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just for that you’ve awoken the beast what up everybody welcome back
to the channel in another episode of world record Wednesdays we break or set
a world record every single Wednesday do you really have to do that every time I
got it down every time so yes today we’re joined with our guest Katelyn
Schefler hey guys Katelyn is an incredible soccer
freestyler and she’s the very first person I collab with when I first
started doing social media a long time ago I’m gonna find the clip and put it
right here that was a great clip wasn’t that good
we are so good today we’re gonna be playing a soccer tennis ball tennis
which I’ve never done before I can imagine Caitlin’s probably gonna
beat us see maybe but first we want to show you guys what she’s capable of and
at the very end of video we’re gonna break a world record so make sure you
watch the end here we go I think those soccer skills deserve a
thumbs-up so drop a thumbs up if you haven’t yet really crazy stuff thank you
so much okay but it’s it’s tennis time all right so basic rule is we’re going
to put be playing in these front two squares you get a maximum of one bounce
and one self touch before you send it back over the net okay Caleb and I are
going to go against each other first to see who will take on the ultimate
Challenger the pro soccer player I heard my name
yeah we’re it’s gonna be you versus me I warmed up
easy easy easy all right drop a comma right now who do you think is gonna win
Josh or Caleb or Josh or if you do we go just come in an alphabetical order first
to seven points wins here we go you ready Caleb first of all I’m the goalie
I can use my hand you never specified what play we work 100 kala my sir Oh
come on no hands say that before the game soon okay no hands I’ll give you
that one point thank you okay look the host cheating always a cheater right
once a cheater always a cheater we’ll give him one point but he’s I got this no bad boys that’s one two – oh no currents Wars three two one comment down
below if you think I’m about the wind 7:01 oh yes oh yes worth the headache
it’s not looking good for done comeback time killed unit first of all I
don’t know done the comeback kid I coined that phrase on the shadow a long
time ago come back and March coming soon here we go game point top of all that
you have the service hey I need a what 6.0 you felt bad I had
to let him have one because you touched it I get a point what rules are he three
six three six you’re good at math I’ve doubled the score Oh morning foods baby
boy Kovac is coming not gonna lie I thought there was zero
percent chance of me losing that to Caleb and she he proved to have some
some talent with soccer tennis I’m glad you can find it somewhere Caleb build
now take cotton Kaitlyn in the finals first 1 7 wait I’m from Texas ladies
first you’re gonna want a fair fight here first one to seven let’s see it go
bring it on I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell at you she’s very sweet and I felt
bad for that but I feel bad that I’m not the buter knows ok here we go oh man too strong blowing good Kaitlyn
okay Josh you’re a little too excited to give her a point Oh all she’s waited bacon Jason rally I think is a little little unfair here
so okay team cash save cash to try to run the one professional soccer player
I’m Tom Graham you guys let’s do this let’s do it you’ve been doing a great
job thank you under stress with Caleb try my best so on the last place do it let’s do a
slow-mo replay of Caleb getting hit in the face it’s already done Caleb Caleb
got hit in the face and has a bloody nose so we’re gonna take a quick quick
commercial break and then we’ve that last video you broke your toe this video
you bloody nose I’m so excited for next world record Wednesday so make sure you
subscribe if you haven’t yet I’m talk I quit and now a word from our sponsors
guys big shout out to whistle sports for making this video happen on their
youtube channel you’ve got tons of crazy sports videos and they’re doing some
really awesome series right now so make sure you head over there channel be sure
to subscribe and check out what they’ve got
I think kales ready just for that you’ve awoken the Beast the Beast is been
awoken wake wait and lope you walk right now that’s a six for Caitlin and it’s now
your serve six-five Caleb I know even miss it
what have we been missing Josh the tennis great oh shoot ready yep that was
surgical Caleb high-five they’re all tied up next point
wins – we lost good job man
that was my hope you guys enjoyed that it is now world record time and Caleb’s
gonna go think about his loss okay the world record Caitlyn is going to try to
set is for the fastest time to complete ten soccer tricks it is in the Guinness
World Records database but there’s not been a record set yet and the record
they have the minimum is 40 seconds but Caitlin’s saying she can do it in less
than 20 are you ready yes ten ten tricks in mind okay begin in three two one ten I had you at ten point eight seconds
you weren’t kidding I don’t think the Guinness World Records people we’re
ready for a sense so much talent cuz forty seconds is clearly way too much Oh
Oh Caleb you gonna beat that what’d I miss you gonna beat that ten tricks in
ten seconds great Oh on our sulfurous new world record and
her win in soccer get to talk about that thank you but that’s a video anyone
thank you so much for watching make sure you check out Kaitlyn on Instagram
dropped the soccer ball emoji on her most recent post and we will choose one
of you who comments on her Instagram for a chance to win in shout out like these
people follow us follow us on Instagram Kate freestyle Kayla – cream stir
juggling Josh and that’s all for now we got videos every Monday Wednesday
Saturdays make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet caleb has one final trick
for you that was not good enough we’ll see you later yeah I’m tired of it just I have a
nosebleed we kind of finished the island oh yeah we take


  1. Go watch my Instagram story! Thanks for watching! Drop a like on the video and comment for chance to win juggling balls! Congrats to Addison Vlogs for winning last video! Check out Caitlyn and Whistle Sports and Caleb! Links in description! Love you guys! See ya soon!

  2. Such an awesome video! And you’re so good at juggling! It’s insane! Can’t wait to get my juggling balls and see what I can do! I have a long way to catch up to you though haha! You’re freaking amazing!

  3. Hey Josh, i went to Canada yesterday and I went to a Guinness world records place and i got the 2019 book and page 105 i saw that it said Josh Horton.

  4. 4:33 If I was the Ref, I would give Josh the point over Caleb because if we are playing ACTUAL tennis, the ball was in and even if it hit the line, that would still be in. Besides that Nice Vid Josh

  5. The poll of when you asked why Caleb is so good at this, my answer wasn't on there
    it is simply that Caleb cheated again

  6. Everyone subscribe to juggling josh he is the best in the world I would do anything to meet him he taught me how too juggle with his awesome videos

  7. Because you did scoring and playing as if it were pickle ball or like badminton where you have to win by 2 points technically nobody won and you still can comeback like so they can rematch

  8. Really caleb whats up with the shirt jk love your vids guys from brazil thats why i mentioned the shirt

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