Steve Brown FCCA: Rock bands and the Rugby World Cup

Steve Brown FCCA: Rock bands and the Rugby World Cup

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[music] How does it feel to be the managing
director of England 2015, the Rugby World Cup? Well it’s an absolute privilege, it’s unbelievable. When I joined the the RFU in 2011, I came here, one of the reasons I
came was because of the World Cup and having been given this
opportunity I think it’s absolutely fantastic so it’s a real privilege. Tell us more about your roles and responsibilities as a part of the Rugby World Cup and
otherwise. Yes I’m also managing director of rugby 2015 and chief financial
officer of both 2015 and of the Rugby Football Union. In my role as managing director of rugby, in
2015 I have to ensure that we sell our tickets, which is no small feat. It’s 2.4 million tickets. We’ve got to host 20 teams. There’s 20 teams with all
their squads. We’re at 13 venues across the country, and there’s 48 matches so it’s
pretty a big scale. So Steve, I have to ask this, how is your finance background helping you in this new wider leadership role? I think it’s absolutely critical. I think
given the scale of the tournament itself, the numbers themselves, but
also just understanding the kind of impact of some of the decisions we make. Sport is trying to really move itself into the sort of PLC environment and
certainly the Rugby Football Union was back in 2011. And having that kind of
core background and certainly the financial discipline that went with that was
absolutely critical to this role So let me ask you this. Did you ever imagine that you are going to be the managing director of worldwide event? Probably not, actually. I’ve always worked really hard, I’ve always tried to be very committed or as you know put
everything I could do into my into my work. I think for me, that seems to have been a really kind of positive contributor to this. So get yourself in
the right place right time have a good solid professional background and work hard. You know usually I think it comes good Steve, you’re obviously successful at what you do. So if I wanted to ask you give me your 20 second CV. Ok well I actually started
life studying, unusually, as I wanted to be a rock star. I was actually playing as a musician. Wanted to play in a band, I
was playing in bands and I left school at 16 to to explore that ambition.
Unfortunately it didn’t really work out. My total album sales 72, so that wasn’t
particularly good. When I finished that I settled down and got into to a job working for the NHS, where it was a trainee accountant. I spent several years there, and then took my first one to step into the corporate world. I went to British Energy
in the nineties when it was first privatized and then I moved into Abbott
Laboratories. And I stayed within Abbott for 10 years. I was promoted to finance
director in my last five years of the UK affiliate, which at the time was a
billion dollar turnover business. And then literally one Sunday morning,
slightly blurry eyed, I opened the Sunday Times saw an advert for the chief financial
officer the RFU. I applied within one hour, which i think is a good tip anybody
looking at a career move. And within three months I was appointed in that role. So a rock star
CFO now running the Rugby World Cup 2015. I have to ask, are you
actually a rugby fan? Of course yes I am And I absolutely was before I joined the RFU. The World Cup must be keeping you really busy but when you’re free, if at all, what is it
that you do? Well I didn’t stop being a musician, so I still am. So in my spare
time I still keep my hand in. I actually do a little bit of session work. I played a
big festival last year in Gibraltar believe it or not. So I played on an album.
Played 12 tracks on someone’s album which was quite nice. I’m a bit of a car nut as well so I like motorsport. How has being an ACCA member helped you in your career? Hugely. It’s certainly given me
background. And when you kind of come into these things quite different. Just the route to studying a ACCA was quite important to me having not, not having a conventional background. So absolutely critical to start, but then as
soon as I qualified and you kind of have that important ticket as it
were, all the doors started to open. So Steve let’s now end with a quickfire. Ok. You are the managing director for the Rugby World Cup, but what is your favourite sport That’s a different question. I mean I absolutely love rugby, but I’m very passionate about motorsport What kind of car do you love to drive? Well I like a classic British car, that’s my my sort of favourite. Favourite music? I like kind of rock music, indie music. Steve, what are you most proud of? Well I mean inevitably I’m gonna be
proud of my daughters, my three daughters, and all their achievements. But in terms of a career situation I would say I’m most proud of my decision to come
into sport. Come to work into sport. It was absolutely the best thing I ever did.
So the last one. When you were 10, what did you want to become? Definitely a rock
star. And you are. Thanks a lot, Steve, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much. [music]

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