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  1. I'm a 53 year old woman,I don't do tennis,golf or other wise,it's very bloody painful,I could cut my fucking arm of so pain full,I suffer from arthrites,how is this so similar,

  2. Thanks for sharing will be trying these as well as your golfer's elbow video as I believe I have both. Are the additional exercises such as the supinator exercise 3 sets of 15 as well?

  3. I got tennis elbow from gym work (loathe tennis and gold lol) and it seemed to be lateral raises that caused the problem. Only lifted light too, could that cause the problem?

  4. I have realised that tendon does not need sets of 10/15 like muscles do. They rather need incremental repetition. I started with 5 reps only. And working with a gap of 1 day works best for me, rather than daily. I am increasing 1 or 2 reps everytime and aiming to achieve 45 reps(equivalent to 3 set of 15) before moving to green bar from red. Doing daily caused me pain..

  5. Great video. I am a surgeon and big tennis player and developed medial epicondylitis for the first time in over 40 years of play 2 months ago. Did some reading on the subject and there is definitely controversy on the subject. I completely stopped tennis a month ago and thought rest would be the answer. So far no significant improvement. I had heard abou the flex bar and just bought one. I watched a few videos on the subject and found yours to be quite helpful. I will start the exercises tonight and hopefully see some much needed relief soon. One question I do have is how long after improvement should one wait to resume exercise (meaning tennis)? Thx!

  6. Hi Jamie. I have chronic golfers and tennis elbow from 4 years of slugging classes of wine on and off pallets, I was lifting 100-150 tonne worth of cases of wine each week. I haven't worked for over 2 years now and got the injury almost 4 years ago. I have spent so much energy, time and money trying to fix my arms, but the chronic pain is. Now spreading into my shoulders and fingers. Even know typing and clicking a mouse makes it sore. I have tries eccentric loading with dunbels but it seemed to make it worse.

    I am going to our has the flex bar.

    Do you have any other advice please?

    I.e ice on for arms or diet, any tips at all cheers

  7. Dear Jamie : I got tennis elbow , but currently my elbow is not hurt , the hurt part is my muscle of forearm(overuse of typing PC)….so could I work out just like you performed? tks.

  8. hi jamie have used the red flexbar for a month elbow has much improved i also have the green what do you recommend as a maintenance exercise to keep elbow healthy .keith uk

  9. You give an example of golf elbow at the beginning describing it as the centrifucal forces stretching the muscles and you point to the outside (lateral) epicondyl and extensor muscles. You also claim that there might be scar tissue from the tendinitis amongts the muscles bellies.

    What's your background? The exercises are good, and pretty standard, but your explanation is pretty telling.

  10. I’m a very active 27 year old so my tennis elbow the past 2 weeks has been a huge annoyance. I’ll get the theraband and report back in a week or two with how I’m feeling! I think I may have gotten my tennis elbow from a heavy weightlifting session with a friend who pushed me too hard/heavy. I exercise a ton but I don’t lift heavy weight very often. I feel a sharp pain in my elbow joint when I fully extend my arm or do a push-up

  11. Hey Jamie you probably won't see this, but I have bad golfers elbow along with mild tennis elbow on both arms (worse on my right arms). Is it safe to perform the tennis elbow exercises at the same time as the golfer elbow exercises? Also it is safe to for an injured arm to perform the part that should be played by an uninjured arm?

  12. Hello Jamie, the MRI show my tendon has been torn. My Dr. asks me to have surgery. And I find out your video. Does it works for my case? Thank you.

  13. Thank a lot Jamie,by watching your video I can say that you convince me body )),I really like the video ,
    god bless you men,you save a lot and I am going to order them.
    thanks again!

  14. After doing the Tyler Twist for 6 weeks my golfer's elbow was cured. Unfortunately the Tyler Twist gave me Trigger Finger in the middle finger of both hands.

  15. Hi Jamie, my bar is currently in the mail, but I was curious if I should avoid the weight room for a week or just avoid certain exercises, if so, which would those be? Thanks!

  16. I hope this works….4:25 ..My right forearm has been really painful the last 2 weeks and I would hate to think I have to give up drumming.

  17. Thank you for this video. I have clicking in one elbow when doing pushups, by the time I noticed is was more than a click I was already getting elbow pain with tingling in my wrist and hand. I saw your other video on ulnar nerve glides and have been practicing them.

    Its been 3 months, so far I have stayed away from pushups, but we often use our elbows for many things especially when working out on other body parts. So I keep irritating it.

    I have stopped the stretches and am concentrated more on ulnar nerve glides, strengthening of the arm and light stretching.

    A few questions please if you may.

    Is there a possibility that I would ever be able to heal my clicking elbow? As I do want to go back to doing pushups and yoga.

    And the pain that developed from clicking in the elbow is it the same as having tendonitis?

    Thank you

  18. With those techniques the reverse would be true if I am a left person? I am naturally a left handed person. But, was trained to use the right arm/hand.

  19. Thank you Jimie!!! I watched 5 videos about the TheraBand and yours is the best and most detailed. I have tenis elbow since I played tenis one entired day 10 years ago. After that, I never could do repeatitives movements with my hands… I have cronic tendinosis and pain on both arms since 4 months. One fisiotherapist strongly reccomended me to buy this flex bar, I am so hopeful to get better.

  20. This exercise hurts during and makes my tennis elbow worse afterwards 🙁 I'm assuming my injury is quite severe if this is the case? I get severe pain if I try to grip anything with my and or lift anything with the injured arm. My GP gave me an injection a few weeks ago which reduced the pain for around 3 days and then it just slowly came back over the following 3 weeks until it was right back where it was. I've had it for 6 months now.

  21. Thank you for the amazing channel. Just liked and subscribed and recommended this to my tennis friends. I have a question:

    My physiotherapeutist recommended this tool to me. I have something at least related to tennis elbow. I did play tennis when my elbow got hurt.

    What do I have when the actual tennis elbow movement doesn't really feel like anything so I'm not sure if the extensor exercise is really doing it for me (I will still do it), BUT the supinator excercise which begins around 5:30 really does it for me. When I get BACK from that twisting position, not when initially twisting the bar, but coming back from it, I get a stinging pain in my right forearm (it is the infected arm). Could this tell something about my injury? Like is it actually tennis elbow orsomething more with the supinator than the extensor? Could it be Brachioradialis (just Googled that lol)

  22. Hi Jamie. Been suffering from tennis elbow for almost 2 yrs now (from training in martial arts for 10+ yrs). Just ordered both the stick and the theraband and going to give it a try! quick question though. I stopped doing push ups for over 6 months, but recently started back up again. Should I avoid doing them until I start feeling better or do you think it's ok?

  23. Just purchase the Thera-Band from my chiropractor.  Will have to get the stick.   Have had two cortisone shots each lasted about three months.  Do not want to go through that again.  I am looking forward to trying this out.  I can feel a little bit of relief just from trying the exercise while watch your video.

  24. Thanks Jamie. Your message didn’t go to my main inbox so didn’t get it straight away. I’ve only ever had injuries that turned tendinosis (shoulder, knee and now elbow – in that order). I used to play international level tennis and since not playing for many many years, the body keeps breaking down in the tendons as muscles grow faster and I ask myself to play at the level I used to (I know I need to be patient and let my body adapt properly- the hard way)

  25. My question is, can I build the tendon up with eccentrics in all the main tennis areas or is it not effective if there isn’t tendinosis. I’m thinking it could be great injury prevention but I just wanted to ask you if I’m totally off here. I would totally give two sessions a week to this if it could work in preventing injury. Cheers

  26. I am an OT wanting to use this in my practice and have a client with bilateral tenis elbow. Are there any considerations I should have with this. I don't want to overwork concentrically one elbow while eccentrically working the other.

  27. THE FLEX BAR – YOUR PT DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! So I've been dealing with tennis elbow for years. Had cortisone shots, isn't being done anymore. Too much yoga, boot camp and old(er) age. I could not even walk without elbow pain at some point! My chiro does PT and massaged to remove scar tissue, icing, electric stimulation. Nothing really worked. I texted him about the Flex Bar and he was super dismissive. No need for that. Any rag mimics the Flex Bar. WRONG. I did a ton of research, so this is what worked for me: Get a diagnosis first. Icing didn't work for me, hot water from the shower head first thing in the morning to warm up the elbow. Massage with an object like the flat side of a cell phone to break up scar tissue and warm up the area. Can be done anytime. Do Jamie's Flex Bar exercises. Throughout the day when pain would be noticeable or just regular intervals, I did my spider web hand exercises to strengthen muscles around the tendons. Opening and closing of the hand, later with a rubber band for resistance. Even at Target pushing a shopping cart or in the car. Keeping the muscles engaged, flushing out toxins. Rest will do nothing. Get cardio, get the blood moving, switch gears. Avoid the exercises/movements that got you into this mess for a while. 6 weeks max and I am HEALED. Months of pain, expenses, time spend and this got me 100% healed. $20. Months later, still good. Back to everything.

  28. So amazing. I appreciate your video so much. I have been going to PT for about 6 weeks and literally after a few sessions with the Theraband I feel so much better.

  29. How often a day should I be doing the Tyler twist ? Reps ? Thank you. Will crack on with these 3 years now , only got first cortisone yesterday 😕 see what happens

  30. Not sure if you’re still answering on this post but wanted to see how many reps do you suggest for each of the exercises?

  31. Thank you for the in depth explanation. A physio recommended the Tyler Twist to me, and your description of how to actually do it and why are awesome. Have a like!

  32. Hi Jamie Thanks for the content. I'm just curious how do you scale this down further if there is pain to a certain extent in these exercises?

  33. I heard to heal tennis elbow you have to just rest the arm and do nothing with it for 4 to 6 weeks. Do I have to do this, first and then start the exercises? Or can I start on this right away?

  34. I'm a professional drummer working thru some "tennis" elbow. I've got the red TheraBand, and am trying these exercises, but experience moderate pain while doing them. Should I continue? Rest? Because of my job, I don't have much time off, so have to figure something out. So far, this is the best video I've seen explaining this exercise, so thank you for that!

  35. I'm feeling relief in my affected arm which is great 🙂 however my other arm that's doing the twist is starting to hurt lol, do you know why? And how I can stop this while still doing this exercise?

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