Top 10 Things to DO in YOKOHAMA Japan Rugby World Cup Guide Series

Top 10 Things to DO in YOKOHAMA Japan Rugby World Cup Guide Series

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in this video I’m going to show you my top things to do in Yokohama one of my favorite places near Tokyo is Yokohama so the thing is you Oklahoma has just so much stuff to do here I can dedicate several different videos on food on places to go but I wanted to kind of condense it all and make one video that just shows my top highlights of this area so I’m gonna cover some of the more popular tourist spots but I’m just gonna cover some of my favorite local spots as well so you guys can get a mix of everything but sounds about Yokohama is just about an hour away from Tokyo so it’s definitely easy to get to and also for those of you who are coming here for the Rugby World Cup the Olympics or just coming to see a baseball game then stay tuned because I’m making this guide with all of you in mind but before I start if you guys want to see what I’m doing on the daily didn’t definitely check out my Instagram account and if you wanna help support the channel check out my Tokyo merch all right so pack your bags we’re taking a trip all around Yokohama number ten cup noodle Museum all right so this one I’m really excited to show you guys because in fact I don’t know where else in the world you can actually make your own company dolls and this is one of those activities that’s perfect for the family especially the young ones because one you get to experience the whole cup noodle making process and two you get to take home your own cup of noodles alright let’s go inside and let me show you how it all works look together tickets hey Michael Meghan want some cup noodle Museum is an interactive museum fun for the entire family because really who here didn’t grow up on cup of noodles let me know if you really exist to create my very own cup noodles at the my cup noodles Factory I had to get a ticket reservation for an available time slot tickets do get sold out on busy days so safest bet is to reserve or go early in the morning from the beginning of each NP cup cost 300 yen a limited one per person but I was able to design it to my heart’s content Michael always an option as this is why do you ask me to be creative with pens and markers all right now it’s time to neuter the cup I was able to choose from all sorts of flavors and toppings all done around the top floor my god did they actually give you a cool package to to take it all home it’s like a little bike see I can’t wait to try this oh and they allow kids to experience how to make handmade chicken ramen as well number nine Cosmo world so if you’re looking for a bit of an adrenaline spike or just want to take your partner on a romantic night ferris wheel ride this is your spot neighboring cup noodles museum the city and music park is completely free to enter and you only need to buy tickets for the attractions you want then I love these places this is like perfect for the kids said someone like me oh we are on the gondolas Wow we are like quite high literally though this is probably one of the best views you can get in Yokohama number eight head to karaman this ramen shop started off renting out of space a few hours on the weekends from a local snack bar nicknamed maraschino Diamond meaning phantom ramen over time though it built a following and the lines got longer and longer eventually leading to a full store opening in 2016 opening at 11:00 I arrived at 11:40 and had to wait a little more than an hour the line is Linda Lee Michaels running to entertain me this is a signature niboshi soba ramen with extra meat and this one has an extra topping of quail eggs and both come with a generous helping of fresh chopped onions this unassuming gray fish broth is on a whole new level it may look plain but its banging on those who mommy drums owner has fused a delicate mix of niboshi sardines horse mackerel jaw fish salary and other fish to create this 100% all fish masterclass broth [Music] that’s amazing mommy is is popping there’s so many different flavors have like a fish in here and what’s nice is that the fish broth it’s not fishy at all it’s not like you would expect that she’s gonna be like really bitter fishy it’s not it’s smooth and find love there’s like the great kind of like liquid with a nice one in noodle the noodles itself to come in but at the same time they’re not there to harvest ice good look at that delicious meat freshly cut the meat is just tender delicious I cannot believe we’re having meat this tender here alone away undeniable this is a winner I just hit the spot let’s go to the next place number seven Yokohama stadium this behind me is Yokohama Stadium if you’re looking to catch a baseball game are you here for the Olympics then this is a spot what’s really nice is that it’s right next to Chinatown our Karenga and he Amash the park so there’s just so much to do here opened in 1978 Yokohama Stadium or as the locals call it camasta is home to Yokohama Bay stars baseball team it’s a two-minute walk from condensation so access is as easy as getting near front zipper there’s not a lot of shops and restaurants around the stadium itself as all the shops in the restaurants are located inside of the stadium you will find Yokohama Park where you can chill with your friends or bring your kids to play before the game starts what’s nice about Yokohama especially compared to Tokyo is that this is a Sunday today that I’m walking around and it’s just a so wide open it’s not that crowded compared to Tokyo wow it’s amazing it really just makes me so happy the positivity is just flowing today even just playing music right behind me number six you wash the park so right now word in your mosh the park it’s one of the perfect places to come here and chill there friends it’s right by the ocean if there’s just a so much green here there’s the trees of the grass and like a perfect picnic spot like literally it is just so peaceful and again I’m here on a Sunday it’s like a perfect sunny day and it’s actually not that busy and if you see that just right behind me there’s a huge ship that’s always dock there that you can go and check out and let me show you something else like right there and see it right there over there is just up here does it appear and on top of the pier there’s like a grassy area they can also chill and then just right there just past it there’s zone Ohana Park which is also another like chill spot so it’s everything you would want if you just want to kind of like hang out with friends and just enjoy the day and so one of the things is this it’s so clean everyone just cleans up after themselves that’s one of the beautiful things about Japan one thing I remember is when pokey Mongo came out I remember Michael and I coming here ain’t catching like a whole ton of Pokemon oh those were the days and if you want to take a boat cruise adjust that you must have Park right behind me you can buy your tickets for boat cruises here also inside of you monster park there’s a beautiful rose garden for all the old people like looking at flowers just kidding moving on and what’s really nice buy your monster park there’s a Lawson convenience store so if you want to get some drinks or snacks then this is a spot to do it and what I love doing personally is I like to get one drink at a time so that you have cold drinks the entire day number five shopping in Minato Mirai here’s the skinny you’re not the meter ization is directly connected to Queen Square and me not the meat I talk you square it has a massive collection of 200 shops and restaurants if you keep walking towards saqqara Guiteau you’ll hit landmark Plaza which is at the base of landmark tower and now I’m in Landmark Plaza and this spot is right next to Queens there’s actually a lot of brand name stores here and some pretty dope restaurants they’ve got Tetsu which is one of my favorite ramen spots and they have a footie if you’re looking for a vegan ramen Toto shopping here let’s go inside near cup noodles museum you’ll find Yokohama world Porter’s so one quick little tip for world Porter’s on the fifth place this is placed behind me called kikuchiyo and on Monday through Fridays during the weekdays from 11:00 to 5:00 o’clock I haven’t all-you-can-eat Friday skewers yes that’s right bride skewers also one my favorites here’s his last it’s kind of a tex-mex of I don’t like Japanese food or whatever but if you’re kind of missing western food they have pitas Doritos burgers and it’s actually pretty decent price and if you’re looking to barbecue on the beach but not really be at the beach then you can do it here as well have all-you-can-eat and all you can drink courses and prepare all the meat for you all you have to do is cook it on the grill easy-peasy marina and walk is also in the same area it’s a small open mall just in front of the water it’s kind of got that SoCal beach feel to it number four red brick warehouse socket Inga SoCo is known as Yokohama’s red brick house back in the day used to be a customs building for all of the ships coming into port here in Yokohama but these days they’ve altered it and now it’s become kind of a mall restaurant in food court area but what I found personally in terms of the mall it’s a lot of smaller boutique shops so if you’re into that and definitely come here but if you’re not that into it then might actually be kind of cool just to come here for the restaurants especially if you’re coming from your Mustafar been hanging out all day I’ve been having drinks and you just want to get some food it do have some popular chain restaurants here like Kauai now which is the burger joint they do have bills which is a pancake spot and they also have this Oh Moo dice place that’s a super super popular here in Japan you can watch them flip the omelet right onto the rice and one fell swoop it’s pretty cool but also as you can see if you come here during the week it’s fairly quiet you can see behind me there’s not a lot going on but if you come here on the and you’re lucky enough then they have some festivals going on just like this this is another chill day spot where you can sit down with some friends grab a snack but also tipping back a few a perfect Sunday Funday original plan was to take you to a Katanga and take you inside and take you to the food court and we’re going to show you the almond rice but guess what there is a festival going on today or what do you call kind of like a food festival amat city so I had to get the cheese takoyaki you don’t really see it very often Park yaki smothered with cheese cheesy DZ all form easy takoyaki yeah hmm bring on more food number three Omni Hotel easy sushi so I had to get you away from all the tourist spots and take you to this hidden gem this shop has been serving locals for more than 20 years and it’s just a few minutes away from the Yokohama station the shop buys market fresh seafood every morning and utilizes the same preparation techniques found at luxury sushi restaurants yep I’m going high-end sushi with my low-end wallet so this is a very local spot and Yokohama you don’t really see a lot of foreigners in this process so I really wanted to share with you the funny thing is it’s a kite in sushi place but if you look at the conveyor belt but don’t see any fish on the conveyor the reason being is that everything is made super fresh you have to order everything directly to the chef to get what you want the good thing is there is an English menu so don’t worry if your Japanese skills are not up to par what I’ve got like really quickly is I’ve got some negitoro which as I commence to do now with some onions on top and then be in total here it’s like a tuna this was actually not under this menu is called a booty salmon which means like they’ve taken the salmon and it like grilled it a little bit like they flame-broiled it on the top I’m this is so excited right now alright let’s take our first bite dip that into some soy sauce and wasabi let’s try this grill the salmon that is good number two Chinatown for sure one of my favorite spots Chinatown is full of history and galleries history wise in 1859 the Yokohama seaport was opened and many Chinese immigrants and traders arrived and formed settlements built schools community centers facilities which became the start of what we know today as Chinatown and calorie-wise this place is a foodies dream mounts with food shops littering the streets I mean look at all this food you’ve got your steamed buns Jackie stump Bao food buffets the food goes on for days make me wonder how large Chinatown is it’s actually the largest Chinatown in all of Japan can’t miss spots in Yokohama the thing is I’ve already done a video on this spot alone so I’m going to link to that video in the description so you guys can definitely check it out yourself alright on to the next slide and number one sky gardening at Landmark Tower alright so I’ve got a special surprise tip so stick around till the end hint it starts with a B and ends with an ear with the view [Music] so now we’re at the highest point in Yokohama in a landmark tower we’re actually on the 69th floor it’s two hundred and seventy three meters high look how high we are now compared to before the various field is just down there well what’s really cool is that there’s a 360 degree panoramic view so you can go all the way down this place and see all of the Oklahoma from all different sides it’s not a bad deal for a thousand yen and you can come here in the evening at night so if you don’t come during the day and see all the yokohama lights and this is my little secret you can come up here to the sky cafe there’s six black leather sofas up here these seats are free to use if you’re a customer of the cafe so all you have to do is buy a drink and you can sit here and enjoy the amazing view at night the seats are reservation only so if you want to surprise your partner with an amazing city sky view make sure to book a scene in advance map and links are always in the description and what better way to end this video than being on top of the world having a beer overlooking yokohama but before we go I wanted to thank our sponsor mogul Japan Sim without them I wouldn’t be able to make these awesome videos for you guys oh and something has to know with more than 400,000 visitors coming to Japan for the Rugby World Cup SIM cards are expected to sell out completely luckily mobile can ship SIM cards to your home before you leave for Japan or you can pick it up right when you arrive in Japan with mobile Japan SIM cards in your phone you can easily navigate the Yokohama stadium to watch the match keep up with the scores find the best transport links translate phrases and menus and update your social media accounts with all the awesome photos you’re taking here in Japan here’s five quick reasons why you should use mobile one you get free shipping to your home address two you can choose pick up in Japan which is free 3 mobile offers free exclusive rugby’s supporters bundle which includes it free beer who else gives you free beers with SIM cards 4 they have an english-speaking support team and 5 the majority of the profits goes to charity by assim for mobile today by clicking on the link in the description below and finally if you guys want to see what I’m doing on the daily then check out my Instagram account you wanna help support the channel check out my Tokyo merch and if you want to see more of my Japan guides or just what I’m doing in Tokyo and definitely hit that subscribe button and the Bell button I really said video every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Japan time if that subscribe button and the Bell button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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