The Grind Ep2: Something special

The Grind Ep2: Something special

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so we’ve been married for about two
years now I had come downstairs get a drink if I can get her out of water and
then actually doing walks by having rush as a state let me go doesn’t really eat
breakfast team brain ahead beautiful morning actually we just have created a
really good culture at this house there’s a few values and we both morning
to the values there’s a few values that we try to live by and each state which
they have to make these caps have been accounts yeah start appraisin so this
was good to save right again yeah speaking to society on Friday his I
really nervous for Monday yes I really nervous even though he’s like one of the
fittest guys just go to the G online and have a biggie
you know the the team that they’ve got around those trees the what the team are
in those trees show you’re out there I – no that’s fall so people can’t climb
isn’t it I’m Commissioner its to stop Allen TVs climbing up the porcelain
hopefully we get a few South Australians get on your scout under the wing before
we get someone who’d just slide it’s just it’s like us just legends jakers
that’s gonna be me on the scooters love that means him and getting scooters
battle walking to our job back voice most of you have been in already for the
last week and a half and or longer and of and I’ve got the ball rolling but
sooner you go through a few slides for you just to be clear about how we’re
gonna go about the preseason and how we’re going to go about their season in
2018 the thing for me is and the thing that I’ve realized in my existence is
I’ve given I’ve cared too much about what other people think at times and I
reckon sometimes we can fall into that I don’t know I know I do if you don’t well
then that’s great individually but as a as a club I don’t give a about the other
17 clubs I really don’t because if we do what we do and we come together and we
play a game style and we impose that and then we go and execute it and you each
can play a real import we’ll each play a really important role in that and staff
players I’d mean everyone everyone the environment will play an important part
in that coach has got an idea and how we’re going to coach it but you guys are
going to have got to go and do it and feel it and then be able to execute it
and then be able to answer around the challenges they’re gonna be throwing at
it but I’m looking forward to that not everyone would have seen this this quote
but it was definitely part of their GreenEDGE dokko that we watched towards
the end of last year and this comment was from one of their old heads he was
the guy that packed up all these worldly belongings put it on a put on a trailer
on the back of his bike and then just drive around ride around Europe for six
months just searching for meaning looking for where he belonged pretty
brave thing to do but he’s obviously got some perspective this play but the two
things that stick out a tear for me is connectedness and we want to be a part
of something special how to chat to flip last week talking
about that round 23 game we want it and there’s no doubt we felt this personally
boys as the year went on last year I felt this more and more because within
myself I’m questioning where I fit whether I’m a value whether I’m
connected enough whether I feel like I was contributing as much as I want to
was i listening too much to what was going on outside year was but as soon as
I let that go and come back to you boys I’ve felt a whole lot better about what
I was doing and what I was a part of and I believe that we can be a part of
something special I reckon this group is something special but we’ve just got to
believe it a little bit more I think the way that the players have
come back is has been fantastic they’re really driven when when we had the first
of all year players even those first couple of weeks they were they were
switched on came back in pretty good pretty good condition and a few of the
older boys sort of turned up a lot of the leaders came and and really drove
that I’ve been driving the standard themselves which has been fantastic and
then it’s has just carried on so we’ve always been a club that’s used the
forties pretty much from day one the thing that’s probably a little bit
different at the moment is we’ve sort of jumped straight into into competitive
drills even even a lot of the runnings being competitive pairing up with
someone who play that a similar sort of role to you and and running against
those guys so you’ve just got that you’ve got that competitiveness
straightaway we can only do that if the players are physically capable of doing
it so it’s a credit to them trainings been been a lot of fun and the boys have
been fantastic they’ve come back and they’re working hard really tipping in
so one of the one of the things that sure that Chevy’s trying to implement is
he’s a lot of fun and a different stimulus in a training session so today
the water balloons was was a little bit different the players had no idea I
don’t think they had any idea that were going to do it and so the first couple
of run throughs in the warm-up got the forties out as per normal and heavy sort
of giving us the wink and and away we go and it was on after that it’s actually really good to this flight
warm so when you get a wet shirt and there’s quite funny of it which is it
like all the players and like then Ben Crocker and Julie to go Eli hot money
out your box I watch I get bucks but see they’re a bit scared first um yeah I
don’t know who is the wettest heads it’s probably easiest one to hit gent
oh my humble abode come on in today we’ve come
I suppose it’s probably the halfway mark of my house being built it does feel
like you know when we were design the place and stuff like that it feels like
you have to baby-proof it and like I feel like this is going to be my family
home so it really excited to get in and hopefully get in before the start of flu
season next year or early part of the year so yeah I can’t wait to move in and
have a bit more space and I don’t know if that’s a good thing with Jackson
having all this space this means probably be more mess but so not very
much looking forward to it laundry stairs to get upstairs
utilities lounge room fireplace so I do some of my best work this is the laundry
I do the washing the folding the ironing at our house so hit and tell them I
actually enjoy doing it so 2017 sort of been the best year of my life and also
so you know some disappointments and frustrations and there’s a lot that’s
happened you know obviously Jax’s obviously Alex is pregnant to start with
and Jax was born and then I applied my 250th this year and then broke my finger
thought I’d miss a week and it like missing like basically for the rest of
the season and as I said off the field you know business and then which is
going really well and exciting and then building a house which is so exciting
but at the same time there’s a lot of decisions that need to be made so yeah
we’re just lucky that we’ve got a good team around us here that have helped us
and hasn’t been me and Alex trying to figure it out it’s very foreign to me if
anything it’s probably taking my mind off you know what
my hands and fingers and just given me focuses when I get home that know that
Jax needs to be fed or bath or he was playing with him or you down here and
helping out around here so it’s been enjoyable it wasn’t for these boys
Sebastian and his team at Hardwick billed Co I’d be up you know what Creek so we’re at st. Vincent’s Hospital and Q
here coming into this would be the fourth up on this finger here so first
two were just to correct him suppose get it back going in the last two have just
been removal of the wire so yeah I had a couple of weeks ago I had this pin
removed and today I’m getting a few pins that are in here and a plate I think it
is taken out so it will look a bit better than what it currently looks like
which will be good for the hand modeling career moving forward I’ve broken both
feet both legs both fingers middle fingers it symmetrical I like to keep
things even I hope I don’t have to go under but then I sort of hope I do
because I don’t want to get those needles in me handy in there look don’t
like needles high heels no yes like the feeling will be like a little scratch
that’s what a little scratch feels like give me a spell what originally went on
the x-rays and all that come back that I realized it was a pretty severe broken
finger but I just thought you know like everything else that I’ve had that
within a couple of weeks I’ll be able to get back in place so I suppose that’s
where I was sort of thinking with my finger that once you have surgery can
get back pretty quick but you know it’s quite severe and we wanted to make sure
that not just for football with the rest of my life I’ve got a functioning finger
so yeah be good just to get this done give it five or six days whatever it
needs to recover and then I’ll be able to jump back in to everything cuz it’s
been I think it’s four maybe five months now of sort of constant things. Can’t use this hand, it’s numb.

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