The Rules of Muay Thai Boxing – EXPLAINED!


Ninh explains, the Rules of Muay Thai Boxing. The object of the game is to win a contest
by either knock out or points. Muay Thai Boxing, sometimes referred to as
Thai Kickboxing, is a combat sport that is contested between two fighters, and is contested
in an area known as the ring. The ring measures a maximum of 24ft x 24ft,
with ropes surrounding the perimeter of the ring. Fights can be fought in the modern way, with
fighters wearing boxing style gloves. Or the ancient way where fighter’s hands
are bound with ropes. This causes more damage. In Muay Thai, you can punch your opponent,
kick your opponent, knee your opponent and elbow your opponent. Because of this, it is commonly known as the
‘art of 8 limbs’. You are also allowed to trip your opponent
by taking out their legs. The idea is to hit your opponent, whilst avoiding
being hit yourself. If you manage to knock your opponent to the
ground, the opponent must stand back up within 10 seconds, and be able to show that he can
carry on fighting. If your opponent cannot do this, you will
win the fight automatically. This is known as a knock out. If neither fighter can knock each other out,
or if they knock each other out at the same time, a panel of judges will score each fighter
based upon how well they fought and who was the superior fighter. Fights are generally contested in 3 or 5 rounds
of 3 minutes each. The number of rounds varies depending on the
company organising the fight. Judges score every round and the boxer with
the superior number of points at the end of all the rounds, wins. That’s pretty much it, but there’s a few
other things you’ll need to know before fighting or watching Muay Thai. For example:
Music. During a fight, you’ll hear this music. This is traditional Thai music that is played
throughout the fight. Musicians will use a java pipe, some small
cymbals and two drums to try and reflect the intensity of the fight. At any point they can play the music faster
to try and urge the fighters to attack more aggressively. Wai Kru
Before the first round, each fighter must perform the traditional Muay Thai ritual of
homage. This is known as “Wai Kru”. The fighters must at a minimum complete the
basic fundamental elements of Wai Kru according to the customs and traditions of Muay Thai
Boxing. Knock down
If a fighter hits another fighter forcing him to fall to the ground, he will have 10
seconds to get back up. If a fighter successfully gets back up, this
is called a knock down. Clinch
A clinch is where one or both fighters grapples each other. In Western Boxing, clinching is illegal. In Muay Thai, it’s perfectly acceptable,
and is a great way to inflict damage to your opponent with knees and elbows. Fouls & Disqualification
Even though Muay Thai is a fighting sport, there are rules that prevent it becoming a
street fight. If you break any of these rules, the referee
will award a foul against you. If you accrue three fouls in a contest, you
are disqualified immediately and your opponent is given the win. If you have found this video helpful, be sure
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