Tennis Tactics Singles Strategy Guide – Frame-by-Frame Analysis

Tennis Tactics Singles Strategy Guide – Frame-by-Frame Analysis

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– Hi Jeff Salzenstein here,
founder of Tennis Evolution, one of the leaders in
online tennis instruction, and in this video today we’re gonna show a match between two senior
players, north of 45 years old. One guy is in his mid 50s,
the other guy is over 45. Actually played both
theses guys on the tour way back in the day. Got Oren Motevassel on
this side, he’s a lefty, he’s small, he’s crafty, he strings his racket at about 35 pounds,
likes to massage the ball. We’re gonna take you
through a point situation, showing you how he plays smart tennis. Now if you enjoy this video
today, give us a thumbs up, make sure that you turn
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so you can get updated on all the latest lessons. Really excited to help you out with singles strategy in this video today. And here we go, Orin with the serve, and I want you to notice even his stance, one thing with serve I want to point out, I’m gonna do a little bonus tip here, look how high his racket
is as he releases the ball. I think the racket should
lag a little bit more, he’s got a pretty good shoulder turn, but notice how his tossing
arm doesn’t go straight up. That’s a big disadvantage for him. Probably got some compensation
with his shoulder. Not a great racket
drop, this hand is above the elbow slightly so
he’s probably got some restrictions in his body that’s keeping him from serving the way he wants, and he also has no pronation either. So we’ve got some real
things we can improve with Orin’s serve, and
that’s just bonus content we’re giving you from this video. So the point starts, and he gets a ball right here. Now this is a guy again that likes to take the ball early, likes to massage, and watch him just massage
the ball down the line. Now I want you to just notice the target, like this is not even
close to the sideline, so even though he went down the line, he’s not going for a big winner there. Okay, and you’ll notice how he’s staying on the baseline, he’s
extending on that backhand, and look where he plays that ball, he plays it through the middle. Great location with this ball here, he’s not gonna get hurt. Same thing, right through
the middle of the court. Notice again, look he’s just
playing through the middle, and a lot of people say,
well he’s just pushing. Okay so now he goes cross court, but he goes cross court
and he’s still not close to the sidelines, there’s
a lot of patience, there’s a lot of consistency, and again here he is, look
at this ball right here, he’s gonna go back through the middle. So look at this spot right
here he’s hitting it to. This guy knows how to play
tennis, he’s experienced, he doesn’t have huge weapons
but again look at this ball right through the middle. This is early in the match, he’s not trying to do too much. Right through the middle. Okay now that one he
miss hit a little bit, and he hits a nice angle so that angle is probably by mistake. He probably tried to
hit through the middle, and he caught a little bit early. Look at that, that lands right here. I mean everything’s through
the middle of the court. He finally opens up on
one, look at that one, look how he lets go, that’s pretty odd on the two-hander but
he creates good angle with that shot. And he takes that ball early, but look not even close to the sideline. He’s hit several balls now. Comes up, even that ball still look at this ball right here, the moral of the story is he’s not playing close to the sideline,
look where that ball lands. A lot of club players are
missing these shots, wide. Now he gets lobbed, ends
up losing this point, but the point I want to make is how safe his target, this is the first point of his game. How safe his targets
are, he’s playing through the middle of the court, and this is what I want you to do early in matches, play through
the middle of the court, have big targets, you can
still swing aggressively, and play smart tennis. Alright I hope you enjoyed today’s video about playing smart tennis, about playing through the
middle more, not pressing. Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and also makes sure
again you’re subscribed, and your notifications are turned on. If you want to improve
your singles strategy I’ve got a free gift for you. There are three singles
strategy myths that most players are making, click the link in the description below, or somewhere in this video. We’ll get you those three myths that you can learn along with solutions to help you play smarter tennis. Really excited to help you out, and thanks for joining
us on this video today.

4 thoughts on “Tennis Tactics Singles Strategy Guide – Frame-by-Frame Analysis”

  1. Singles strategies myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your tennis strategy potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you?

  2. The opponent may have won the first battle but if all points are this extended, he likely loses the war. Great stuff, SS Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff, long time no talk! I think this strategy is good if the opponent lacks consistency or if the opponent can't hurt you. I can't help but think that some of these safe shots would be mistakes against a stronger opponent though.

    E.g. 1) At 3:19, he gets pulled wide into the doubles alley and hits the ball down the line, straight to the opponent. The opponent is completely balanced and could have easily ripped it crosscourt for a winner.
    2) At 3:28, he gets pulled all the way to the singles sideline and into the net. He hits it straight to the opponent crosscourt. The opponent could have easily hit a backhand drive down the line for a winner.

    What do you think? Should we play more aggressively against stronger opponents who can hurt you when they're balanced?

  4. Jeff, would love to see your comments on the game of WTA player Hsieh Su-Wei: Thanks

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