The Grand Finals 2015 TOP 10

The Grand Finals 2015 TOP 10

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The Grand Finals were incredibly intense and exciting. The event gave the world our new League champions, and loads of cool, breathtaking and spectacular moments. Here are 10 of the best. There’s just a one-in-a-thousand chance that the arty can pull off a victory in a losing battle, but DYADOR is one lucky guy. Dyador comes in with the big gun! – Come on, he’s got him.
– Will he connect with the shot? – Yes he does!
– Oooh! There are places on Himmelsdorf where you shouldn’t go, unless you want to experience the focus fire of Virtus.PRO first hand. And they’ve been spotted as well. Elevate’s plan is now up, they now need to… Oh GeeForcer, look at that damage! 1.4k, but he’s down. You don’t give up, even when your tank is coming apart at the seams. But it takes a lot of skill to cause as much trouble right to the end as eAlien did. Ealien_ now 2 v 1 Uralfish_ finds Cowthief, Kazna from afar just gifting Ealien_ kill after kill, he’s dancing, he’s buying time. He’s got 1.2k damage, and look at that positioning, making it hard work. That is STUNNING work. Coming in, Ealien_ finally goes down. JustCaus keeps up the fight, even when the vehicle could fall apart from even the sound of a shot. JustCauz, Coca_Cola and koreetz still alive in this. Kirill is so low now, down to a one-shot. JustCauz rammed. Look at this HP, oooh! JustCauz takes him down, and now just LeBwa. There’s a reason why, in Hollywood movies the bomb is always defused at the last second. The players from SC6 got to experience the same pressure. Ten seconds left. They can’t afford to stick around. Nine They’ve got to get in the cap. – Eight.
– They know. Six This is like Rugby. They are ramming them to stop them getting into the cap. – Oh look at that.
– Three! Two! One! *both* Somebody… – Oh, it’s a reset! It’s a reset!
– It’s a double reset! Punch through the armor causing a ton of damage? You know how unreliable the T49’s gun is. Still, when you see WHAT Just Creat1ve can do with it… you start believing in miracles. Oooh, finally a big hit. Eight hundred, one thousand, one thousand one hundred. It’s a one-shot. JustCreat1ve one-shots Coca_Cola. The MT-25 doesn’t live for long, but just watch how koreetz uses every bit of his tank’s durability to help his team. Statik is in such a dangerous position. He is overmatched. He is all alone. This is a dangerous place to be. koreetz’ taken a lot though, and maybe he can get a bit of damage done here. Statik going very low… that’s gonna be one for free almost. Break_neck picks him up, but we gotta see where they can take it from now. A tier VI light tank in a battle with Tier VIII vehicles should provide support. Apparently that would be too boring for Monti. Oh Nightmare is really in trouble here, look how low he is, down to two HP. Monti makes light work of that, and now looking more… blood at this moment. It’s gonna be Reflection next down. What do you do when there’s three of you facing five world champions? Wake the champion spirit inside you! Just like Hellraisers. Hellraisers have absolutely no answer. Anatolich will just have to reverse, but you’ll see Straik_ now get into his own. Let’s see if there’s anything that can turn this around. Big players still up here, two kills back-to-back, as we do see a couple of tanks holding on for dear life. Neskwi going around the backside but Straik_ strikes again but DYADOR stands tall. It’s a 2 v 2 out of nowhere, and Straik_ is so low! DYADOR can do this if he lands a shell! Game on now! Angel_Killer 1 v 2, Hellraisers might have just turned this around. Na’Vi were in control, but can they finish the job? Angel_killer gets one, but he’s down!!! The best moment of the Grand Finals is not just a spectacle, but a combination: A desperate situation, some incredible luck, and of course the skill of lolwo! An outstanding player so far, he’s gonna have to step-up for his team, lock it down deny this. But oh, he’s being caught out early, he does peek out first, lovely reaction shot there. This will be a big round, the spot comes out, the turret turns, he gets the first… ooooh! He wrecked the ram!

25 thoughts on “The Grand Finals 2015 TOP 10”

  1. so boring gameplay at this tiers with almost same tanks,  its the best evidence for that unbalancing game

  2. My favourite moment was V.Pro vs NaVi on steppes and similiar situation with base capture happened.

  3. Remove Gold  rounds.

    Why its no skill whatsoever everyone that load ther tank with gold rounds easily pen everything and ….well it sucks .

    Think the league wuld be more fun if it whas skill based not gold round pen based no aiming just dam autoaim.

  4. Jesus… they call this top gameplay?? I rofld when they said "quick reaction shot". if you want to see people beast the keyboard/mouse look at cs. any iteration of counter strike shits on this game. taking a ducking second to get a reflex shot is pathetic. if money is involved, I think I just found an easy way to earn cash.

  5. Back when WOT was a great game of all time 🙁 now everyone is board because not so many maps

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