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People say that he’s always bad on video games ! Strategy games, fighting games, FPS, TPS, he’s always bad. But today, he decides to play Maître gims with a ukulele ! *french song* Elle répondait au nom de Bella (she responds to the name of Bella) FALSE ! To prove to you all that he isn’t that shit He will play on “PLAYERUNKNOWN’SBATTLEGROUNDS” You remember the video we had on H1Z1 With Mika, Laink and Terracid, Gota The luxury squad Well, the goal was to be the last one alive In this game, it’s the same, the goal is to be the last one alive We will be the 100 to be projected on a map You have to arm yourself, dress in a bullet-proof vest, a helmet, weapons, and be the last one alive! LET’S GO ! * Go go my friends, let’s do that! * We can land in several cities, as writen here, and there we will land at Yasnaya Polyana, which is a very cute little Swiss town! It’s completely wrong, but I love you anyway, Swiss friends! OK ! Are you ready ? We see her ! LET’S GO ! Let’s go to “Vasliana Polyana” Do not worry, you’re with the guide, I’m your guide in this f***ing video! You’ll see, we’re going to BREAK A** The goal will be to find a weapon as soon as possible, and to see how many people are around us. Wait, there is one there, ok, I spot him so that I can smash him. We landed, we landed, it’s good, Let’s go! Let’s go! Clac, what do we have here? OH FUCK ! OH FUCK it’s madness! AKM, hop, hop, hop! There, the goal is to put his helmet at full speed, to hear the enemies arrive! A level 2 helmet. Dude, we’re doing well! I swear that we are placing ourselves well, I rarely place myself well And look, we have a police vest with! But what are the people asking for ? Oh yes, a shotgun! Friends, I’m proud to announce that we are doing great, and we will immediately seek the fight on the guy we saw landed earlier! He will be in shock! Oh damn, I found an opponent stronger than him, it is this wall. I know there is a guy not far, I can smell his fawn … * sniffs the smell of fawn * Shhhhhhhh! They are everywhere, in the cities, in the countryside! But we do not see anyone! The friends… We are boycott what, we have zero friends Ok, plan B! * Shouts very loud * Oh, I was scared! Must drink energy drink to heal, It’s really well made ! Damn, I did not see where he shot me! I’m fucking stupid! Follow the guide, do not panic! The feeling of panic sucks, so get rid of it. * Sniffles * I’m terrified now … So the problem ‘I explain to you is that there is a force field that will come back in not a long time, and it will be necessary to flee this field of force, generally, will have to go in the middle of the circle here. * shots *
Shhhhh! Behind us, do not panic, do not panic, I manage! Ok, did you see it? He is hunted like a cyborg, and I’m not talking about Nekfeu, ok? So we will kill him, on Nekfeu because we are insolent! * Nekfeu in the background *
Do not panic ! * Nekfeu in the background * He is there, did you see him? He is right there! * Nekfeu in the background * [Incomprehensible] Son of a bitch! It’s good, it’s done! There is another It’s my footsteps to me or it’s … *fire* GOT IT ! Nobody hinders a visit between his guide and his subscribers. You understood ? I say it loud and clear! Oh, I’m shaking. Now that this focus is done let’s look at the map, So as we can see I’m in the blue circle and not in the white circle Which means that WHEN the force field gets closer I’ll be in shit! We have to get bored … You have to go there; right ladies and gentlemen ! We follow the main road … *breath* So never walk on highways like-of course not that you’re going to be crushed, But you’re going to get chased like the guy over there you see … *fire* We have seen, we will … the … stalk! Ah, those tourists who have more … money … than you! * robotic voice * On your right, you can see poor people. * voice in chorus * Ohhhhhh …… And who have a guide, uh … downright piloting a plane Me, No. me this can’t… It’s somewhere, I do not see it, it’s very dangerous … Ok the next zone has been indicated, it is only a few meters we will cross Rozhok. *gunshot* Oh ! Hopopopo! So be it a guy pulled away or he plays with bison 4 In addition to this game, I’m not going to lie to you people LOVE camping at a f*ucking window, Hush! Is someone shaving his balls in the house? Or is it the sound of a vehicle? *shoot* Ohhhhhh! Damn it! Who is the bastard who wanted to shoot me there ?! And there’s a guy in the house … I SWEAR to you there is a guy in this house I heard … Do you hear him? *shoot* Do you hear the wind? Pffffffff! Oh the bitch with her big bastard Kar98! It’s a sniper, he has me one-shot … This is the end of the guide, here it is … The guy he had to be at a window like this, He was waiting for an idiot to stop talking to his community because he loves his community, you see? And he does not like it, so he did what, why I make the Italian gesture we do not know either. Hop there, in my head! So that’s all that follow him on twitch the guy and bah go the unfollow SO Guys we are landing here at Pochinki obviously small town/city of Lorraine We like Lorraine Dedicatoin to
dedication to Lorrainiens (people of Lorraine) So, let’s go ! And now we juste have to pray to got in our house


  1. Au moment ou squeezie dit que les balles peuvent traversé les murs je pense que c’est soit parce que le gars qui le snipait triche ou bien il y avait quelqu’un d’autres qui avait un angle pour le tuer ou bien c’est celui qui l’a tué qui triche

  2. Je trouve que c est presque le meme concept que fortnite apart ke la dessus il a des gilet par balle des casques et tou !

  3. Pubg sur Pc c'est trop beau sur gsm sa passe mai sur Pc c'est beaucoup mieux vue que c'est la version chinoise

  4. En tout c'est Fortnite ???
    A votre droite vous pouvez apercevoir des pauvres
    tout le monde à fait cette blague LoL MDR ???
    PS: et la Belgique

  5. a tout se qui regarde se commentaire en 2019 et qui regarde cette video je les souhaite a tousse une joyeuse fete de pack

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