100 thoughts on “Thai cave rescue: Live coverage of boys soccer team rescue operation from Thailand cave”

  1. One thing that I think that the media has glossed over is that while these boys are not experienced at all in swimming, they were in great physical shape before the incident. They played the grueling game of football/soccer and in addition had a lot of experience cycling and hiking prior to this, don’t know how in shape the one kid who wasn’t on the team (friend of the goalkeeper) was. Also it’s also fortunate that the assistant coach was a former monk who has experience with meditation which undoubtedly helped keep the kids calm and aid in not using up more oxygen than necessary. Go Wild Boars! The world is rooting for you!

  2. These young men are so skinny! I hope they are fed much soon! God is holding back the rain so hallelujah!

  3. Love You Thailand & Praying for the divers & the boys safe rescue & everyone that's helping on the sidelines,

  4. Go…….Wild Boars!……..very well said!…….Good Vibes sent your way!……..you WILL MAKE IT.!

  5. I join my prayers with all the other millions that are believing God for the safe rescue of each and every young man out of that cave in Thailand, and for divine protection to be over and around the entire rescue team, and that the rain and flooding would be reversed and abated, in Jesus' name. Amen!!!

  6. I am so sad about the death of one rescue diver. I am hoping for the best conditions possible and every lucky break for all involved.

  7. I am moved by the tremendous coming together of others from around the globe to assist in the rescue of these 12 brave individuals. There is hope in humanity. Love for one another can move mountains.

  8. It's kind of ridiculous. They said the kids were flown to the hospital and yet earlier they said they were driven in ambulances. They weren't flown there they were driven and ambulances. I'm sure the helicopters are at the site in case someone is in more serious condition.

  9. come on Thai guys! You are strong people! be safe! come out!!!!!! praying for you minute by minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What do they do with the trapped peoples waste? Do not laugh I am serious. Contaminated water with human waste can cause serious health problems.

  11. Prayer of all the boys and coach along with the rescuer whoever engaged in this rescue operation. God Bless Then, from India

  12. the most complicated and risky rescue operation in the history since monsoon will still last for months. It would be more difficult now. the hole is so narrow and even has zero visibie due to muddy coffee colored water. Keepsafe everyone. From Philippines 😃

  13. Atheists believe in the good and negative forces in the universe. When more and more people show care and concern for the boys, the coach and the rescuers, positive forces are drawn towards them. The weather will become fine and the rescue mission will go well. It is human's loving-kindness and compassion that make the world a better place, not a schizophrenic, violent, sadistic, cruel deity who massacred innocent people with his wrath, not sparing pregnant women, children, babies and innocent animals with flood and fires (as recorded in the holy bible) and with all kinds of 'natural' disasters to punish 'sinners' to make them recognise him, instead of appearing physically before humans and healing all cancer, kidney, AIDS, Down Syndrome, paralysed patients so that people will realise he is the true god.

  14. This situation has evoked every human emotion there is. And now I want to thank God for this miracle. But it's more than a miracle. It's countless humans performing seemingly impossible tasks. And all for love. Multi nations coming together in the name of love. If only the whole world could do this.

  15. Hi LCDH, I apologize for my comment. I just hope they come out safely. I am not sure if you are upset? I won’t comment much. Thanks for your advice.

  16. Sadly former Thai Navy SEAL Samarn Kunan, 38, perished while assisting with rescue efforts. Gave all to save others.

  17. Lord you said what ever I should ask you in your mighty name shall be done !!! I ask before keep all boys safe while swimming and being rescued from that cave.

    Let your well be done now Lord "
    These are your children Lord"
    They need your protection right now!

    This is my prayer before you lord.

  18. if this happen to me in america id tell them to leave me because the ambulance bill would be millions.

  19. The combined efforts of many prayers will surely be heard by God. He can easily keep the rains at bay for a time so the rescue can go forward.

  20. Praying for the successful extraction of the remaining boys from the cave. God bless the divers and the boys as they get out of the cave.

  21. Great!
    Remember the story of ants during the period prophet soloman (pbuh). We are creature of rank above to ants, definitely we share safety concern of all our brother n. Our hearts of and minds are with you youngsters, coach and whoever working for safe exit.

    "O my Lord! so order me
    That I may be grateful
    For Thy favours, which Thou
    Hast bestowed on me and
    On my parents, and that
    I may work the righteousness
    That will please Thee:
    And admit me, by Thy Grace,
    To the ranks of Thy
    Righteous Servants."

  22. Some heroes wear cape
    In this case they wear oxygen tank.
    On behalf of Thai people we’re very grateful for all international help. 🙏 thank you thank you

  23. So that coward coach got out before the boys? Malnutrition? They have been sending the food in now. Give me a break.

  24. Also from UK !! …. Get home for the World they are routing for you … Well done the rescuers …. we pray for the last 5 to be rescued safe and sound also

  25. They said the coach was out and this news cast said he's still in the cave more fake misinformed jew news. Getcha facts straight.

  26. Explain to me how they can get a fully operational camera crew in there but can't get them all out?🤔

  27. This is great, when the wold stand together nothing is impossble. we are still praying till last soul comes out. GOD BLESS THE RESCUERS

  28. Can't they use an aquascooter? Is pretty small and at least they must not swim all along the cave. Is just a suggestion. I really hope they will be saved as fast as possible

  29. this coach really wants the world cup next time , tough training , doing a set piece in a cave wow. joking apart tho these kids have hard lives ,they don't deserve to drown in a cave , get em out seal people ,you will be doing something good

  30. It's all the coach's fault to have led the boys into the cave DESPITE THE WARNING PRINTED ON THE CAVE ENTRANCE! The coach should be left there inside the cave not to be rescued, or if he is to be rescued put him in jail afterwards.

  31. God Bless everyone that has pulled this off this is NOT A EASY TASK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. …they are all supermen..god bless the divers! they are all heroes …Best regards and wishes to succeed in their heroic attempt..Best regards to the rescue team,boys and their families from Serbia!

  33. Prayers from Canada. I hope all the young boys and their coach make it out safe and they recover quickly from their ordeal. They are all extremely brave.

  34. Wtf was a soccer team doing in a cave wtf the coach was probably taking them in that cave to do wired stuff damn heathens

  35. I don't get why they stop the operations for the night, if they're in a hurry for incoming storms. I mean, there's no night and day inside a cavern, and they can surely manage shifts both inside and outside.

  36. Great work from world volunteers to save 12 kids. Pity Israelis keep killing stone throwing kids and detaining protesting Palestinian kids in jail.

  37. i’m sorry how stupid does one have to be to have the bright idea to go deep in this cave?! yes this is the coach’s fault and he should be prosecuted but these boys are not little kids! 16 years old? they didn’t know better? something is not right there…

  38. THE WICKED TRUTH ABOUT 12 SOCCER PLAYERS TRAPPED IN A CAVE IN THAILAND… https://hooktube.com/watch?v=wbg5FYvrTq8 Thailand Cave – Boys Trapped Garbage!!!…. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=rwsxEfseb78

  39. Brings goosebumps. A big salute to the divers from around the world who volunteered to put their life at risk to help people they don't know. Love from India

  40. God has answered our prayers! Thank you Lord!! Hats off to all hands that helped with this massive and complicated mission. God will bless each and everyone of you ! Go Wild Boars!!!

  41. This would have made a great movie if at least 2 or-three of the boys had died. But since they all survived we know the ending. So it's boring.

  42. How much chips and soda did the coach bring , too make such a difference in their health ? So the kids had one bag and soda that wouldn't have lasted no more than a day or two , meaning they went 7 – 9 days with No Food ! Something doesn't add up like no squinting in first video after " 9 days in total darkness "

  43. All the rescuers and assistants in the rescue team for the children and the coach deserve to be heroes and to present this story to Hillwood production film. The name of the death cave will also be changed to the name of the diver who sacrificed his life to save the children trapped in the cave.

  44. It’s such a great thing that all people are safe here in 2019 but so sad that one of the rescuers were was a casualty 😥I watched the whole story just a minute ago

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