Table Tennis Spin Shots

Table Tennis Spin Shots

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What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity And today We are doing spin shots! If you want to see more crazy shots don’t forget to subscribe! Let us know in the comments what was
your favorite shot! And don’t forget to subscribe Until next time!

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  1. 動画は凄いけど、翻訳はやっぱり視聴者に任せて欲しいと思う。

  2. Han intentado jugar con una agenda 7 materias sin anillos ? Es doloroso para la mano.saludos desde colombia

  3. Прекрасно, с таким инвентарем можно многое сотворить .Нет возможностей а желание есть

  4. Да, фокусы снятые с 50 десятого раза показывать-это не чемпионаты выигрывать!

  5. Do a slow godlike spinny loop but hit the net and when it falls off the table and bounces off the floor, try to catch it with your hand! If it is godlike it should take you at least two tries to catch it in your hand! Our school champ did that a long time ago ( like 20 years ago) using PF4 tackiness rubber! ( sadly, no cp cameras at that time!) You could actually hear the ball hum in mid air from the tremendous spin generated and the ball shoots off your hand when you try to catch it and feels like a rock spinning in your hand! No joke! Never seen anyone recreate the same spin yet!

  6. I really liked the one where he just slams the paddle on the table. Adds a bit of a psychological aspect with the loud noise

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