Soccer Tips ► How To Slide Tackle In Soccer

Soccer Tips ► How To Slide Tackle In Soccer

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in today’s video I want to give you some
soccer tips on how to slide tackle in soccer now I want my students asking
recently how do I practice my slide tackling the truth is you can practice
by yourself but where you’re really gonna get your experience and understand
when to do certain slide tackle their went five factor in general is in games
and practices ok so first thing you want to take advantage of those rainy days
it’s way easier to slide when you have a really nice pitch or its really whether
it’s 23 and make sure you get in for those tackles know when you’re sliding
you’re not going with the intent of hurting someone you’re going with the
intent of winning the ball keeping possession of the ball or defending Gala
Ball added injured ok now what I want to say is you’re watching professionalism
and their slide tackle all over the place the reason they can do that so
well is because either it’s raining and I just makes it easier for everyone but
the pitches are so well cap came when you have a really short it’s really nice
graph and they do water the pitches before the games they wanted the pitches
at half time to make the shoe to make sure that the ball around the pitch real
nicely but that also helps fight a can make it a lot easier ok so if you are practicing flight a
clean make sure because you’re obviously going to have that ideal pristine pitch
to practice on the show you either you’re practicing in your path for you
got legs are you got your spandex and some high socks ok protect yourself
because the last thing you want to do is go to practice and you just cut up the
whole side leg and he can shower for like a week the worst ok so make sure
you got something to protect yourself okay so in this video I want to give you
three different types of spite now before we get into the technique is a
fight that when it comes to sliding you have to be briefed ok you have to be
willing to put your body on the line and like I said in the beginning I’m not
going with the intent of hurting this guy I’m going with the intent of gayness
ball back ok so saying that let’s get into these different techniques ok so the first one is using your strong
foot you gonna kick the ball across your body likes oh ok here’s the first when
you get a slide in and you’re gonna kick the ball across your body like that ok
let’s do it again and a great way to practice just passable in front of you
and then sprint after it and you can kick it out of the way ok so what you can do it you can just
have a bunch of balls and you can slide tackle with that technique of a block
and then get them all that can go again it could be as you can ok but again
let’s talk about the side so I’m coming down on my left side of my right foot
I’m coming down on my left side and most of us will favor one side when it comes
to sliding if you can go both ways that’s great I can’t really well I guess
they can but I do it a bit differently on my left then I’m irate ok for siding
with your right here coming down on this site like this hey and then the other foot coming
across ok so you spying on this party league here and then kicking across the
board example sign across picking them up there so
that’s the first one second when you can do with the outside your foot I’m gonna
do this on my left my microphone here ok so here I’m coming in on the same side
but I’m kicking with the outside of my left foot it’s like that with the
outside of my left ok so again if the intensity bravery throw yourself on the
ground try to slide on that side of your hip where the back of your leg and then
I’m getting my latest to the ball down here places like that I don’t like that one little soggy
billion ok now would like to get cleaner contact
we’re basically want to get in there take that away before the attacker gets
here I’m gonna do one more just for myself better contact on something like
that ok last right tackle and wanted to try
and this is my favorite because we get a couple balls here not only are you gonna
win the ball we gonna keep possession ok so this one it’s kinda like that first 1
I’m going on this site I’m coming with my right foot but instead of kicking the
ball away and keep the ball down lied and deceived kicking in a way I’m
actually going through that couple possession back here so it’s like a
tradeoff is breaking down for a full protect them and you get up very quickly if they are more ok so there’s three sites across your
body Crossway without said and then keeping
possession of the ball ok so first bravery you have to have the
attitude like I’m going in I’m gonna win this ball he got me hard be willing to put your body online and
trust me if you goin harder than the other player he’s the one you heard
you’re not the one in her but he’s going for the slide tackling you’re going to
tell you don’t want to get dirty you don’t want to get down in their
fight for the ball then you’re the one getting her ok but goin think about
those three different flight that was inside of my favorite people are against
thanks for watching this video please like please comment below post if you
have any questions if you have any tips that you want to share with other
players Washington and most importantly please share this video with your
friends and teammates who want to improve their slight a quick thank you
for watching this video on soccer tips and how to slide tackle in soccer

61 thoughts on “Soccer Tips ► How To Slide Tackle In Soccer”

  1. How much feet or meters should you be to slide tackle or tackle the other player , I play defender and If I slide too soon or too late the tackle won’t be affective at all

  2. WTH you DON'T USE SLIDE TACKLE IN SOCCER! people started to do slide tackle because they couldn't stop does Brazilians. And there were no slide tackles back then. Slide tackle is bad, that's how you get red cards and break other people's legs.

  3. I feel like im too fat to get down. I used to be able to do it whne I was 8. Am I doing it wrong or is it because of my body?

  4. Great video, but I think one of those soccer balls was the one i lost – i would like it back please

  5. I thinking to be soccer coach and i used to be soccer player but i never do sliding and your video is really helpful to start with training.

  6. Good tip about tackling is if your opponent is on your right use your left leg that way you hit the ball first. If you use your right leg you will hit the player before the ball and thats a foul always take the ball first.

  7. 3:37 I broke my ankle on a very dry field running full speed tackling with the outside foot. Reasons why, the opposite tip of my foot got stuck behind which dug into the ground because the field was not humid/wet. Never again and hope to play again one day again. This happened just last year.

  8. Essentially, as long as your feet contact the ball before the player, you won’t get a call. Doesn’t matter if he trips up as long as your feet connected to the ball, not his feet. He can trip over the ball and you won’t get called.

  9. Thank you so much. I have a game tomorrow and I was never really sure how to properly slide tackle and this vidoe really helped me. Thank you

  10. I’m in 4th grade and at my school soccer/football is really famous. And I’m a defender for my team and I made a slide tackle against the best player on the other team

  11. anybody else here because they have their sunday leagues rivals next week and you just want to hurt them?

  12. Did the first tackle on a guy at school. It was a perfect tackle but I almost ended that mans career

  13. Remember all CB, LB, RB and CDM! Please be aware when using this move! Use your brain when youre gonna tackle, we dont want fouls and injuries! You have your interceptions and pressing too!

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