Soccer Tips : How to Fix Your Soccer Shot

Soccer Tips : How to Fix Your Soccer Shot

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Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth
soccer and today I’ll be talking about how to fix your soccer shot. So, what is fixing
your soccer shot? It’s actually you want to improve your kicking technique. So, to do,
at first you want to remember all the points on how to kick a soccer ball properly. We
know that our supporting foot comes right next to the ball, pointing at our target so
that it’s the direction that we want the ball to travel. We put our knee over the ball and
then we bring our chest forward, lock our ankles and then take that swinging motion,
both moving your chest forward and your leg down as you take the shot. That’s really easy
when you explain it but when you really do it, you find that sometimes the ball just
goes in different paths. So here what you want to do, you want to observe your body
mechanics when you’re doing the shot. You want to look at how you’re positioning yourself.
It’s very important that you look very closely at your supporting leg when you come close
to that ball. If you’re too behind it, there will might up. If you’re too far away from
it on one side, you might get the ball going at the wrong direction or with not enough
power. So, you got to look at those skills very carefully. Another thing is as you kick
the ball. make sure you watch your knee. The knee over the ball and then finish with a
swinging motion. Okay. Next thing is to emphasize the importance of locking the ankle. Locking
the ankle is one of the difficult concepts of young players to grasp. Right? It’s difficult
because I’m telling the players to lock the ankles, which means making it stiff, point
the toes down, while at the same time moving the leg in a forward motion. So, they think
they have to tense the leg, therefore slowing the motion or breaking the rhythm of when
you are kicking a soccer ball. So, one way that you can fix your shot is by picking up
a soccer ball with your hands. A way for you to tell if you’re locking your ankle or not
is by dropping the ball and as the ball comes down, you want to kick the ball upwards with
the toes down. You kick the ball with the shoe lace. If you kick the ball up and the
ball is going up with a lot of speed, that means that you are not locking your ankle.
Okay? So, you want to watch that very carefully. The ball will be spinning very fast and perhaps
it’s not going straight up. Perhaps the ball is going to one side, to the left or to the
right. So, a way for you to tell when you’re locking the ankle is when you actually grab
the ball, you kick it with your shoe lace pointing toes down locking the ankle. You
have a nice fixed locked ankle and when you kick the ball you will see that the ball actually
rises up, straight up and you can actually see the logos on the soccer ball because they
have very little spin. Okay? So my recommendation is that you work on that, see where you’re
locking your ankle when you take your shot before you continue shooting the ball back
onto the net. If you can see that you’re successful by locking your ankle, then when you’re on
the net everything will be a lot smoother and a lot easier for you. Okay, have fun,
score some goals and this is how you can improve your soccer shot.

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  1. if you princesses get past the "this is futbol not soccer" and his accent, he gives pretty good tips for beginners in soccer, and i know im going to get a reply saying "Oh im not a beginner i beat anyone" right then you shouln't be looking up youtube videos on how to shot better. ^^

  2. everybody saying it's called football and not soccer .. I agree, but the fact is that most views on these vids are from americans .. check the insight for yourself ..
    I see the reason for calling it "soccer" if you're doing a vid about it if most your viewers know it as soccer .. would be nice to see americans start calling it the right thing πŸ˜‰

  3. only yanks can make a tutorial on how to play football. 12 DVDs!!! out now! improve your soccer skills. no coach needed!

  4. Its football to me and i live in the US… id rather do away with stupif NFL football and see real football go mainstream…

  5. For the love of god, enough with the fucking soccer, football, futbol debate…3 different names, same sport. Why does it matter so much what you call it?!

  6. @j0nkks Dumb ass If you didn't know in Canada and Usa its called soccer in Europe its called Football well maybe hes from Canada or Usa how do you know well i guess your from Europe so its ok…

  7. shut up people.. so we call it soccer in america? SO WHAT. we have a different sport called football unlike u guys..


  9. it's funny cause people act like America is the only country that calls it soccer. It's funny because at the end of the day it's the beautiful game and you must not forget that. It's funny cause if you came to America you'd call it Soccer and I'd call it Football if i went to England.


  11. For all you fucking dumbass people that live in other countries, its called soccer in the USA which we use with our feet. We call it football when we play with our hands. SO THOSE PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING FUCKING DUMBASSES GET THE FUCK OUT

  12. You have got to be shitting me. No one cares what it's called, we can all see we're talking about the same sport by the vid. Chill out and just pay attention to what you came here for people…

  13. talk too much in the videos its boring show more demonstration maybe some slow mo shots so people can see exactly how you kick it.

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  15. Wat a fagot he doesn't know wat he's talking about I play for Swansea I've never heard q much shit in my football career! CHeck Me out on like Twitter! Init!!!

  16. The term "football" used to refer to any sport not played on horseback, originating in England. Such sports: rugby, association football. American football evolved from rugby, but kept the name football. The term "soccer" is used in the US to differentiate from American football and Association football. asSOCiation football = SOCcer. ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

  17. why do people come to a video, talk shit about it and then leave they just come to hate and dont give a crap about the video. you cant blame the guy for his accent

  18. it was originally as slang word i'm pretty sure, until America thought it was the original name for football in the past.

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