The Art of Freestyle Wrestling | Faster Higher Stronger

The Art of Freestyle Wrestling | Faster Higher Stronger

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The basic rules in wrestling is you get two points [for] a takedown? You get two points for a turn and the goal is [to] ultimately either pin your opponent Shoulder-Blades to the mat or make sure at the end of the six minutes that you have more points on the board than he does Your big center area that’s that’s the mat that’s my office. That’s my business. That’s where I go to work at The big thing is I want to control that [center] because if you get pushed out you stepped out You’re giving up a point every [time] now what makes it a lot of fun is sometimes you know you’re gonna get going sometimes you play that edge of the mat and You know you step out, but sometimes you’re right of the edge You can redirect [the] time so it’s a combo of kind of like sumo wrestling while I’m trying to take you down within those diameter of the wrestling mat Well greco-roman wrestling you can only use attacks from the waist up. You’re not allowed to use [your] legs to kick the trip I’m not allowed to attack the legs and if their freestyle is the whole body The big difference is is one you’re using a lot more throws a lot more strength It’s a lot harder to [get] takedowns and [just] turn somebody with Greco because you can only attack half the body But in freestyle you have a lot more to attacks, but then again you also have a lot more to defend So wrestling is your physical development your technical development? And then your mental approach on the [mat] a wrestle needs all three things to be successful And you can’t say that one of those things are more important than the other a full rounded wrestler is somebody who? Can run faster than a Sprinter run longer than a distance runner is more agile than a gymnast? We are everything combined into the hardest and oldest sport in the world We’re using everything when I hit a double leg on somebody to take somebody down that starts with getting my feet in the mat I’m using my arms [to] pull you in I’m using my hips and my core and my legs [are] drive up and through and then I’m using my Agility to come back down and control on top of you wrestling is using my body to control your body Wrestling is physical chess and what I like about wrestling is you don’t have to wait your turn So I can attack attack attack attack attack and again in chess you have different strategies And you know some people are more defensive some people are more offensive, so it really depends on you But the greatest thing about the sport is any style can end up winning the match So you win a match either by pinning your opponent which is getting their shoulder blades to touch the mat and holding them there? with control or you can win a match by having more points at the end of the six minutes, so Again you score your [points] off of takedowns You score your [points] off occurrence, and you score your points off of like throws and counters in wrestling the ultimate goal is the pin you get the pin that ends the match if You’re winning eight nothing and you get pinned you still lose the match that ends the match That’s like killing the king and chest. There’s also a tech fall, so if you’re down by 10 points the match is over It’s kind of like the 10-run rule in baseball So my favorite thing about wrestling is you’re imposing your will against the other guy Again, he’s strong. He’s fast [he] knows technique But then a lot of times it comes down to this So – ever wants it more whoever can really impose their will on the other person you

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  1. After this video, I'm 90% convinced that the IOC is biased towards Iran and wants Iran to lose. This is because in every single clip showed, IRAN was the loser. This is pathetic on the International Olympic committees part, because IRAN is actually the home of wrestling and is the most powerful country in terms of wrestling.

  2. I do free style wrestling in 9th grade i also do track and have 31.1secs in 200 meter in wrestling I am matched with a kid who has done wrestling all his life but I am equal in skill even though I have only wrestled for 2 years

  3. Should be so much more wrestling clubs
    Seems its only very accessible for Americans and Russians
    In Aus wrestling clubs are hard to find

  4. Wrestling is harder than Fighting Even in junior high and High school the practices are some of most physically intense things I've experienced

  5. Wrestling is the best sport ever…i wrestled all through high school and did greco and freestyle for a year after…it builds life long character. I always enjoyed watching the "Top" athletes in other sports try out wrestling conditioning and puke.

  6. A wrestler can run faster than a sprinter, longer than a long distance runner, more agile than a gymnast.. LOL 😆 I don't think he realises what a Sprinter, Long distance runner and Gymnasts are capable of..!!!

  7. Im 16 and i love grappling, ive been doing since 10 and recently got into BJJ, really wanted to try FTW but there arent any gyms in the area

  8. Everyone who doesn't like wrestling has to go up to the blackboard and write a 100 times ''I WILL NOT BE A WRESTLEPHOBIC'' . WRESTLEPHOBIC is my term of people who despise the sport and who has to understand that wrestling was man's 1st sport, not basketball, baseball, and not football to which without wrestling you would not have YOUR favorite sport.

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