Soccer Hooligans In Russia Are Trained, Organized, And Violent: The Most Feared Fans (HBO)

Soccer Hooligans In Russia Are Trained, Organized, And Violent: The Most Feared Fans (HBO)

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100 thoughts on “Soccer Hooligans In Russia Are Trained, Organized, And Violent: The Most Feared Fans (HBO)”

  1. Fox sports needs to get onto this. Weekly International Hooligan bouts. I wonder how the German Neo Nazi skin heads would go belting the shit out of these Bolshevik F#@ks? Good to see the Brits got smashed down like a dunny seat.

  2. In russia: 0 riots
    In france: A shitload of riots (and scams, robberies comitted by Africans they had to import)

  3. Why do these bullies always bring together in groups? Do they have shared mind or what?) Who knows?)

  4. Let the Russian bitches come to Poland we will show them there scared of Poland Gilligan's fuckin bitches

  5. England's problem in Euro 2016 was that the Russian hooligans were simply better trained. Hence the beatings England took.
    Russian hooligans hit the gym and learn martial arts. English hooligans are fat drunks. No contest really.

  6. I've seen videos about English hooligans. They're trained, organized, and always fucking drunk as hell. Not as drunk as Russians, they drink vodka while Brits drink beer with maybe a nice scotch in there somewhere. Russians are the world's champion alcoholics, no one outdrinks them.

    I knew a few guys who said fighting is fun. There are people who do enjoy it. They usually fight pretty well, too. Adults with lives and they've got this crazy streak, act like teenagers.

    I think Russia still has the two year compulsory military service thing after high school. These guys will be army trained, they even demonstrate strategic and tactical awareness. Russians are tough as hell to begin with. But on English soil, I'd bet on the English.

  7. Fucking wankers queers wud not last 5 minutes with England firms who r fucking banned don't come 2 England u daft yanks

  8. Don’t get me wrong these Russians are tough kids, but the England fans they attacked were just that “fans” the English hooligans weren’t there due to 4000 of them not being allowed to leave the uk during the tournament, a very hollow victory for the Russians ?‍♂️

  9. Why do white people love fighting so much? Frat bros, hooligans, skinheads, etc. like why do they love violence so much?

  10. All of these football rioters are pathetic mongoloids, they're not there for the sport, they are just there for the violence and use football as an excuse.

  11. All those police to control the animals for a stupid soccer game.
    We need legislation to restrict games to no more than say 1,000 fans picked at random by a honest computer program.
    The clubs get enough advertising income that they don't need masses of hooligans to attend.
    And by restricting the number of fans any televised games would be more watchable and able to demand premium prices from the tv companies!

  12. The World Cup was brilliant and there were no hooligans in Russia doing trouble . All my classmates from England , Germany , Switzerland , Egypt loved the event . So kiss my ass you vice liberal lgbt propaganda !

  13. They are Stupid , brainwashed, alkoholide, and full of ROIDS! Greetz From a Croat ! You are Bunch of Idiots! The chechens and Dagestan People Kick your ass in your Citys! So quiete please and lick Some Serbien gay balls

  14. I'm just saying I dont care every has there on thing but I'm from the south in the USA and in my part of the world we dont jump people but if
    You have a beef with another you handle it like a man fight it out then when it's over you and the other walk away now up north in the city's gangs dont fight they eather shoot
    Each other or gang bang to me the people who do that are cowards God bless I think you guys should try and make like a UFC fight club but ony with fist and legs no grond and pond just start up fight

  15. What people dont understand is the real English Hooligans can NOT TRAVEL during a world cup or even a European cup.
    So what you get is just English FANS with family, the best way to understand this is when football comes home (no bans)
    Game over (English has the rep for a dam reason)
    The Russians came and targeted fans that either couldn't fight or didn't want to fight.

  16. Fucking scumbags, where were they in the 80s and 90s when England casuals were at there best! God they are 30 years behind fucking morons

  17. Its fun, Russian Come from moscow?) You Think in Russian Civilization only in Moscow? And in other cities of the forest and the savages live with balalaika)) According to your logic, in America then aborigines with bows on bison run, on the wild West) Stupid logic

  18. We were the original holigans UK. i love Russia but I bet you don't know where the word comes from a family in ?

  19. Russian hooligans attacked english HOOLIGANS, fucken media. english scum allways make trouble on away games in europe and all of a sudden THEY GOT HUMILIATED by Russian and now Russians are bad guys. Fucken western media go and suck a duck ?

    ? Omg did you see that in russia last year? it was so peace there jajaja the English had fun in russia jajaja ??

  21. The Russians took advantage of the English lack of firms. They were broken decades ago! They are all banned from travelling and people don't want to go to jail for throwing a few punches. That said a lot of the front line of Russians are trained fighters and bulked upthey would have been formidable in any era. Their IQ must be at 80 though! they talk like lads at school!

  22. Credit to the Russians and Eastern Europeans in general, at least they tend to act out their pathetic "bread and circuses" bullshit away from the town centres and innocent civilians…

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