Troy Stecher Plays Goalie in Soccer Showdown

Troy Stecher Plays Goalie in Soccer Showdown

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We’ve got a men’s competitive
league tonight, that I play in. First round playoffs, so,
we’re waiting for the winner of one of these teams, then
we play in the quarters. Wednesday nights are my favourite night, I look forward to this
night; it’s an opportunity where I get to see all my friends. You know, it breaks up
my workout schedule, right in half, so it’s something I can look forward to in
the middle of the week. I play goaltender, stack the
pads, make a couple saves. Let’s go lads! Nice! Walter, behind you. – [Troy] Come on, Franco, Yes. (whistle blowing) – [Troy] Have it, Bryce. Yes. (whistle blowing) Oh, Clear! Clear! (whistle blowing) It’s 2-2, I think? These guys are pretty good, they have two really good players. Over. (players laughing) I always try to throw
one out there every game; I want to get involved a little bit more. You know, it didn’t cost us a goal. Well done, Walter. Time for it. Yes. (whistle blowing) (whistle blowing) – [Troy] Great ball, great
ball. Another great ball. Well done. – [Troy] Oh, what a ball. Yes! Whooo! (long whistle blowing) Semi’s baby! Big win 5-3, on to the
semi’s; boy’s played well. You know obviously there’s
like a different style of being competitive in the gym. You kind of with each
other, you push each other, push more weight, but out here it’s obviously a game situation. Good job. Good job. Good job. (players howling)

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  1. Football (soccer) will always be my favourite sport, but hockey will always be my #2, even though I don't play hockey.

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