The Try Guys Try Stepping


(yelling) (clapping and stomping) – Step, steppin’, step dance. – Doesn’t look like something
I’d be very good at. (bleep) That one up. – I know it’s a lot of (clapping). This is the macarena. We have five days to
learn how to step dance before we need to perform
before thousands of people. – (sobbing) I am a little overwhelmed. (yelling) – Let’s go! (yelling) (yelling) – Stepping comes from African dances from Beirut incorporated with tapping, tap dancing, things like that. It has a rich African tradition. – Seeing let’s say three white dudes. – [Kagi] Yeah. – [Eugene] And one Asian guy. – Yeah. – [Eugene] Stepping
with you guys in unison. – I think it’s cool. I think it says a lot in terms of the way the culture’s transcended. – First thing about step is you’re gonna be doing
rhythmics and claps and stomps. You wanna make those
stomps as loud as possible to make sure we catch
the audience attention. (stomping) – See, I could do this all day. – There’s no music, though. – You are the music. (yelling) – Easy enough. Makes sense. – Boom, tap, tap, boom, tap, tap. One more time. (sobbing) – Let’s talk about this
performance we’re doing. It’s at the USC basketball. – In the center. – Season finale. – Wait. – No way. – It’s the season finale? – What?
– No it’s not! (laughing) – How many people are going to be there? – [Kagi] 10,000. – 10,000? People? – Expected to be packed. (yelling) – The entire success of the movement is totally based on how well
everyone is doing together. – So like all the things I’m bad at. – Would us (bleep) up in any
way tarnish your reputation? (bleep) That one up. – We have the utmost
confidence in you guys. – Well you just met us. – Ow! I hit my dick! – I think my problem is do I look super Asian doing that? I am here serving some tea. – Intellectually I get
it but I’m not doing it. – Is a lot of things to keep
track in your head all at once. (yelling) – You’re getting there. – They’re actually getting it. – Slowly but surely but
they’re getting there. – This isn’t our first rodeo
but we’re not good at rodeos. – The one thing that I really
love about step is the spirit. – When does the intense
face come into play? – Black Greek led
organizations were started in the early 1900’s as
fraternities and sororities for minorities in communities
not welcome to join predominantly white
fraternities at the time. Not only did they create
their own organizations They created an entire identity
within the organizations. – Stepping is really just
like a bonding experience. – Greek life is not Greek
life without stepping. – So you’re just like. – Like you’re throwing a temper tantrum. – (bleep) you mom, I wanna cookie! (clap) – [David] There you go. There we go! (laughter) You got it! – Once you have a group of people in unison doing it that’s
something very powerful. – I’m just one guy but
together we’re a team. – Tap, one, two. One more time. That sounded beautiful. – That was. Wow. That was good. – One thing you should
take from this experience is community and when you step you give off each other’s energy. – Are we your best three white and one Asian students ever? – Oh, most definitely. – Yeah. – (Ned) Alright! – Yes. – We did it! – You’re only going to remain ignorant about a culture if you don’t step out of your box to learn about it. – If we succeed we will. – I thought you were
about to say solve racism. – I thought that. (laughter) – No, Ned. (grunting and laughter) – Ah! – We did it! – Pretty perfect! – We’re here. It’s the night of the show! Whoa yeah. – I think our biggest
priority is making sure that we make the fraternity proud tonight. – We spent about eight hours now practicing between Thursday and now. – We only have one time to nail this so it’s do or die. It is do or die. – You only got one shot. Do not miss your chance to drop? – [Voiceover] Blow. – Blow? Who’d wanna blow? This opportunity only
comes once in a lifetime. (cheering) – [Voiceover] The Try Guys. (audience talking) – One, two. One, two. (yelling) (clapping and stomping) (yelling) (clapping and stomping) (yelling) (clapping and stomping) (yelling) (clapping and stomping) (audience applause and cheering) (upbeat music) – I was actually really
impressed with the Try Guys. They came in with no knowledge. Not even with the claps themselves but about stepping, also. And for them to come in
and learn this in a week and be able to perform in
front of all those people it was amazing. They really gave 110%. – The unity was there. The vibe was there. The spirit was there. It was an amazing experience. – These guys are not only
involved in this great frat but they’re focused on education, they’re focused on community and I really felt that working with them. – Our main goal is to get
into college and graduate, serve the community, and bring down and trying to uplift them. – Bring them back. We need to do another round. – [Voiceover] We need to do another one. (cheering) – I’m a human biology major, pre-med. – And I’m a business administration major with emphasis on finance. – We show our butts on the internet so. (laughter)

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