Two Brothers in MMA Fighter !!!

Two Brothers in MMA Fighter !!!

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congratulation you thank you for win who is next ? in ring coming Alexander Rezanov and he is opponent Sardar in red corner this is guy in white t-shirt you have a mouthguard for your teeth for him? no i don’t have from the orphanage coming alone here , where popular Fighter in Saint-Petersburg he is go alone in live Fighter from the crowd never fight before i no have mouthguard fighters in center o have mouthguard, take man you know the rules stop we have a winner guys in center the winner Metz great and thanks for coming for good fight thanks for coming you are great man fighter from the crowd you like many talk thanks it was a long trip, because i never drive out my city before. i want to say big thanks Nikite he help me advertise my district he give me gym for training great thanks thanks for all who support me guys you real cool where are you like more in movie our here? i like all locations and move it is live for me

17 thoughts on “Two Brothers in MMA Fighter !!!”

  1. Организуй первую СТРЕЛКУ в своем городе !!! Узнай о Франшизе чемпионата

  2. ахах "по затылку не бъём" а этот ебашит его по затылку а "рефери" шары гоняет)))

  3. А стрелка теперь без капы выпускает? Раньше вроде не разрешили, а то мне кажется так ваши участники все зубы на песке оставят.

  4. без капы? главный спонсор поединка – стоматологическая клиника "Стрелка". наш слоган: "Выйди без капы – дай нам работу"

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