TOP Tipps: Kurzer Unterschnittaufschlag | Tischtennis Aufschläge

TOP Tipps: Kurzer Unterschnittaufschlag | Tischtennis Aufschläge

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That was a short undercut serve and if you want to learn this one
then stay here. So,
Now it’s about why we use a short undercut serve and what are its advantages? with a short undercut serve we want to achieve that our opponent can not attack and plays back the ball as passive as possible back that we can take initiative and determine the rally.
Important for this is that the serve goes as flat as possible over the net and has as much rotation as possible that also means that the
short undercut serve only makes sense if you want to take the initiative by using aggressive attack balls if you are more of a defensive or a Allround player then you have to do
the serve not so often because for example you like having that you opponent attacks the first ball and you can block the ball but if you are not a big fan of block
or not so safe and you feel better when you attack
then the short undercut serve would be a good variant for your
Serve repertoire lets come to the question how do I do
a short undercut serve in principle if we want to create undercut
it’s about hitting the ball below when compared to the earth hit
at the south pole and as tangential as possible that the ball
turns backwards and we can produce undercut
a typical mistake many people make is that they dont hit the ball at the south pole but rather from behind at the so called equator if we
compare it to the earth again the problem we have is when we hit the ball like this he is flying just straight away without rotation
if we want to generate rotation we really have to hit the ball
tangential from below
The way i just show it here we do not get any pace
and maximum rotation In reality it may look like we hit the ball a little further behind than below in order that the ball fly forward as well to get maximum acceleration which we want to have
to achieve a lot of rotation the our type of holding the grip is of high importance
if we hold it we play topspin we have a movement of our wrist like this radius
but if we want to have maximum acceleration it is more important to have a long way of acceleration
We can achieve that by releasing our middle and small finger from the grip and take under it by that we achieve as you can see here a much bigger radius and way
at which we can accelerate now we get to the last two points
to be considered the stage of striking out and the meeting point of ball and racket we alreadyknow that it is important to hit the ball from below as much as possible That means, the movement of striking out should be parallel to the table a lot of people strike out up and have the problem to meet the ball from behind So try to keep the racket parallel to the table and especially in the beginning try to hit the ball forward from behind on one level and to hit the ball at the top of the racket because we can achieve the most power there that can transfered to the ball
and get the most rotation now we know everything in theory and wonder how we translate it into practice Of course, it’s not that easy
but I thought about a few exercises how i can teach it to you gradually the first two exercises we do without a table to make it a little easier
as you can see we try to give the ball that much rotation he rolls back to us on the ground it does not matter how much it rolls away from you just give it a trial you will get a feeling for the cut quickly the second exercise is about controlling the direction and to pay attention to get the right uncercut for that it is important that the racket stays parallel to the floor the same as it should later be parallel to the table that means the top of the racket is not allowed to get up or down to reach and to control that we stay in step position and try to hit the ball so that he rolls back through our legs by using undercut lets start the third exercise
this one should help to develop a feeling for the undercut
For that reason I put a towel on the table
you can do that at home as well on your bed or carpet for example somewhere where you have a ground that is more handy than a table you can notice easier if you develop undercut because the ball rolls back on a towel more easier and stops harder the next exercise is about controlling the balls tempo that means we try to get tthe ball to be as slow as possible we see that if the ball jumps multiple times on the other side or even stops there or jumps and starts rolling it is not that important that the ball rolls back it is just about hitting the ball as slow as possible so that it stops on the other side with less rotation now lets start the last step, we combine everything we just learned we can play the ball with a lot of rotation we can play the ball very slowly now we try in relaxed posture to play the ball shortly behind the net so that he jumps back over the net or rolls against it. In a game you have to pay attantion that the ball jumps over the net as flat as possible it should not jump back over the net although it looks cool of course while practicing in general we are able to do a short undercut serve now bur we can still improve it there are different options to do that you can try to develop even more rotation by throwing the ball higher that means the ball arrives with more tempo which you can try to convert to rotation but that needs a lot of training which it is worth it the next thing you have to pay attention to is your balls positioning and length we try that the ball jumps at least two times on the other side but from a certain level the people start to flip that ball and when the ball jumps too short behind the net the first time the ball is easy to flip because it is too close to the net and the angle to the net easier if you play on that level try that your ball is more in the middle the first time and at the end the second time because these balls are harder to flip an other thing you have to play attention to is how high the ball gets over the net, it should be very flat so that your opponent has problems to return and you have to watch out that the ball is not just very flat but also that its highest point is directly above the net it is not helpful when the ball starts getting higher after passing the net because it will jump higher than as well what makes it easy for your opponent to attack it would be better if the balls highest point is above the net and when the ball jumps flat than as well than it is harder for your opponent to hit a good ball now it is your turn to practice i hope you have some fun and if you have any questions asks them in the comments and if you want individual help you are invited to our high performance courses You can find infos about this in the videos description or on see you soon

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  1. Weltklasse! Das beste Aufschlagtutorialvideo was ich bis jetzt gesehen habe! Freu mich auf den Juni zum HPTT Lehrgang! Bis dahin

  2. Prima, Deine Übungen sind klasse. Die führe ich jetzt jeden Tag durch um das richtig hinzubekommen. Klappt beim 2. Mal schon wesentlich besser. Das funktioniert auch nur, wenn Du den besten Tischtennisschläger hast für Dein Level und den findest Du hier: https://tischtennisschlä

  3. Echt klasse Video…..
    Das bisher beste Aufschlagvideo… super…. hoffentlich lerne ich diese Aufschlagsvariation und schaffe es sie einigermaßen so umzusetzen…. wäre eine super Ergänzung zu meinem Spiel ….

  4. Echt klasse Video!!
    Ich kann den Seitschnitt Aufschlag schon wollte noch unbedingt den Unterschritt lernen. Okay, ich kann ihn schon ein bisschen aber nicht so gut. Und jetzt habe ich das perfekte Video gefunden!!
    Jetzt kann ich ihn schon viel besser 👌😀

  5. Moin, sehr gutes Video! Danke!
    Frage: wieviele cm vom Netz würdest du für den ersten aufsetzpunkt empfehlen? Was ist mit dem Ellenbogen? Möglichst fix halten? Danke!

  6. Timo ich liebe Dein Video über den kurzen Unterschnittaufschlag. Übe ihn weiter. Du kannst sehr gut erklären, das hilft schon sehr viel. Wenn Ihr mal Equipment braucht, checkt mal hier:
    https://tischtennisschlä Hier könnt ihr mir auch mitteilen, was euch bewegt im Tischtennis, was Ihr für Probleme, Fragen habt oder besucht meine Facebookgruppe unter Des weiteren kann ich am besten Bojan Besingers Performance Kurs empfehlen. Schaut Euch hier kostenlos das Video an: Ansonsten immer dran bleiben. Ihr könnt mir auch unter [email protected] schreiben.

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