The Boxing Stance – How to Box (Quick Video)

The Boxing Stance – How to Box (Quick Video)

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Sneak In this session we’re going to talk a little bit about the stance There’s two different stances There’s the orthodox, which is the left foot forward and your right foot to the back Just a little bit wider than your shoulders nice and steady and have a little bit of bend in your knees. You can also go southpaw if you are left-handed you’d go the opposite way round so your right hand would be in front and your left hand at your jaw. You want to be able to distribute the weight weight from one leg to the next. So, back, front, back, front. I’m an orthodox, so I’m going to go this way. So nice and easy, okay. and what I like to do the way I like to see it a lot of people when they stand they’re a little bit like this It’s a little bit un-natural to stand like that so if you can like kick a ball what I like the do kick a ball like this that means your feet are in the right direction if they’re like this, you’ll kick the back of your foot because it’s more natural to be a little bit like this so, if you’re more to the side knees bent then you’re more comfortable you can push back off the front foot and forward off the back foot back and front, and time!

13 thoughts on “The Boxing Stance – How to Box (Quick Video)”

  1. excellent1 video thank you for sharing. can i ask it's of the topic of this video but it is still stance can i ask you if its your expertise also,i notice no one show the the cus de amato peek a boo stance the proper stance body position,foot and how low it should be thank you again hope more video to come god bless peace

  2. Hi Emma. Thanks for the comment. I'll put the Peek-a-Boo stance on the list. Perhaps we can do it in next batch of videos. We've got the 2nd part of the 'How to Box' videos coming up in September. Best wishes, Corney.

  3. thank you kindly looking forward thanks for taking your time for that be checking your channel for new updates god bless.

  4. This is a fantastic video! I've recently taken up boxing, and I want to work on me stance. Thanks for showing me the way to do it, I have the feeling I was too straight. Now I can practice before going to the gym. Thank you for the video

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