The Boxing Guard – How to Box (Quick Video)

The Boxing Guard – How to Box (Quick Video)

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Sneak In this session we are going to talk about the guards Okay, there’s loads of different styles but I’ll try and give 2 or 3 different ones today. You can have the high guard which is where the hands nice and high so you just have the punches coming in you can have a low-ish guard which is about from here you can also have a body guard, which comes across with your chin down and your elbow tucked in. okay so, for instance if you’re in close you really want your guard high because if you’re head up close you’re going to get caught with punches so you want to keep your hands nice and high and be able to throw your punch and bring it straight back throw your punch and bring it straight back so, again if a left hook comes in you want to try to block that punch okay you’ve also got to remember if its a body punch coming in, you’ve got to block it with your elbows it’s very important don’t be too wide, some people stand like this that gives you a wide open target to the body okay, so if you keep your elbows tucked in, not too far hunched over because you’re not going to be comfortable like that, some people do but I don’t think it’s comfortable I’d rather be relaxed okay, you see the punch coming, you either block to the head or block to the body block to the head, block to the body You’ve got a feel natural with it and the only way of doing it is by practice Okay in this demonstration we’re going to show 3 different defences of the guard the first one being the high guard, so someone coming in with hooks, we’re going to stop them like this someone comes in lower with body punches again, you get your elbows tucked in and there’s something else what I would call a Mayweather who’s perfected this art tucks he’s elbow in there, so his body is all protected and his shoulders tucked in there so if I’m punching over the top boom, boom, hooks, hooks and he’s very good at defending himself

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  1. Mr.Carr,too me you are the best at teaching,and you are a very great boxer.I enjoy all your video,and would love to meet you someday,I want to be a Champ like you someday .

  2. As a follow up to this video tutorial we've just published a new in depth article about the Top 5 Boxing Guards you should be learning. I'm sure it will be helpful to your training. You can check it out here – Cheers, Corney.

  3. Thank you for this I used to have a wierd kind of guard where i put my thumbs towards my head instead of the other fingers

  4. Today I just fighted with a guy what doesn't know to do any guard or something,he just punched like a animal anywhere ,He didn't hit me ,but now I am scarred,I was to scarred to attack him because he anytime can to punch me in head then I was down.He didn't defeated me,but now I am scarred,What can I do to avoid a punch like this? Pls help me

  5. I want to start boxing, and I'm 18. I've never been in a fight, and their are no boxing gyms in my area. I don't have much room for any equipment at my house, so I I don't really know where to start. Any advice and suggestions?

  6. The high guard is great in Boxing both for beginners because they're gonna be most afraid of eating punches before they learn to slip properly and for swarmers who like to walk down and throw punches in bunches at guys from very close range, I'm into MMA and what I believe is a new type of guard or rather a revisited concept from other traditional arts including both modern boxing and it's bareknuckle predecessor is that of an active guard , because of the small gloves and open palm feature blocking,catching and parrying punches changes a bit, and head movement becomes even more integral , so you have to keep your hands moving because you don't have the gloves to help protect you, it's just a bit of a gamechanger is all as well as having kicks elbows knees and grappling to contend with it's why despite the fact I love using the high guard it's very difficult to utilise in MMA, all that being said this channel and your website are great, really break things down into terms everyone can understand top quality Boxing instruction

  7. I read a boxing tip when I bought my first pair of everlast gloves . It said to touch your eyebrows with the edges of your gloves now and then just to get in the habit of not dropping your guard . 50 years later it still works for me. At age 60 my arms get very tired . But I practice to stay in shape .The only drawback is don't let your opponent drive your own gloves in to your face

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