‘There are some Sri Lankans we haven’t faced before’ – Tom Latham


[Music] [Applause] sri lanka takes on a new zealand on wednesday here in gold we have the new zealand opening batsman tom latham thomas been a disappointing week of preparation with the 3d game washed off but how’s the team mentality coming into our god yeah she wasn’t ideal to have the three-day game washed out but i guess that’s something that we can’t control and it’s nice to get here to go and and get a good training under our belt today and it’s nice that guys have been in these conditions before was a few years ago that they were over here but you know been in the UAE not long ago and and had some success there so hopefully we can I guess switched into that mentality of that spin and all that and then go from there you spoke about switching from to the spin mentality how’s the team coping with that famous for our World Cup final yeah I think the guys are coping pretty well it’s it’s quite nice to have something different there’s a lot and you’ve got new faces that win in the one-day squad so it seems quite fresh and the boys ready to go especially hitter that the Test Championship which is something new for us so you know the boys are excited to be here in Google and so it’s a lovely ground and you know hopefully we get five good days of cricket you spoke about spin let’s talk about some of the fast bowlers what impact can they bring in to the team yeah I think it’s it’s a balance of everything and you know the spin serve obviously gotta do a job and the same is obviously gotta do a job as well so and for us it’s about coming up with plans to to try counteract the Sri Lankan batsman and the same come up with plans to counteract their bowlers and and it’s nice that we we do have knowledge on on the bowlers over in New Zealand last summer and even though conditions will be different we can just do our scouting from there and and looking to – what’s routes that they have personally you love playing against Sri Lanka you have a very good world record also 264 so how do you assist the Sri Lankan bowling attack some of the players like Ranga naira they are not longer a part of the Sri Lankan team so how do you assess the Sri Lankan team I think they’re a very good side and in their home conditions there you know we had managed to have some success against them last summer but in these conditions it’s completely different so I think that’s about trying to dis eliminate what happened in New Zealand and and try focus on what needs to be done here and it’s going to be as I said completely different conditions and she’s gonna face a lot more spin which will be challenging and there’s some guys in the squad that we haven’t faced so for us about looking at the footage that we have on them and and trying to find ways of playing them finally uh keen Williamson will have been eating a lot of cake these days yes yeah he said it had a lot of cake yeah we’ll sum of all headers birthday as well so we’ve certainly had our fair share of cake over here which is which has been nice though it’s nice to get into training don’t try sweat it out thanks Tom thank you for joining with us Jess thank you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for a latest content

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