Učebňa ZEROclient na základnej škole


Technology Zeroclient is properly used for about 2 months what I want to say its that before we had computers in this classroom, each one with different operating system system where each computer comprised different apps .We had various licences, software was not compatible and we had to explain lecture several times due different icons on the desktop and that created confusion for kids. Currently we decreased a noise level as we lost large computers that were producing noise by their cooling system, dust disappeared as well. Computers are placed with right distance between students ensuring comfort despite the fact we got currently 18 students here, so now we have enough space to make sure that students work independently and I really appreciating that teacher has an option to manage whole class as I can explain tasks to all students at the same time, I can access student workstations from my own server to help them if they are not sure with given tasks. Apart of that we have linked together interactive board with server, we have also linked printer so we can directly print student works, use of scanner or multifunction equipment. Folder that was established for shared data, students can download the required data directly and teacher does not have to access computer manually to upload desired data. We had a requirement to customize this software in kind of form that we can gather all tasks from students at one place where students save their works into one folder and teacher will gather them to own computer, then print and check or upload directly to webpage. Certainly I can recommend this system to everyone that tackle computer problems and does not have them all network connected. I am satisfied and students work very well in this classroom now.

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