Top 10 Heavyweights – June 2019

Top 10 Heavyweights – June 2019

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This is Rummy’s Corner. Boxing fans can jump for joy, because these
are exciting times to be a fan of the heavyweight division. We have had 3 heavyweight championship bouts
over the past several weeks, so what better time than now for the debut edition of my
Top 10 Heavyweight rankings. The following list is just my personal opinion. But this is how I see things as of right now. #10 I’m going with Oleksandr Usyk. Normally I’m reluctant to rank boxers in a
division where they never really competed, but every once in awhile I make exceptions
when exceptional talents move up in weight – and for me, Usyk checks off all the right
boxes. Usyk became the undisputed cruiserweight world
champion last July when he defeated Murat Gassiev in a lopsided 12 round decision. And he was last seen in action back in November
of last year when he scored an 8th round stoppage victory against Tony Bellew. Usyk is a very well rounded boxer with an
elite level skillset – so the big question with Usyk is how will he handle the size of
an elite level heavyweight? If his WSB bout against Joyce is any indication,
I think he will handle it well enough to make some noise in this exciting heavyweight landscape. Usyk was supposed to make his heavyweight
debut last month, but an injury pushed that back, and he is expected to make his heavyweight
debut later this year – possibly against Carlos Takam. #9 I’m going with Alexander Povetkin. Povetkin hasn’t fought since being stopped
in the 7th in his fight against Anthony Joshua last September. That was just the 2nd loss in his career. Prior to that, Povetkin last scored a victory
when he scored a brutal 5th round knockout against David Price. Povetkin has been a perennial top 10 heavyweight
for more than a decade, and he’s a solid boxer with good all around talent. But Povetkin will be 40 years old in just
a couple of months, and he failed the two times he competed at the highest level in
his two losses against Joshua and former long time champion Wladimir Klitschko. Povetkin is reportedly winding things down,
but all the same – Povetkin remains a formidable foe who represents a worthy challenge for
any heavyweight currently competing. If Povetkin really is nearing the end of the
road, it would still be nice to see him mix it up with another top heavyweight before
he hangs them up. #8 for me is undefeated contender Adam Kownatzski,
who is coming off of a 2nd round stoppage victory against Gerald Washington earlier
this year. Prior to that Kownatzski was awarded a unanimous
decision victory against former WBC champion Charles Martin. As of this moment Kownatzki has an unblemished
record with 19 victories and 15 of those wins coming by way of knockout. Another notable victory on his ledger is when
he stopped title challenger Artur Szpilka in round 4. Kownatzski has a good work rate and an aggressive
style that makes for another exciting addition in this current heavyweight landscape. Kownatzski is reportedly facing former 3 time
title challenger Chris Arreola later this summer, and that one could potentially be
very interesting. #7 for me is former WBO champion Joseph Parker,
who is coming off of a 3rd round knockout against Alexander Flores late last year. Prior to that Parker lost a 12 round unanimous
decision against the surging Dillian Whyte, and prior to that Parker lost a 12 round decision
against then unified world champion Anthony Joshua. So Parker has lost 2 of his last 3 fights,
but he still officially holds a victory against the new unified world champion Andy Ruiz Jr.
Parker was awarded a majority decision victory in that fight when he won the vacant WBO title. It should be noted that this victory was somewhat
controversial, and that an awful lot of people believed Ruiz deserved to win. But the fact remains that Parker is a talented
and skilled technician who has fought competitively against some of the best boxers the division
has to offer. Parker is reportedly facing Alex Le-ah-pie
later this month. #6 I’m going with Luis Ortiz. King Kong is now 40 years old, and he lost
by dramatic late round stoppage when he challenged WBC champion Deontay Wilder in March of last
year. But Ortiz rebounded from that loss with 3
consecutive victories. In his most recent bout, Ortiz defeated Christian
Hammer by lopsided 10 round unanimous decision a few months ago. Prior to that Ortiz scored a 10th round knockout
against Travis Kauffman. Ortiz is definitely getting up there in age,
but he still remains one of the most talented heavyweight boxers in the game. Ortiz was giving Wilder a serious run for
glory when the two battled it out in a highly dramatic contest. Ortiz lost against Wilder, but he will get
another chance at heavyweight glory as the two are reportedly having a rematch later
this year #5 for me is Dillian Whyte. The Body Snatcher has been on a good run and
has battled his way back into title contention. In his most recent bout late last year, Whyte
scored an 11th round knockout in his rematch against Dereck Chisora. And prior to that, Whyte was awarded a 12
round unanimous decision against the aforementioned Joseph Parker. Whyte has now won 9 consecutive fights since
losing his only title fight when he was stopped by Anthony Joshua in a bout that happened
3 and a half years ago. Whyte has improved a good deal since that
time, and it will be interesting to see if and how he figures into title contention. Whyte is reportedly returning to action next
month against Oscar �Kaboom� Rivas. #4 is former unified heavyweight champion
Anthony Joshua, who is coming off of a shocking loss at the hands of Andy Ruiz Jr. Many observers viewed Joshua as the best heavyweight
in the world prior to suffering the upset loss against Ruiz, and now AJ finds himself
at a crossroads in his career. Last year Joshua added the WBO belt to his
existing collection when he was awarded a 12 round unanimous decision against Joseph
Parker, and later last year he scored an impressive stoppage victory against Povetkin. But Joshua’s most notable victory to date
was his 11th round stoppage against former longtime champion Wladimir Klitschko. That was a fight where Joshua overcame adversity
inside the ring, but now – Joshua is in a situation where he needs to overcome the adversity
that comes with suffering a loss. And Joshua will reportedly have an opportunity
to do so if plans for an immediate rematch against Ruiz Jr. And speaking of Andy Ruiz Jr, I currently
have him at #3. Ruiz Jr is the reigning unified IBF/WBA/WBO
heavyweight world champion, and he’s coming off that terrific victory when he defeated
Joshua. That fight was broadcast on the relatively
new streaming App service known as DAZN – and it was a sensational effort from the new champion. Ruiz went into that match-up with a great
game plan, and his execution of that game plan was sublime. Ruiz overcame adversity and stuck to the well
designed strategy without wavering or losing focus. With that victory, Ruiz has clearly established
himself as one of the top heavyweights in the world. If plans go through with a rematch against
Joshua later this year, Ruiz will get the opportunity to prove that his big upset victory
wasn’t a fluke. And then the top 2 heavyweights are both undefeated
champions who are already familiar with one another. Of course, I’m referring to Deontay Wilder
and Tyson Fury! These two battled to a draw in a super exciting
match-up late last year. It was a classic battle between a monster
puncher and a highly skilled tactician, and all of this was on full display in their epic
heavyweight thriller. But these two still have unfinished business! #2 for me at this time would be Deontay Wilder. The reigning WBC heavyweight champion is the
longest reigning champion in the division, and he has accumulated an historically impressive
9 consecutive title defenses to date. In his most recent bout several weeks back,
in a bout that was broadcast by Showtime – Wilder scored a devastating 1st round knockout against
Dominic Breazeale. Wilder is a boxer whose unbelievable knockout
power is equally matched by his incredible heart and determination. What Wilder sometimes lacks in skills, he
more than makes up for with his unique blend of talents. In short, Wilder finds ways to play to his
strengths, and he has a proven track record of doing so whenever things aren’t going his
way. Wilder is reportedly having a rematch against
Luis Ortiz later this year. And #1 for me, I’m going with Tyson Fury – mainly
because I think his rightful claim as the lineal heavyweight champion trumps Wilder’s
historically impressive run as WBC champion. Fury was the one who ended the long and dominant
reign of Wladimir Klitschko, and Fury did so in very impressive and one-sided fashion. In his most recent bout this past weekend,
in a fight that was broadcast on the ESPN+ streaming app service – Tyson Fury scored
a dominant 2nd round stoppage victory against Tom Schwarz. Fury appeared a bit sharper and faster than
he was against Wilder, and Fury never even had to take his feinting skill set out of
1st gear. Fury fought the 2nd round as a southpaw, and
he was mighty effective out of that stance. Fury is reportedly returning to action some
time later this year. So right now – I don’t think there is any
doubt whatsoever that Fury and Wilder are deservedly the top 2 in the division. If Wilder wins the rematch with Ortiz, and
Fury wins his upcoming match-up later this year – then in an ideal world, we will get
the highly anticipated rematch between Wilder and Fury – and honestly, I have no idea what
to expect in that rematch! I think it’s a 50-50 fight! And while that’s going on, it would be awfully
nice if the winner can be in a position to face the winner of a Ruiz-Joshua rematch! That would be a perfect scenario for boxing
fans! And while all of this is going on, it would
also be awfully nice if the other top heavyweights began squaring off to establish a truly worthy
top challenger to step in when the dust settles. But whatever happens, these really are exciting
times to be a fan of the heavyweight division! So what do you think of my inaugural top 10
heavyweight rankings? Please let me know in the comments section. I’m going to try and do updates on this list
at least twice each year. Unfortunately I won’t have time to do this
for every weight class, but I will try and also work a P4P ranking into the rotation
as well, to go along with the ongoing heavyweight rankings. Thanks for watching everyone! I hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful night!

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