The Rules of Floorball – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Floorball – EXPLAINED!

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Ninh explains, the Rules of Floorball
The object of the game is to score more goals than the other team. Floorball, sometimes referred to as Unihockey,
Salibandy or Innebandy is a popular version of hockey in Europe and Asia. Teams consist of five outfield players and
a goalkeeper. The stick resembles an ice hockey stick and
the ball is a perforated ball made of plastic. You are eligible to use both sides of the
stick to pass and shoot the ball. The floor is generally a maximum of 40m x
20m, with goals 160cm wide and 115cm high. The game starts with a faceoff. Once a team has possession of the ball, they
will try to shoot the ball into the goal. To move the ball, you can pass the ball to
a teammate. Or run and control the ball with both sides
of the stick. The defending team will try and take the ball
away from you. Just like field hockey, they are allowed to
make light contact with the ball carrier, but ice hockey style checking is not allowed. Also a player cannot lift the stick of another
player. Unique to Floorball, when playing the ball
– the blade of the stick must not be played above waist height and the ball must not be
played above knee height. Similar to Bandy, the goalkeeper does not
have a stick. He is the only player who is eligible to catch
and throw the ball, but must not handle the ball outside his own goal area. Once a team scores a goal, the ball is then
faced off at the centre spot and the process starts all over again. The game is played in 3 x 20 minute periods,
for a total playing time of 60 minutes. Junior matches are played in 3 x 15 minute
periods. Highest score at the end of time, wins. That’s basically the gist of it, but there’s
a few other things that you need to know before playing or watching Floorball. For example. Substitution. A team can substitute as many players as they
like and at any time. To do this, the player coming off must be
out of the substitution area first before the new player can come on. The goalkeeper can also be substituted for
an attacking player, but this leaves the goal undefended. Free hit. If you break one of the rules that regards
to the stick, or if a ball is deemed unplayable, a free hit may be awarded. The non-offending team can take a free hit
from the spot of the foul. Penalties. If you break one of the rules, a penalty may
be awarded. Just like ice hockey, the penalised player
must serve time in the penalty seat, and the offending team is required to play shorthanded
for a specific amount of time. Minor infractions, such as these incur a two
minute penalty and Major infractions incur a 5 minute penalty. All penalties must be served in full, so the
offending team must play shorthanded until the time of the penalty expires. Time Out
Each team is allowed 1 x 30 second time out to take a break or discuss strategy. Timeouts are usually used towards the end
of the game. Extra Time
If scores are tied after regulation time, an additional 10 minute period will be played
to determine the winner. The team that scores the next goal first … wins. Penalty Shootout
If scores are still tied after extra time, a penalty shootout may be used to determine
the winner. Just like ice hockey, field hockey and bandy,
a player can move the ball towards the goal and try and score one on one against the goalkeeper. The best of 5 shots per team, wins the contest. It might be helpful to check out my videos
on the other versions of hockey, to get a solid grounding of the rules, and to understand
the differences between the sports. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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enjoy Floorball. Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

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  1. Ninh explains – The Rules of Floorball
    A floor-based hockey game, this is an alternative to standard ice hockey and field hockey.
    Elite NHL players swear by this game to help develop soft hands and stick-handling skills.
    Sorry it's taken a while to make this one … ran into numerous copyright issues whilst making it.
    It's a great sport – and an extremely cheap one to start playing.
    Ten points to anyone who noticed what the goalkeeper did?!

  2. Actually the goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball with his hands as long as he has got any part of the body in the goal area, it could be just a foot. Good vids btw

  3. we played a version of this in school a lot, but half of the time we got floorball sticks and the other times field hockey sticks. Now I know where this perforated ball and weird stick come from! Thanks Ninh!

  4. Wow, this is another sport I never heard of until this video (my books on sports rules that I own do not include this sport)- but it seems as exciting as ice hockey does. Bravo, Ninh! 😀

  5. Hey, finally got around to uploading it! Cool.

    Also, congratulations to Toronto FC on winning MLS Cup 2017! I bet you're enjoying that. As a Portland Timbers fan, I couldn't be happier that the Seattle Sounders FC lost.

  6. Great video as always! I remember playing this in gym class as a kid.

    I had no idea it was played professionally. Anyone know where it it is popular/what the big leagues are?

    As someone who played and loved hockey, but skated like Happy Gilmore, it looks like I missed my calling

  7. There are not only 2 and 5 minute penalties, but also 10 minute penalties and ejections. The penalties must be served in full, except for 2 minute penalties, which are cancelled, when the opposing team scores.

  8. I think I might have suggested this one a little while ago. Glad you have a video on it! Love all your videos by the way

  9. You weren’t completely correct with the penalties. A 2 min penalty is interupted by a goal so the player must not maintain in the penalty box if a goal is scored by the opponents.

  10. This game is uncommon in my part of Canada, or I should say this specefic game. We have outdoor hockey courts in my city and the rules are fairly similar, we use a diffrent kind of solid orange ball, we use the same hockey sticks used in ice-hockey (which is just called a hockey stick in canada) the nets are the same size as nhl nets, and we can score goals from above the knee. the goal keeper or goalie as it's more commonly called in canada does have a stick.

  11. Now I would play this over field hockey, just like I would play dodgeball over volleyball… and watch American football over Soccer, but I’m British

  12. Great video Ninh, but you should have shown a penalty being awarded when you talked about penalties. The referee holding his hand up and blowing a strong signal is pretty dramatic.

  13. Nice video about Floorball! Here in Switzerland Unihockey (how it is called here) is really popular. It is the teamsport with the third most licensed players (only Volleyball and Soccer have more) and Switzerland is also quiet successfull: 6x Bronze and 1x Silver at the world championship (our worst position was 5th in 1996) as well as Silver at the World Games 2017 and 2x Bronze at the two European championships.
    Our Women got 1x gold, 2x silver and 4x bronze and were never worse than 4th.
    Also the clubteams of Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur, UHC Dietlikon (both women) and SV Wiler Ersigen (men) won the champions cup (a tournament of the best European floorballteams).

  14. Hai. Can i know if i can post this on my faceebook pages so that people from from my country and state can know more about floorball? I will creadit your page.

  15. Floorball is very popular in Finland and i play it myself. Finland won floorball world championships

  16. Objectively, one of the better sports due to: pace of action, lack of gear, simplicity of rules.

    Subjectively, I'm Finnish.

  17. I will play this for the first time and I have a question: Why players don't use gloves or shinpads (Like in football or hockey). Players don't get usually hit in hands and shins during a normal game?

  18. I’m an American ice hockey player just getting into a youth league. This is good to know so I don’t start checking people?

  19. And on a penalty you are not allowed to draw the ball backwards. If you do drag it backwards it counts as a miss??

  20. As a hockey fan n having played my whole life i really like this game n think i remember seeing it when i traveled to Sweden n Finland as a teen to plsy hockey.. my only isdue is i really think the goalie should get a stick n some sort of gloves …

  21. 1:55 stick is above waist in a slap shot style – or am I not seeing that right his stick seems to raise quite high. Also, you cant bat the ball above knee height?

  22. wait if the stick cannot be above knee height then why after shooting some players lift the stick above the knee and doesn’t count as breaking a rule

  23. Floorball (Innebandy) comes from sweden. It is one of the most played sports here along with football, icehockey and handball

  24. Why is the stick so short though? It’s waist height, where real hockey sticks are longer. Why is that? Must be tough the on the back. Bent over the whole game

  25. Great video. Found it very helpful and used it to explain this new sport (new to most Canadians) to friends and hoping to put together a team in the next month or so.

  26. I would like to see you cover inline/roller hockey. I’ve said this before but there is a lot of little differences that differentiate inline and ice hockey and a lot of people generally just look at your channel now when they want to learn the rules of sport.

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