TENNIS SERVE TIP | How Can Djokovic Serve Better


Hey everyone. Jeff Salzenstein here. And, really happy to connect with you again. I know it’s been about a week, and, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on at Jeff Salzenstein Tennis Headquarters and last time we spoke, we talked about the world championships, and a great finale with Nadal and Federer and now the Davis Cup Final is over, and Serbia – congratulations to Serbia, Novak Djokovic and his team an amazing accomplishment for such a small country. Now, I want to talk about the serve today, as it relates to Novak Djokovic, because for those of you who have followed Novak the last year, you’ve noticed that he’s had some serve challenges. Now, pretty amazing that he’s 3 in the world, and he’s done so well with some deficiencies with his serve. And we’re going to show you some videos today in this blog, that’s going to show you exactly what’s- what’s- kind of, going on, with his serve talk about how the el- elbow drops, maybe a drill that you can do to keep the elbow up. We’ve got a student that we’re using as an example of one example a couple weeks ago, where he really got into some trouble with his technique and his elbow dropping. We’re the process of correcting it right now, he’s doing a great job putting the work in. So, let’s go to those videos right now. Alright, so you’ll see in this video, the student is hitting the serve, and the elbow is really dropping. it’s tucked into the body, there’s not as much shoulder turn as there could be. You see, that’s a pretty low elbow right there. We got to get that elbow away from the body into a stronger trophy position. When you get into this trophy position, that actually isn’t a strong power position, and the elbow is low. Just, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, there’s a lot more movement, and it’s just not an effective way and efficient way to serve. Here’s a side angle, and this looks a little bit like Novak Djokovic when he has his serving lows, but obviously, he’s serving great these days to win the Davis Cup. You can see that low elbow there as he’s hitting the serve, and we really want to, again, get that elbow up away from the body, and there’s different drills that you can do that’s going to create that for you. So, again, see how low that elbow is right there. This is a big, strong kid. He’s got a good serve, but we can make it a lot better. Here we’re doing abbreviated, c- continuous swings that really helps get that elbow and that shoulder turn. You can see the difference there: huge contrast, and we were able to make that change pretty quickly. This is video was taken a couple days after the one before, and you can really see that elbow and that hand get away from the body into that strong power position. Alright. So, after watching those videos, you can blatantly tell that a lot of players are going to have difficulty keeping their elbow up, and if you can practice a continuous serve type motion, where the arm is m- moving, and the elbow is staying up, and the- the big key is leading with that elbow once it gets into that trophy position. You want to practice this type of drill on a continual basis. Take your legs out of play, and just work on getting into that throwing position, that trophy position, to hit an awesome serve. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks so much again for coming to my blog, and for supporting it, and for coming to learn. I’m here for you, I’m going to share tennis tips with you, and I want to know what you want to learn, so, send those questions in those comments my way, and we will see you at the next video. Thank you! 🙂

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