the ends. And add a little hairspray
and repeat on the other side.

100 thoughts on “Soccer French Braids | Cute Girls Hairstyles”

  1. this is my fav cute girls hairstyle ever!!!!!!!!! i love you b and b xxxxxxx ps i always do this hair style xx

  2. Wow this was made in 2009 I can't believe how long CGH has been CGH luv u keep up the amazing, fantastic, fabulous, awesome and talented work😘😘😘😘

  3. I can't believe that your channel taught me how to do my hair in middle school and inspired me to embrace my natural hair ❤️ I remember watching from the very beginning. So proud how far you and your family have come!

  4. I just finished 4th grade, and I new how to do almost any braid, but not a ponytail, only once in a while it came out good, but braids always came out perfect 👌🏼, and I never actually practiced! Lol

  5. Idk why I didn't come here in the first place. I know how to overhand braid, but have never learned how to underbraid/french braid. I've been going every where else, and should have known to check you first to see if you had a vid on this. Low and behold I came back and found that you had one. I love your technique, and you make everything understandable. Thank you so much even though this vid is over 8 years old its still relevant. You're the best!!!

  6. I'm sorry I have to keep revisiting this video, because I forget after a month of not doing these braids. I have to keep remembering that the best way to keep this style in my head is to name the legs A, B, and C and A, and C never cross paths lol.

  7. 1:36 I'm confused. I learned to braid my own hair when I was 7 and I learned cuz my mum sucked. You are such a good styler! Also: I was just watching Kamri's present day videos and she has grown so much. Still love soccer 😀

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