100 thoughts on “Tennis star Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff reflects on historic Wimbledon run”

  1. Gay-mafiahh insiders in Hollywood are now planning to make a blockbuster movie about Coco Gauff's life. Miley Cyrus will have the leading role.

  2. (These group of women have fought for more than just success on the field but equal pay) 5:43 now it becomes political, it's a 15 year old girl going against the top women in Wimbledon stick to that story dumbass..!!!

  3. Someone don't know maybe..but she went from number 300 something down to to 140 about in these days…just amazing .

  4. Hope CNN and other Democrats don't dress up and try looking like her for Halloween ? They love putting on black face paint!

  5. Coco is a sports star at 15!!! I hope she stays grounded as she is now and she is so wise beyond her age! Her future shines bright!!! Kudos to her parents and the coaching team too!

  6. I missed Serena and Venus’ astronomical rise to stardom and when I came to know them, they were already the best. How cool to see young Coco from the start of her career. Maybe one day she will surpass Serena Williams in her trophy collection???

  7. A postive role model for young girls to look up too!!!! she has a bright future ahead of her!!!

  8. I'm surprised CNN didn't try to bait her into criticizing our president and slap his supporters in the face like they usually do; I think Coco would have too much class to go for the bait and CNN knew it. Coco; you have my respect and will earn a lot of love from all of America. Keep up the good work and stay humble.

  9. I have a feeling that this guy John Berman talks like this when he's off camera.. My advice for your kids John is to please don't talk like this to your kids.

  10. Gauff was amazing …. And so was Jennifer Capriati when she won both Wimbledon and the US Open at age 15. Nonetheless the Williams sisters have had careers far more spectacular than Capriati's. That being said, I wish Gauff's career matches our exceeds that of the Williams's.

  11. Are women actually this dumb? The mens soccer makes 45x as much as womens and salaries in business are based upon how much it makes. Percentage wise the American women make 3x the amount that men make and if women were to be paid the same as men that would be more money then the womens soccer team makes.

  12. lets be honest if it was a spanish girl or caucasian they would not be this much hype lol but she is great the next serena hint hint…I wanna see serena and coco in a doubles match !! that would be like world cup right there

  13. I hope she doesn't allow all this media hype to delude her into losing sight of just how quickly this business can viciously turn against her. This society has a way of building you up just to tear you down. Without question her race will make her a convenient target. There is a thin line between genuine admiration and smiley faced patronizing. She really needs to have a long talk with Serena and Venus about that—-real soon.

  14. There is no equal pay if there are no equal number of sets for both women and men. So, in this case the women are overly privileged relative to their male partners in professional tennis.

  15. As part of her pre game rituals, Coco prays for herself and her opponent. An awesome young lady, and an amazingly talented tennis star to include your opponent in your prayers speaks volumes of her inner spirit and character. May God increase her territory I pray she remains humble. God keep her family always. Go Coco!

  16. Tennis is a hard sport , in order to be good at it , You have to apply it to your soul, your body, your everyday life. Here this 15 years olds doing so great , playing the best and top players in the world. Her driven, her confidence , her game style . This is amazing Coco , you made yourself a new follower and you become one of my idols. Thank you for inspiring me and give me the hope that i will make it if I keep pushing myself in tennis.

  17. Congratulations young lady, You have made a great accomplishment on your own at the age 15. That is something to really be proud of. I wish you could have gotten more coverage . It is really a shame you have been mentioned very little because of the radical left media and their all of a sudden infatuation of the Mr. Trump hating female. soccer player. That is the only reason mainstream tabloids are giving them coverage.

  18. To X Ryder .Yes you are wrong in your statement, because colorism is alive and well in this country. But the Spanish girls would be hyped
    up as well, because they too are counted below the color barrier. Since Americans don't consider anyone who speaks Spanish to be Caucasian. But the cream always rise to the top. And Authur Ashe proved that to the tennis world many years ago. As has the Williams sisters. And many others to come. Congratulations to all the women competitors in the world. No matter your skin tone. Just be you, and kick Butt!!

  19. I’m so impressed by Coco in so many levels. I look forward to following her career. Congratulations, Coco!


  21. Why ask Coco what others think about her? Ask them. You may ask Coco about her game, about her plans, about her expectations.

  22. CoCo don't start playing into the Media's Bullshit! You will be Nobody as you loose. That will happen. Don't let the Media start Getting you to talk Bad about the Williams Sister's. Black's Against Blacks. Don't Do It! Don't get it Twisted, the Williams Sisters still Beat Ass! Learn to Speak to the Media like they Do, Have and you will remain a winner even when you loose.

  23. The sky is definitely the limit for Coco Gauff `s wonderful run @ Wimbledon SW19 ,Tennis`s grandest stage.However it will remain a fleeting illusion for women to dare dream of equal pay in proper Football.FIFA will never be armtwisted .Do the ladies have the same skills/abilities as King LIONEL MESSI&CR7?.In proper football you are paid according to your talent/ability & skill set!.

  24. Should have won Wimbledon or at least semis. If not for the pressure. Hopefully she will win it in future and many more…….

  25. Thanks for all the support on the big stage , now keep the hot juice on the ball and play the lines not the player , hitting straight down the lines is a must,, that's hitting over the highest part of the net, practice that a lot.

  26. What about all the other good young black girls. Oh , i know. She's ugly like Venus and ESPN wants to play the race card

  27. Hype train derailed. Now the players will be after her, and it's going to get a LOT harder. Good luck, kid. You're going to need it.

  28. Goal driven put you in a different realm. It's like being saved and truly living the life of God beliefs …..

  29. CoCo is 1 whom has to be watched for the future she has so many great potentials when it comes to tennis ? also she is so polite poised and so intelligent. God bless stay prayed up. DPitts. I wish her well. DPitts

  30. Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams are a disgrace, they are a disastrous example to young Blacks because none of them date Black men, they hate the race that's given them the genitics to be where they are. The sooner they disappear from the stage the better. Real Blacks don't relate to the Williams because they don't vote with their people. And please don't bring mixed kids to us calling them Black, they are not Black since hardly any of them marry Blacks anyway. No Black take the Williams seriously, they are a joke and a disgrace. If the Williams want to be taken seriously by Blacks they have to marry Blacks and have Black children then real Blacks can relate to them, at the moment they are just fake.

  31. Sickening how they get away with passing these men off as women, thats what Serena meant ,both fucken men taking advantage of beating real women. This shit has to stop. That thing is a man, no damn 15 yr. girld Obama , another fucken dude.

  32. I am so proud of my black sisters who have endured this country and its very bad habits and still shine like the stars in the sky Venus and Serena Williams have literally lead the path for greatness to come and they are being well served by their contributions to the tennis world and when they step down whenever they step down they know that they have opened up the gates 4 Black Girls Rocking and the Black Gurl Excellence also Grace and Womanhood. Only black women no and understand what we have gone through and what we go through in this country and when any of us reach the platform of greatness that the Williams sisters has it is for them to take a humongous BOW!

  33. I also just want to take a pause to recognize the Mothers of the Williams sisters and Coco Grauff.
    I know personally that the greatness that mothers put into their children but mothers don't get the recognition and I just want to give recognition to their mothers because these are real black women and they are proud to be black woman and they will raise to shine and are shiny and they are very much lady in a culture when being a young lady is almost unheard of. You have real Role Models being overshadowed by cardi B the Kardashians Nicki Minaj you know the other entertainment set and they are not role models for up-and-coming young women

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