Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : Tennis Court Layout & Lines


So the basic layout is that we have a court
that you can either play doubles or singles in. The singles court lines are…you’ve got
your baseline that ‘s the end of the court and you’ve got a hash mark here that basically
designates which side you will be serving from, depending on your scoring which we will
cover in a little bit. You basically are either serving from this side of the hash mark or
this side of the hash mark. You can go farther over if you are playing doubles, I like to
tend to play more from right off of the hash mark for singles if you are serving into the
deuce court..Actually this is the Ad court, I’m sorry…this would be the deuce court
you would be serving and we will cover that later with the scoring but this is your baseline.
This is the line that you have to stand behind when you are hitting your serve. Then with
the, if you are playing singles, this line, all the way to the net are the lines that
are in-bounds. Outside of this line would be out of bounds for the ball. The ball, anytime
the ball hits on the line, lines are good. So if you are playing somebody and the ball
hits right here, that would still be considered a good point for the, to play. If it is outside
of that line, the ball is out. That’s for singles. For doubles, you would actually come
over to this line and the same thing, lines are always in. So if the ball hits on the
line the ball is in, if the ball hits outside of the line, the ball is out of play and the
point is over. This line up here is called the service line, it stretches all the way
across in the singles court and this is the line that when you’re hitting a serve, you’re
basically trying to hit it inside of this line on the other side of the net. If you’re
on the ad court or the deuce court, you’re going to be serving into that box on the other
side of the net which has the center line and the service line all the way to the out
of bounds line, the sideline. So when I am serving from the deuce court I will be serving
into this box right here on the other side of the net. you have to hit the ball into
that box in order to have that serve be a good serve. If it is outside of that box then
your serve would not be a good serve, you get two serves. We will cover that on the
scoring, but that is the basic layout of the tennis court.

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