UK paramedics

UK paramedics

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Meet Advanced Care Paramedics; Harvey Milburn and Gayle Scott. They are two of around 90 qualified paramedics who decided on a sea change – moving family and possessions from the UK, to Queensland. Queensland’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Different lifestyle to England, a lot more relaxed. The weather’s fantastic. I came travelling here about six years ago, obviously – a fabulous place – met my now fiancé, brought him back to England with me, we’ve been tooing and froing for the last six years – living in England, coming back here. The Queensland Ambulance Service embarked on a global recruitment drive, deciding the qualifications of paramedics in the UK, best matched the skills of paramedics here in Australia. They advertised there for recruits and I had my ear out, ready, waiting to come back over and went through the process. And now here I am. We really have appreciated the efforts from the Department of Immigration and all of those people involved in the processing of visas. Sometimes, it’s just a name on a piece of paper, but I’ve got to say, it really does make a difference when people support the process and get people across. With UK paramedics being despatched to all corners of the Queensland, they had to be trained for the conditions – including the food… We did have on our induction here, they brought in the crocodile and snakes and things which was a good insight into what is around, but you don’t see it everyday, so, that’s quite pleasing – really. So if you get sick in Queensland and need an ambulance while watching the Ashes or the Rugby World Cup, be careful what you say – the nice paramedic taking your blood pressure, might just quietly be cheering for the other team.

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