Stan Wawrinka Tours The First US Yonex Showroom

Stan Wawrinka Tours The First US Yonex Showroom

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It’s great to see you in New York City How weird is this that you’re going kind of on
this tour with about 200 of your closest friends Let’s roll this way so this is apparently the first
U.S. showroom for Yonext Yes I think it’s great. I think Yonex been really
improving since many years now. Always trying to do something new And that’s what you see that they do a showroom
they can present the product It’s something super good And this is also the launch of the
new V Core Pro which is your racket We always look to improve the product.
They do an amazing job. I’ve been to the factory last year in Tokyo It was something really special to see the way they make
the racket and yeah I’m happy with it I guess we’re going to stroll now to see the shoes These are yours…yes!
These are beautiful! The quality is good. They’re really light for me.
When I moved to Yonex a long time ago now the quality of the shoes was really important because that’s what you need the most. It’s light
and it’s easy to play with. Alright the next stop on the tour I guess.
We’ve gone from the clothing to the shoes. I guess we can walk towards the Art Wall

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