Spinning Football CAKE (soccer) HOW RIDICULOUS collab!

Spinning Football CAKE (soccer) HOW RIDICULOUS collab!

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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
today we are making a spinning soccer ball cake. Soccer has been requested by so many of you. To make the rich chocolate cake you will need
cocoa, baking powder, eggs now yes there are lots of eggs and that makes the cake really
rich and moist, flour, chocolate, sugar and margarine. Add the chocolate to the margarine and melt
it in the microwave. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the
howtocookthat.net website for you and I’ll link to that below. Add in the sugar and whisk those together
to combine them really well. Place the eggs and the chocolate mixture into
a large bowl. If you melted this on the stovetop you may
need to let it cool down first before combining it with the eggs but if you did it in the
microwave it will be fine. Whisk those together. Then tip in the sifted flour, cocoa and baking
powder. And just whisk that together until you can’t
see any more flour. How easy is that. Pour the mixture into a greased hemisphere
tin. Then wrap baking paper around the top and
staple it into place making sure that the staples are on the outside so if any did fall
in they’re not going to fall into the cake. Then top it up to the top of the rim. The baking paper just forms a barrier that’s
going to stop it overflowing in the oven but it’s going to allow us to bake the cake right
to the top of the tin. Add some extra string just below the rim to
make it really firm and then bake in the centre of a moderate oven. For the frosting I am making a double batch
of my basic vanilla buttercream. You just mix together the icing sugar and
margarine and add a little vanilla. It’s really simple. Once the cake is baked and cooled remove the
paper and level off the top. It will look a bit overcooked on top but it
doesn’t matter because we’re not using that bit. Tip it out of the tin and trim off the very
outside layer. Then use a knife to cut a 1 inch layer of
cake down the bottom. And now our frosting is going to add some
height but we don’t want height or it won’t be round any more. So what we’re going to do is cut a thin slice
off the bottom of the next layer to make room for our frosting. Then cut another 1 inch layer of cake that
we are going to use. Then from the bottom of the layer take off
another really thin slice. It’s about just less than a centimetre thick. Place your bottom layer onto a round cake
board and smother it generously in vanilla buttercream. Then sprinkle it with chocolate chips. Roughly chop up some Oreos into chunks, you
could use any cookies you like I just like the look of the black and the white it kinda
goes with the soccer ball, and then sprinkle them over the top too. Add your second layer of cake into place. Pile on the buttercream, spread that out then
add the Oreos and chocolate chips. Now from this angle you should be able to
see why we took out those thin layers of cake so that it still looks like a rounded soccer
ball cake when you add that top piece into place. Now cover the whole thing in buttercream,
smoothing it out as much as you can. Then take a piece of acetate and run it up
and around the cake to smooth it out so that you don’t have the lines from a spatula. Once you’re happy with it place it in the
fridge for about half and hour for that buttercream to firm up. Roll out some white fondant fairly thinly
and then place it over the soccer ball very carefully. Now to get rid of the bunched up parts all
you need to do is lift the fondant out spread it out, using the palm of your hand, smoothing
it down. Be careful if you’ve got rings on that you
don’t leave lines from the rings. And you’ll notice here that I have the actual
cake sitting up higher. It’s actually just sitting on a bowl so it
is off the counter and I find this makes it easier to get it perfect down around the edges. Once you can see where your cake board is,
use a knife to trim around just following the line under the board. So you trim it right down there. Now if you look at an actual soccer ball the
white pieces are hexagons with six sides but the black pieces are actually pentagons with
only 5 sides. So we are going to have to do two different
shapes. Roll out some more white fondant and cut out
hexagons. Now you can use the template that I’ll put
on the website for this or if you’ve got a cutter you can use that. Next roll out some black and cut around the
pentagon template, now if you’ve got a pizza cutter, use that instead of a knife because
a knife tends to drag the fondant out of a shape while a pizza cutter keeps it all neat. Using a little water to make it stick add
one of your black pieces into place, it doesn’t matter where it is, just choose a spot. Then surround that with white like you are
making a flower, just adding a petal on each side of the shape. Cut a black bit in half and add it into the
gaps at the bottom. Just let it hang over the base board and then
trim it to size once it is in place – that will be easier than trying to get it exactly
right before you put it on. Then continue to add the rest of the pieces
onto the ball. Now you can leave it just like that or take
a skewer and drag down along the joins so that it looks like the soccer ball is stitched
together. To your coconut add some green liquid food
colouring and stir it through to make grass. If you don’t like coconut you could colour
some buttercream green and pipe it on using a grass tip instead. I think these tiny little details are what
makes a cake really look like a real soccer ball rather than just a cake. To your coconut add some green liquid food
colouring and stir that through to make the grass. If you don’t like coconut you could use some
buttercream and colour it green and just pipe it on using a grass tip instead. On your cake board add a dab of melted chocolate
and then an upside down lazy susan, mine is a bit broken and missing the top if yours
is not that would be even better. To hide the top part of the lazy susan we
are going to smother it in melted chocolate and then sprinkle it with the green coconut
and leave that to set. Add a little bit of blue-tac on top of your
lazy susan and then add the ball into place making sure it is exactly in the centre. Then you can give it a spin. Look at that. When you’re ready cut the cake just slice
through and reveal that yummy, moist chocolate cake, the chocolate chips and Oreos in the
middle. Now let me introduce you to some friends of
ours … “How Ridiculous” are Aussie guys who do crazy
sports trick shots. Last month they went to Switzerland and smashed
the Guiness world record for the highest basketball shot ever. They set the new record at 180m or almost
600ft. While they were at the dam they also tested
out the magnus effect for you guys using soccer balls and other balls … they are really
great guys and I think you’ll love their channel so go and check out their video and show them
some love in the comments. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes,
chocolate and desserts. Check out the latest video here
Last week’s amazing sugar bowls here and How Ridiculous’ cake here
Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday

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  6. hi ann…
    its zeel from india i have been following all your recipes since i keep n tryng as well but dis time m kind of stuck in placing them as they tend to leave some irrelevant spacing in between..wat can be done please help me i need to prepare this cake fr my younger brother on 8th may 2017 please help me…😞😒

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