The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

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He’s looking forward to this match To see whether Saive will have any jawbreaking action during the match I’m totally excited European players are better at receiving “heavy” strikes are they going to spin around? they’re going to do it! it was so close he even had it all planned out If the last point was IN just now they probably are really going to spin around a little door for convenience “I don’t wanna jump over it.” I’m just going to walk over it later The judge doesn’t appreciate it Saive was like ”Could you please make it back to how it was just now?” …I want this to remained opened He’s warming up so that he could make a proper jump later Ah… It was close though He’s like “Why aren’t you hitting harder?” …why are you hitting it so softly come on, hit it harder “My fault, my fault” … for not meeting your expectation It’s not easy to entertain the audience and playing it at the same time

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  1. i closed my eyes as someone recommended, and it suddenly became an intercourse event and when someone comes the audience applauds …

  2. Wait can anyone explain why in ping pong and tennis and stuff they always hit like right to the person or the same side? like for example, at 0:43, why can't he just hit a line shot? or is it illegal as it doesn't pass the plane of the net?

  3. Thats unbeliveble… fuuny loosing.. i like BOTH… because… They playing TOGEHTER!!!! //// Unglaublich schönes verlieren… so macht Sport SPASS!!!! Würde allene wegen DIESEM Spot wieder anfangen mit "meinem" ERZFEIND "Lego" die sache auszuführen 🙂

  4. Dude. The Chinese need to loosen up more.
    There should be more people like Saive in China.
    China has very little sense of humor compared to countries that are equally as powerful.
    They know what to laugh at, but can't initiate laughter. It's depressing

  5. I remember seeing this a few ears back due to the algorithm now it’s back… again, this was what got me int watching snooker different sport but screw it. Still always fun to watch this though XD

  6. You ever want to teach your kids about good sportsmanship and having fun even while competing, this is the video to show them!

  7. The only question appears in my mind:
    Is it really happening in a tournament?
    If this happens then Messi and Ronaldo dancing in a World Cup is also possible 🤔

  8. 是那時候的公開賽~~~~

  9. One of the best "ping-pong" matches I've ever seen… I can't call it table tennis because they were both playing around and that made it fun instead of serious. I loved it and want to see more matches like this¡! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Просмотрел целиком, это лучший тенис, который когда либо видел, и худший день для судий))

  11. This is similar to watching John McEnroe playing Henri Leconte in tennis exhibition matches, Leconte well known for being a joker on court.

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