Team of the Week: high school rugby


some high school athletes are finding a new way to play football safer by learning rugby what local team is among the best in the state and their coach says that they have avoided concussions simply by the way tackling is taught cope ever has more in our team of the week team of the week is driven by Ernie Palmer Toyota the Jacksonville under-19 rugby Wolverines was a team made up of kids from all over Jacksonville from Lee high school Mandarin bowls Bishop Kenny Providence and Westside high in very short order this team has risen to be among the best in the state in a sport that demands skills from football soccer and other sports well it really is getting a lot of these kids I’m attracted to our program is the ability to apply the same techniques used here when they play football or playing soccer Erin Church is the coach of the team that went deep into the state playoffs this year thanks in part to a group of athletes many of whom play or played football in high school with the tackling it’s different form of tackling which allow the NFL teams are starting to pick up on which is a little bit more safe safer we’ve got the number one defense in the state and we’ve had no concussions the entire season that in and of itself is impressive but the players say what they’ve learned playing rugby is also making them better and safer football players this helps a ton really helps with tackling running the footwork if you help with a lot of things ball handling and rugby you can’t really tackle highest penalty so they teach your fundamental tackling and tackle Oh perfect tackle form so it really helps a football to not everyone on the team came from football some just fell in love with the sport I used to play football back in middle school but however I saw a rugby on TV and I thought it was a pretty cool sport when you get right down to it the game demands a lot of physical toughness something that must be developed and learned I love the hitting without pads part I think that’s like the that’s the best part of playing rugby congratulations to the Jacksonville u19 rugby Wolverines you are our team of the week the Wolverines advanced all the way to the state semifinals before losing this past weekend if you’d like to nominate a team remember it does not have to be an athletic team just email us a team of the week and news for Jax come

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