The fight is for life in India’s oldest Wrestling club | Can’t Stay Down

The fight is for life in India’s oldest Wrestling club | Can’t Stay Down

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I came here in 1998. Only 12 to 13 years old, I weighed 42kg. My uncle Ramesh Mor,
who was a wrestler himself, brought me here. He gave his blessings, saying I’ll become
an ace wrestler. (LOCAL WRESTLING CLUB,
DELHI, INDIA) Guru Hanumanji established
this akhara in 1928. This is India’s
premier wrestling club. Boys come from
distant places to train here and become
international wrestlers. About 70 to 80 boys live here
in the akhara. An akhara teaches traditional
and modern wrestling styles. It is incomplete
without its mud. There are strict rules
and regimen to adhere to. If we break them, we are
disciplined with a stick. Flattening the mud,
log pulling, running, digging and rope climbing
are all a part of our training. We do over 100 push-ups
and swing heavy clubs as part of
our everyday routine. You aren’t allowed
to get tired. Our guru used to say, “If you
miss practice even for a day, “then wrestling will leave you
a week behind,” in preparation for match day. Wrestling requires following
a substantial diet and includes food like
pulses, bread, butter, milk and almonds. We are taught to do
our own cooking. Sometimes, wrestlers
can’t even afford food. We always help each other out. We leave our homes behind
when we come here but every wrestler is a brother and our coach is
a father figure. Even though we are a family, on the mud, we are competitors. There is a constant fear
of career-ending injury, but if we accept defeat then how can we call
ourselves wrestlers? I’ve got my identity
because of this club. This is my world now. I was a kid when I first
came here, just like Sudama. Didn’t realise
the passage of time. When I first came here,
I didn’t understand anything. The first few days, my heart
wasn’t in it, and I would cry. After a couple of weeks,
I started liking it. I want to compete in
the heavyweight category, like our senior wrestler,
Rajiv Tomar, who competed in the Olympics. While I am a little weak
in studies, I know all the rules of Greco-Roman
and freestyle wrestling. All of us wake up at 4am
to go running and train hard all day. We don’t get any breaks. I was a complete novice
in the beginning. Then our coach had us train
on mat. The Dhobi Pachad manoeuvre,
which I learnt on mud, is what I make use of
on the mat. I love training on the mat. This mat is going to take me
to the Olympics. It is my dream to win gold
at the Olympics. (..HAS PRODUCED SOME OF

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  1. कुछ जातियो का कब्ज़ा है कुस्ति में, साले हुनरमंद को कभी आगे नही आने देते. न खुद जीतते है ना किसी ऐसे को आने देते जो जीत सके.

  2. Corrupted Olympics. We all know you guys are going to judge in favor of the home country or the next host.

  3. ये dumbass rusi मादरचोद अपने देश के हर वीडियो में प्रचार करने आ जाते है, साला कुश्ती हो या अपने देश का बाघ
    मीडिया ने सालो को क्या थोड़ा भाव दे दिया उड़ने लग गए
    हमारी कुश्ती परंपरा तब से चल रही है जब तुहरे सिबेररियन टट्टे ठण्ड में जमे हुए थे
    these mofos suffer from some sort of complex

  4. For those that don't know; wrestling on the mats you score points even if your front, bum or side hits the mat while akhara wrestling you must pin them down on the back of their neck and shoulders.

  5. We are always forget the contributions of wrestlers in Olympics games.they are going for win medals but we are indian give more preference to the cricketers and they cry on the defeat of indian team but we didn't cheer them on any occasion. So i will convince to those please give your atleast 20 % contribution towards wrestling. Because they are not play for themselves rather then they play for their nation.

  6. Everything is great. Indian kusthi pehelwan should avoid 6 pack abs.. Thats not traditional. Pehelwan actually need a wider tummy for traditional wrestling because opponent cannot wrap arms completely around the waiste

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