The Stunning Transformation Of U.S. Soccer Player Alex Morgan

The Stunning Transformation Of U.S. Soccer Player Alex Morgan

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Olympic gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champ,
Alex Morgan, is likely to go down as one of the greatest U.S. women’s soccer players of
all time. But just how did she get to this point? From her hustle on the field to facing personal
challenges of her own, here’s her stunning transformation. “I’m Alex Morgan and this is my story.” At 7 years old, Morgan fell in love with soccer. And because the sport was important to her,
it became important to her dad as well. But he faced a huge learning curve when it
came to the game. Alex told The Players Tribune, “I think growing up with sports really gives
you that confidence. You grow these personality traits and this
confidence that sometimes you might not get if you’re not in athletics.” When she was 9 years old, her dad became her
coach. She told Soccer America, “What more could a mother want, than for
my daughter to actually be a role model for soccer, for women in sports.” Just as Morgan headed into her senior year
of high school, she was called up to the Under-20 national team, according to ESPN. But everything came to a screeching halt when
Morgan — then 17-years old — tore her ACL during a scrimmage. She told USA Today, “I set my mind to going to rehab 3 to 4 times
a week, going still to every high school practice, going to every club practice.” Morgan missed some of her senior season while
rehabbing, but her mom focused on the bright side, telling the outlet, The soccer star would continue with rehab
when she enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley, and make her return to soccer. “I went to Cal and I was like, sold.” Morgan’s star was on the rise towards the
end of her career at UC Berkeley. She made her debut for the U.S. women’s national
team in 2010 and was selected first by the Western New York Flash in the 2011 Women’s
Professional Soccer draft. But it wasn’t until the 2011 World Cup that
she would truly become a star. Sports Illustrated reported Morgan scored
for the U.S. in the semifinals and again in a losing effort in the final — which is
all the more impressive when you consider she was the youngest member on the squad,
at 22 years old. She told CNN that playing for the U.S. team
was initially “intimidating” at first, admitting, Obviously, Morgan fit in just fine. “I don’t care if I fail or I succeed. As long as I try.” Life completely changed for Morgan, after
the 2011 World Cup. She has since landed endorsement deals with
Nike, McDonald’s, Tampax, Chapstick, Panasonic Beauty, Nationwide, Coca-Cola, and Beats by
Dre, among others. Her children’s book series, The Kicks, made
the New York Times’ best seller list and was turned into a TV series for Amazon Prime. “I love soccer. The smell of the grass, the feel of your foot
connecting with the ball. No one can take that away.” And, in what was a first for a women’s soccer,
she landed on the cover of the FIFA video game franchise 2016 U.S. edition, along with
soccer icon Lionel Messi. It’s no wonder Morgan — who makes seven
figures in endorsements, according to her agent, via espnW — is a regular on SportsPro’s
annual 50 Most Marketable lists. But she claims she’s selective about which
companies she partners with, telling espnW, Morgan has long been an advocate for body
positivity, telling The Post Game, And for her, that includes loving her strong
calves. Morgan told Shape that people make fun of
them, but she added, But there have been moments when Morgan hasn’t
felt so sure of herself. After she posed for one of her Sports Illustrated
swimsuit issues, trolls attacked her for having a small chest. Her sister Jeri told espnW, Although Jeri claimed the situation made Alex
briefly consider getting a boob job, the world-class athlete didn’t dwell too long on the haters. Morgan’s pretty face has been great for her
marketability, and, in her opinion, it’s also good for the sport. She told espnW, Unlike many of her teammates, Morgan, who
walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2012, opts to highlight her features, for
matches. She told Shape, Morgan can thank soccer for helping her find
her husband. She started dating Servando Carrasco while
they were playing soccer at UC Berkeley. The college sweethearts later tied the knot
on New Year’s Eve in 2014, according to People magazine. Like Morgan, Carrasco plays the sport professionally,
as a member of the L.A. Galaxy. He told the Seattle Times that he and Alex
give each other feedback after games — and that they hold nothing back, saying, Because Carrasco plays in L.A. and Morgan
plays on the opposite side of the country in Orlando, Florida, they don’t get to see
each other during their seasons as much as they’d like. Morgan posted on Instagram: “What was the hardest is just like us expecting
to live together and to kind of share our lives together.” There is a special reason Morgan wears her
trademark pink headband for games. It is, in part, a tribute to her mother-in-law,
Gloria Carrasco, who is a breast cancer survivor, according to espnW. Pink is the official color of breast cancer
awareness, and Morgan has been wearing the headband since college – around the time when
Carrasco first revealed her diagnosis to her son. But that’s not the only reason for Morgan’s
pink headband – which is actually made of pre-wrap tape that trainers use to protect
an athlete’s skin from bandages. Morgan likes that it helps her stand out on
the field. She told Mueller Sports Wrap, “I think my parents just could pick me out
from a crowd. You know, pink is one of my favorite colors.” The U.S. women’s national team bounced back
from a disappointing runner-up finish in 2011 by winning the 2015 World Cup. Five days later, the squad was honored with
a ticker tape parade through the streets of New York. But the experience was bittersweet for Morgan,
who had been battling a knee injury throughout the tournament and would undergo surgery a
week after the parade. She told espnW, Quite possibly the only blemish on Morgan’s
squeaky clean resume took place in 2017 at Epcot. Morgan and her friends were kicked out of
the Disney World theme park and accused of trespassing, according to the Orlando Sentinel,
which cited an Orange County Sheriff’s Office incident report. The report stated that they were quote, “impaired”
and “being very loud and belligerent toward staff around guests.” Morgan referenced the popular tradition of
bar-hopping at Epcot, posting a group photo on Instagram earlier that day with the caption, No charges were filed, but Morgan took responsibility
for the incident afterward, tweeting, Morgan is one the world’s best soccer players. The former FIFA World Player of the Year finalist
won the U.S. Female Soccer Player of the Year award in 2018 and was ranked the number 7
female player in the world by The Guardian. But those accolades are presumably just not
good enough for Morgan. Her goal is to become the best women’s player
in the world. She told the news outlet in 2017, “The best player I can be, is the best player
in the world.” In an effort to improve her game, Morgan joined
French club Lyon, which is largely considered to be the world’s best women’s soccer team,
on a six-month loan in 2017. In 15 games with the franchise, Morgan scored
an impressive 12 goals. With her movie star looks and huge following,
Morgan was bound to find herself in Hollywood. “Today’s the big day, Alex!” “You’re Alex Morgan. I know everything about you. I’m your biggest fan.” In 2018, she played herself in the film Alex
& Me, a story that revolves around a 13-year-old girl who aspires to become the next Alex Morgan
on the soccer field. You might think a super fit athlete like Morgan
would have no problem finding the energy for a film shoot, but she told Pro Soccer USA, “I’m definitely not an actress. I took an acting class once and wasn’t so
great at it.” But this probably won’t be the last we see
of Morgan in film and TV. She added, “I don’t even think my mom knows all that.” Morgan has been vocal about the pay disparity
between the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams and was one of the many women’s players
to file a gender discrimination lawsuit against U.S. Soccer in 2019. “We don’t wanna go us against the men, it’s
really a fight against our employer.” Morgan told Pro Soccer USA, And it’s not just about pay either. The women also endure inferior travel and
lodging, despite the fact that the women’s team has won multiple World Cups while the
men’s team has never won a single one, as of 2019. Morgan told Good Morning America, Morgan is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
veteran, appearing in the highly anticipated issue in 2012 and 2014. “I always feel like when you aim for the camera
it’s better. Because you get the better shot.” But in 2019, Morgan graced one of three covers,
along with Tyra Banks and Camille Kostek. “I feel like this issue has become more
of a body positivity movement, and I think that that’s just women standing up for each
other.” So, why Morgan? Well, the Women’s World Cup takes place in
June 2019, and Alex, as co-captain of the favorite U.S. women’s national team, figures
to play a prominent role in the tournament. Sports Illustrated editor MJ Day also told
People, “I just wanna inspire little girls to continue
in their sports or whatever they’re passionate about and really try to achieve their dream.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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    Her, and the rest of the US Soccer team are a waste of space and is making this society a crock of shit to live in and a triple fuck you to that Megan Rapinoe bitch, youre a disgusting person who wants it both ways……typical cherry picking from yet another liberal hypocrite. Just go away all you, get out of MY country

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    participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics, played 4 matches in the 2012 Olympics including the 2–1 win over Brazil in the gold medal match at Wembley Stadium.

    participated in the 2011 Pan American Games, Mexico won gold after defeating Argentina

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    Mens percentage of world cup profits: 7%
    Women's Soccer team: we want equal pay!
    So you want to reduce your pay by 3x?
    She says "It's really a fight against our employer". So where is this employer getting all the extra revenue from?"
    You want more than 100% of the profits your employer makes?

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