62 thoughts on “Spanish Soccer Slang | Off Topic with Rachel Bonnetta Episode 2”

  1. I hope montreal loses. Bunch of cunts and btw it's not USA vs Mexico it's USA vs Mexico B ( because only liga Mx players will be playing ).

  2. Rachel is so cool. She is a great addition to MLS.com. She is funny, cute, and a really good presenter.  Really glad she is a part of the MLS team.

  3. @ Rachel Bonnetta   Off Topic with Rachel Bonnetta? i got's some Off Topics i sure would like to discuss with Rachel Bonnetta all right. ~_^ .   anyways, the Spanish commentators for Futbol are the best! learn what you can baby.

  4. You did miss the most obvious one. The one when the goal opponent goal keeper kicks the ball off a goal kick. PPPUUUUUTTTTT***!! ¡¡ lol

  5. This video had me cracking up! I love you Rachel! You're awesome! Gotta keep working on your Spanish tho! #VIVAMEXICO

  6. Diego forgot some very important spanish terms, such as "bonita", "linda", "bella", "hermosa", "guapa", "preciosa", etc, which would have been very relevant to this video. Just sayin'.

  7. Mexican Soccer Slang (That's the title)… No reference take mexico to discuss all Latinos and not confused with the Spanish of Spain (Spain is Europe)…

  8. MEXICAN SLANG .. NOT spanish/Latin american. BTW Rachel when speaking about football you should talk to South Americans. Mexicans like/love soccer but they don't LIVE it like we do down here. Every one (even Europeans) say theres no passion like South American Passion !!! Its a complete different culture. Mexicans are more similar to Americans than they are to us down here.

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