Soccer player Dong-guk and Seolsudae’s penalty shoot [The Return of Superman / 2017.03.19]

Soccer player Dong-guk and Seolsudae’s penalty shoot [The Return of Superman / 2017.03.19]

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– Guys. / – Look. – That looks fun, doesn’t it? / – Is it a playground? It’s a playground where you can get tested. – Let’s try our best. / – Okay. – Guys. / – I can do it. Great. Let’s go this way. I went for off-season training for three weeks. When I came back, the kids were a lot bigger. I became curious if they were growing up well in terms of strength and energy. The kids have to complete missions here. I’m curious how well they’re growing. Thanks to their sporty father, these three were found talented in all kinds of sports. (They’re competitive.) (They have great focus.) (They even went parasailing.) They have extraordinary genes. They’re getting their strengths tested today. The frogs will pop up. (Agility development test) You have to catch the frogs. This is going to be fun. Let’s catch frogs. Let’s cheer each other on to catch frogs. – Sian, come here. / – Seola, get ready. Sian, let’s watch. (Seola enters.) – Where is it? / – You have to act fast. – Watch where it comes up. / – Hurry. (She rushes to tap it.) (She pats it.) – Behind you. / – It came up again. – Behind you. / – Behind you. (Donggook is excited.) – Over here. / – It came out. (Sian is overly excited.) – Over there. / – Here. Yes, good job. You’re fast. – Here, here. / – Hurry. (He’s pointing them out for her.) Gosh. (Sian is so funny.) (Sian is bossy.) (Thanks to Sian’s guidance…) Keep going. Good job. Let’s see. Lee Seola. You got 12 of them. (Sua is going second.) – Sua, let’s go. / – Let’s go. Here, here. (There he goes again.) Hurry up. – Here. / – Run. – Over there. / – Sua is good. (If Sua gets confused,) (he points them out to her.) Over there. Let’s see how well you do. We’ll see. – We’ll see. / – Like this. – Is that how you do it? / – Alligator. – Go. / – Finish it. (Sua is finished.) – Wow. Goodness. / – She did so well. Sua, you’re in first place. – Sian. / – You did it 18 times. Yes, you’re next. Amazing. (He’s checking her score again.) (Sian is so ambitious.) Hey, come here. We’ll see how well you do, okay? Okay. (Just watch me.) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go, Sian. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Ready, set, go. / – Go. – Over there. / – Turn around. Go, run. (He’s confused.) Go and pat them. (Which one should I pat first?) No, don’t hit it. There. (Sian’s body isn’t listening to him.) You’re going to be last. Turn. Hurry and go. – Over there. / – Yes. He’s confused. He’s confused. It’s going up everywhere. – There. / – He’s too confused. Sian, come back. You’re last. Sian, come back. You’re last. Dad, am I first? Yes, you’re in first place. (Being last echoes in his head.) (I can’t believe I’m last.) Can you see the sandcastle? (His “I can do it” made the impossible possible.) – I can do it. / – Can you? (Sian is the icon of optimism.) (Show us your strong will, Sian.) (He’s more determined now.) (He’s speeding up.) (He’s calm.) (He has time to look around.) (He’s taking his time.) (He rushes when he finds his target.) I can do it. Again. Turn around. Turn around quickly. It’s over here. Hurry. After making up his mind, Sian showed determination as he went around fast on his feet. No wonder he’s the son of a soccer player. I can do it. (Sian is finished.) – He’s finished. / – Wow, Sian. (What’s the result?) – He’s finished. / – Wow, Sian. Sian, you beat Seola. (Sian got 13 times.) You did well. (Agility test) (Seola, Sua, Sian) Sian did very well. – Did you do very well? Good. / – Yes. You were doing as well as your sisters. Good job. Next is the speed test with a penalty shoot. It’s Donggook’s specialty. (The Lee family’s soccer competition) We can do soccer. This is what I do well, right? (My dad is good at soccer.) Come here. I’ll teach you a secret. It’s something I don’t teach other people. This is how you do it. (He’s handing down the family secret.) This is how you do it. – Do you see the ball? / – Yes. You should kick the ball with your foot. I don’t tell other people this secret. Okay? (You should feel special that I’m teaching you this.) Sua. Give them your glare. (He’s always emphasizing glares.) Okay. Glare at them, then kick. (She’s such a cute kicker.) Kick. (Her eyes are fierce.) – Goal in. / – Yes. (She does a model walk to celebrate.) Walk towards us. Seola. You have to glare at them. Be fierce. Open them wider. Good. Do a cheer. – I’ll score a goal. / – Dominate him with your glare. (Seola is known for her charismatic look.) (She runs as fast as she can.) Strike a pose. (She scores a goal after fumbling.) You scored! (Seola delivers a deceiving kick.) (Being lucky is also a skill.) – Is it Sian’s turn? You’re the last kicker. / – Yes. – Wait, I can do it! / – “Wait, I can do it.” – Go! / – I will score! (Sian rushes for the ball like Ronaldo.) (How will he do?) We won. We won. We won. (He gives flying kisses as a ceremony.) – I kicked the ball! / – We won! – We won! Give me high-five. / – I’ll do it, too. (High-five!) We won. Sian, come here. We won. (Dad, you’re the best.) Look, this is what soccer is. Look. Look what I do. Donggook is recognized as a competent striker. This test is going to be a piece of cake for Donggook. (We will see Donggook’s soccer skills.) – Wait, I’ll make a goal. / – “Wait.” “I’ll make a goal.” I’ll run and kick the ball. (He kicks the ball.) Gosh, he blocked my ball. (His first attempt fails.) This is what you shouldn’t do. He blocked my ball. He blocked it. This is what you shouldn’t do. (Gosh, even we scored.) All right, here I go. – Kick! / – All right, I’ll kick the ball. Go! Do a cheer for me. – I’ll kick the ball now. / – Go! That’s it. (He makes a powerful shot.) (His second attempt fails.) He blocked it. Oh, dear. (Gosh, Dad.) I’m not made for this. I guess I’m not good at soccer. What should I do? Let me make one more shot for you. If we end now, it becomes no fun. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (How will he do?) (He bursts out laughing.) He blocks my balls so well. (His third attempt fails.) He blocks my balls so well. Where did he come from? I want to recruit him. (Donggook wants to recruit the talented goalkeeper.) (It’s Donggook’s biggest challenge of his career.) He’s blocking all my balls. (Eventually, they start praying.) – Please let Dad score. / – Please let Dad score. All right. Say, “Go, Dad!” – Go! / – Go! – Go, Dad! / – Go, Dad! – Go, Dad! / – Go, Dad! The goalkeeper plays so well, so I’ll deceive him. (Bring it on.) I’ll deliver a deceiving kick. (It’s Donggook’s fourth attempt!) How did Donggook do at last? I won. I won. (Donggook succeeds after four attempts.) (He is suddenly aged from kicking with all his might.)

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  1. It's good to see Sua in first place for a change 😘 you can see Donggook is really proud when Sua does well 🤗

  2. Lee family's soccer secret: Kick the ball with your foot. 😅 He's so hilarious! He even wants to recruit the virtual goalkeeper.. 😂😂

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