The New GCU Soccer Stadium


(inspirational instrumental music) – Arguably, we’ll be the
best stadium in the country. I can’t think of one, or seen, a collegiate stadium any better. And it really comes to President Mueller with his vision, and his commitment to the sport of soccer. He has invested a great deal of money into making this such a quality event. I can say I’m here because of that. I’m here because of the fact that he wants soccer to
be an important sport. You’ve got a beautiful stadium. Everything that you’re looking
at that stadium is new. Seats, individual seats. And then you have that room where people can just throw a blanket down and be a part of it. And you know that the Havocs group’s going to really embrace this. And we’re already working almost weekly on going out to the community and getting people to be a part of this. It could be one the best atmospheres in collegiate men’s soccer. With that stadium, we’ve been able to attract outstanding talent. We’ve also been able to
attract national contenders throughout the country on our schedule. This summer alone, with the Copa America, we have have teams training on our field. And with that, not only is it going to be a wonderful
opportunity for our players to play on that field,
but it’s for the city. Phoenix now has Grand Canyon
University Soccer Stadium. We are the only Division I
team in the state of Arizona for men’s soccer.

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